Saturday, 19 May 2012



Hii everywun, 

riyte, I hopes yoo awll knows dat therre is liyke 

7 and haff hours lefft!!!

of ma uncel Wes's kwizarooo!?!  I fink hee will be very sad if nowun else takes part, he only has fower entrants soo farzz!

Awll yoo has to do is answerr his ten kwestshun, n da doggers wiv da riyte answers will be putted in a draw and da winner wins dis AMAZIN FLYIN DUCK TOY!!!!:


Over to Uncel Wesley:

FRIKKEN YUS! YOU KNOW YA WUNT THAT DUCKK!!  Its waterproof, it floats and its got speshal bungie jumpin powers if yooo pull its beak it lobs 100ft!!! FRICKEN YUS!! Yoo want it?! Do ma kwizz, post yoor answers! 

HOWDY! Ats me!!

So herres tha shizz, Ill kwestionize ya's a few times, right?! n then yoo can just a leeve a commint wiv all yoor ten answers, okkay!?

Kewstyun 1: Wesley da Presley is Posie-dog's ....

A. Bruzzer
B: Fazzer in law
C. Uncel

Kwestion 2: What kinda dogg is tha posie?

A. Borderr Terrorist
B. Borderr Collie
C. Grayte Dane (ppppfffftt! haaahaahaahaaa!!!)

I liyke da nnumbber 4, so I iz gonna miss owt 3 and doo 4 nekst heehee!

Kwestion 4: How manyy legs has Posie gott? (clooo is iiiiin daaaa kweeeestyun!!!)

A. FOOOWWR (duh she's a dogg!)
B: Nun (liyke she's a tadpole?!)
C: Twoo (if yoov confyused her wiv uncel boob!)

Kwestion 3, fur all yoo peepil who arr worried abowt what happend to da missin kweshtion, its herre, ok?!

Kwestion 3:  Last week I got a poshtcard frum Posie, from her holerdays, butt wherr was that poshtcard frum?

A. Ze Alps
B. Zaa Cairyngorms
C. Za Pirronees

Qkikk Quiz brayke, I was good boy dis week n I wennt to the vet to get ma booster jab! Nasty! N saw a fat collie at the vet, as you doo! Oh and Weserly factoid: I has a big winky.... a veri veri big winky!!! haahaahaa Has anywun ever been to new york!?  Seen the empire state building?! Well double it n you'll get a rough idea! hahaha woof woof!

Me: Uncel Wesarooooh!

Right, bakk too da kwizz!  

Kwestion 5: What is Posie's favrit food?

A. Banarnas (eeeeuurgh ma wurst fruit!)
B. Cheeese (ats MY favrit!!)
C. Snorsages (liyke Babe da piggy!!! NUM!)

Kwestion 6: Posie wrotte a speshul poem, mmmnhhh!! wink wink woof woof! haha!!! Who was this poom too?!

A. DipDip (woofwoof sexi chihuahua!!!! call me!)
B. Bridge (Sisters!!! I love it, call me too babie!)
C. Barnie (her long-distance lover n yorkshire lad!)

Kwestion 7: Posie is doin a speshul series at tha moment, sorry but its troo!! What is it called?

A. Posie's Friday Frolics
B. Posie's Saturday Sweeties
C. Posie's Sunday Snorsages (Haaahahaammhhhnnn sigh hahahaha!)

Kwestion 8:  What is the crazy doggie Posie's favrit moovie?!

A. Nightmarre on Elm Street (I dontt get to watch these kind of movies)
B. Muppets Treasure Island (kus she is a muppet heeheehehahahaha sigh mmnhh haha! love her really! haahaa!)
C. Babe (tha wun with tha tasty pig!!! Oh yeah!)

Tha final 2 kwestions hommies arr just to see if youve been listenin well enuff dyuring ma kwizeroooo..

Kwestion 9: My Winky is twiyce tha size of...

A. Mownt Everest
B. a Postage stamp  (dont even insult me and go there guys!!!!)
C. Za Empire Shtate Building (woof woof!)

Neerly there guyz, last kwestion:

Kwestion 10:  What did I see at tha vet today?

A. A Fat Collie
B. Posie getting botox
C. A Hamster givin Birth, yuk!!

Yoo survived ma kwizzerooo, yeeaaah!!! give yoorself a rownd off appaaws!! YEAH! frikken yus!

7 and a halfff hoorrs to gett yoor answers in to win dat dukkie!!!!


Me, keepin ma eyes on da clock!


Soooo guysss, therr yoo has itt, if yoo want thatt duckkie get yoor commints in! heeheehee, Wesley's waaaaiyting! heehee!

Love n likkers,

Posie Wozey,



  1. Oh I love a challenge and I am off to find the answers and play!

  2. May not get them all, but lots of fun, her is my guesses;
    1 - B
    2 - A
    3 - B
    4 - A
    5 - C
    6 - C
    7 - B
    8 - C
    9 - C
    10 - A

    You guys are funny!!!!!, luv a good game

    Susie & Bites

  3. Oh dear - we Beaglebratz r so furry much sorry that we did not c this sooner. That ducky lookz like a fun thing tu play with - gotta hurry an'got thoze answerz. We wood love tu haf a ducky so we cood play tug of war.

    1. C
    2. A
    3. B
    4. A
    5. C
    6. C
    7. B
    8. C
    9. C
    10. A
    Now that wuz a lotta thinkin'we NEED tu go take our napz now.
    Shiloh'n Shasta

  4. hello welsey

    i have only just met posie over on george and tess's blog and therefore probably do not know her well enough to answer all these questions. but what i can tell you, from reading here post there, is that she is a character and that i very much enjoyed reading what she had to say. one of which was that she happens to be a border terrorist, so that's one question answered and she also appeared to have four legs and i believe her favourite food is snorsages.
    i think the answer to the first question is C and posy probably sent a postcard from the cairygorms. question 7 is A and question 8 is definitely babe! question 9 is A and 10 is either A or C, but i will go with C. almost forgot question 6 - ah yes, her poem was to barney! i think i have actually answered them all :)
    my dog friend lily florence (a labradorable) doesn't have her own blog, yet. but she loves ready those of other dogs and i am sure she batted her lovely blonde eyelashes at you, wesley. she just informed me that she was supposed to answer the questions and that if she loses the ducky is will be my fault!
    we are both very happy to meet you wes, hope to see you again soon xx

  5. I haven't taken a hard test in like 87 years. BUTT I will give it my Bestest Shot. OK?
    1. C
    2. A
    3. B
    4. A I put them back in 3-4 order.. I think you were trickin us. Claws you are kinda ornery like that and stuffs. hehehehe
    5. C
    6. C
    7. B
    8. C
    9. C
    10. A.... I was gonna say C just fur fun though Butt I'll stick with A.

  6. OOhhh ma gooderyness, so mutch responsers to uncel wezzers kwizzaroooo! heehee! hee is gonna be deliytered! n nyoo fureends too! heehee! love n likkers, pdorg xox

  7. Ah Posie, I would love to play da quiz but i never play wiv toys and the duckie would be totally wasted on me so I leevs it for others to win da prizes this time. I love chews and naps and that be keepin me happy. Toys I never bovver wiv.


Dis iz wherez u can leeve me a warrm snuggie n I appressheeate dem all! Love hariey babery dorgi - Posie xox