Thursday, 17 May 2012

F.A.O. My B-Dorgi

Herrllo Bloggers!

I iz pleesed to say herlloo own this loverly Fursday! Is awll ma doggy pals n freends n fanziees okawy toodays?! 

Da hours arr couwtin down fur Sarge's nickernayme gamey, he hass 66 pawtisypants soo fur, amazern eh?!  Looks liyke i iz gonna be Pozey-Wozey! heeheehee! I can deel wiv dat heehee!

Fanks fur awll yoor loverly commints da lasht fyoo days abowt ma awarrd winnin n ma holerdays n everythin.  Butt fur nows Iz dont wantt to speak abowt me jusht now!

I'z wunt to dedericate this poshttiie to da deer prince owf ma harrt BARNIE!!!! Heehee!  I has knowd Barnie fur a littel over a munth butt lett me tell yoo eet waz luvv at furst sightin, he is a borderr jusht liyke me, he is blakk n tan jusht like me too! I was terrorfried n wurried wheen I comed own to Blogsville tooniyte to see dat Barnie has been sayin dat I'z may soon becorm his ex-girlfreend!! I was liyke WHAT!? BARNIE! My B-dorg!!! Whot ees up?!  

So, I deciydered to riyte a poom fur yoo Barniee to tellz yoo how mutch yoo meen to me!!!

Da P-dorg's B-dorg

I fownd Barnie thru ma blogg
erliyer this yeer,
nevir did i fink Id find sumwun
who'd bringg me soo mutch cheer!

Bein only too yeers owld,
I iz still kwiyte wee,
butt I cunnet help dat I has fouwnd 
lovv with ma Barniee!

He tells the bestist stories
n always up too funn!
I wood luvv to likk his lttel nose
morr than a creem bun!

My Barnie calls me his Princess,
so he musht be ma prince,
I saw hizz ex-factur addishun and
fanseeed him evir siince

Barnie haz a bloo blog hoome,
but my wun herre is red,
andd hes alwayz welcomme to a hug
in ma sofar bedd

Barnie livves in Engerland
butt i'z a Scottirsh dogg
I'd liyke to visit yorkshire though
if id gett a doggy snog! (heehee!)

So Barnie if yoor reedin this,
I'd liyke to havv a dayte,
Butt pleese bring me somme doggy treets,
n make shoor yoo arrnt layte!

Sooo now dat I haz professed ma undyin luvv fur Barnnie eet iz tiyme fur me to gett to ma beddie fur sum Barnie-filld dreems, liyke dis....

Therr's almust room fur tha thfree
owf us, B-dorgi!

Niyte niyte fanzies n pals,

Love n likkers,




  1. Oh my Princess Posie for I fear I've caused offence

    I really didn't mean to, but my head was in a mess

    I thought that now your famous you'd not be needing me

    And cos I loved you so, I thought I'd let you go

    But now I see there's hope for me and that you really care

    If you can forgive me I promise I will always be there

    I'l be the bestest boyfriend ever, of that you can be sure

    For my heart is yours for ever, and my love for for you endures xxx

    (PS - though I am trying to ignore Barnaby there in the picture, that little tike gets everywhere so he does!)

    Yours forever, B-Dorg x

  2. Well....I guess everyting worked out great. Him still luvs you. What a nice luv story! :o)

  3. Brilliant - such a good poem

  4. Aww, how lovely for you both to meet.
    You will be among the great poets one day Posie!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  5. He'll never resist you; you are a true wordsmith! Deccy x

  6. Ah, wot a sweeet cupple you do be my pals. Woof. We like a appy endin.

  7. heeheehee Barnie i iz sooo releeefd dat we is ok boyfreeend, I was gettin teery-eyed n wurriedsome! Oh ma gooderyness, fanks for yoor poom too! :)

    N fanks guys fur sayin dat yoos liyked ma poom too! maybee sum day we can havv a wedding mishter Barnie!? heehee i is kiddin fur now, i is onli 2!! heeheehee, love n likkers, pdorg xox


Dis iz wherez u can leeve me a warrm snuggie n I appressheeate dem all! Love hariey babery dorgi - Posie xox