Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Neerly Wurdlisss Wedinsdaiy!

Ma fursht eveiir attemmpt att a neerly wurdleess wedinsdayy! YEAH:

Shhh! I iz ninjaaaa! Nyeeeee-waaaah!

Happy WW guyz,

Lovve n likkies,


PeeS no borderrr terriorristz werre harmid dyooring tha photografin owf ninja-ness, kus no borderr terriorists gott aniyyy friyes! Theey may havv gottin a bitty owf cheeseburgir fo! heehee!


  1. No fries?! Tell you what, I'll call around & you can stand on my back. It'll make the whole counter surfing thing a whole lot easier... Deccy x

  2. I'd go with Deccy's suggestion/ I not be ables to helps you cuz I be in da same predictament dat you be in...too short.

    Ninja...hehehehe...dat cracks me up.


  3. Heres da linkie furs your mom...


  4. Maybe you could be like Yoda and make those chips levitate into your mouth?
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  5. Hey Posie!
    Wow, great pix! I suggest slamming into a tableleg a few times and those fries will come tumbling down! BWAR HAR HAR.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  6. Maybe if Puddles stands on MY back and YOU stand on Hers.... I'm just sayin.

  7. Hi Posie, I'm sorry my Grandpaw didn't pull out your name out of any of the draws....and I wasn't allowed to sway him either! Anywho - you should encourage your ma to do the monthly photo scavenger hunt - just go to the postcards blog and get the list of 12 words. It's open to everyone!

    Your friend, Rubie

    1. Dat is owkaay Rubie, eet iz nutt yoor fullt datt yooz grandar dus nutt liyke meerkats heheeeheehee I iz just jokern, Iz knowws it waz awll dunn professhunally annd lotteriy-shtiyle and da winnerrs madde me giggel, espesherly Tank n Pixel! heehee! I iz gowin to yooz ma piktyiir fur ma posht anywayz! Thankkyoo veri mutch, ma mummer n me is gowin to try owt da skavangir hunt! yeah! likkyes n love, Pdorg xoxx

  8. Hi Posie, I just found out about your frie predicament and want you to know if you want a tall friend who could grab those up so fast, the wind wouldn't see it, then I am your man.

    And I might even be able to keep from eating them all long enough for you to get one or two.

    Luck there

  9. Yoo guyzz arr awll hilarriooos, I fink we shood jusst awwll ballance owntop of each othir n sloowliy walkk froo da driyve froo at MaccDees an get owir own burgirs n friyyes, YEAH! Letz doo eet! YEAH! Posie xoxx

  10. Mmm.... French fries.....



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