Thursday, 28 June 2012

Awarrds, Olermpikks n Shelterss!!


Herlo herlo herlo girrls, boys, doggies, pussycats, hoomans, furrends, fanzies n AWWLL of yas (GAAAAAAAAASP, dat wuz a longg sentenss!!!) heeheehee!

I has soooooooo mutch, liyke craaaazzy loads too saiy tooday! Befurr I do, can I just say dat me n mummer has been heerin awll abowt da wildfiyres in Merika, from Team Beaglebratz and Zoolatry, and we fink eet ees very skarriy and sad and we is sendin love n hopefullness to awll who its affekting!!

Zoolatry's haartfelt badgey!
Nuggies n love to awll!

Now, I has lotds of fthings to covvir today...

1. An Awurd

2. Pedigree Fur Shelter Doggers

3. Da OLIRMPIKKS, obvioussly!

4. An Updayte Own Ma bookie!

Sooo brayce yoorselff furr a long poshty... okaaay!? Maybbe gett a cuppie tee or a bowll owf food, or pop ovvir to Barnie fur wun owf his Bordoggery biskutts, or whottever flots yer boat n waggies yer taiyl! N tayke a lookie at ma facey to rememmbirr how byootifull eet ees:

Arr yoo syked n reddy now!?!?


Sooooo, too buzniss...

1. Nummbir Wun own ma agendda, MA AWURRD!!!!! I gott eet frum wun owf da niycest doggers in Blogsville!! Molly The Wally! She iz just wunderful n deservid her awurd in da furst placey butt eet waz also soo KIYND owf her to givve me this awarrrd! Fanks Molly!! Now everywun yoo shudd go n reed her posts kus they arre very funn n shee haz a crakkin sense owf hyumoor! See herr pagey herre! She will welcomme yoo harrtily n be gladd dat yoo swung own by! YEAH!

The rooles iz dat I has to fank my awurd-givver n link bakk to theiyrr pagey, so I'z dun dat! Thenn I haz too tell yoo sevvin fings abowtt maself n denn da besht bitt ees dat I gett to gives eet to 15 owf ma furrends!!
Sooo dis iz ma nyoo awurrd:

I iz verrii takkin wivv eet, n now I has to tell yoo awll sevinn fings abowt maselff!

1.I'z always runn akross da room when dadder sneezies, n when he dus eet da sekund tiyme I runn all da way bakk, no wun knows whyy! heehee! butt ees troo!

2. I jump on dadder n mummers beddie whenn they showt HELLOO! I den jump owf said beddery when they say NIGHT NIGHT, BED TIME POSIE!!!

3. Ma Auntie Rowie can tayke cornirs and get rownd them wiv better agillity thann me, butt I is mutch fastir in a straight liyne!

4. When I'z was a pup, I yoosed to GO MENTAL when ma dadder played his grandd pieeano, everytiyme he pressered wun owf da foot pedalls I wood BARK n BARK n BARK! heehee!

5. Da vet man sed I was overwwaiyt erlier dis yeer, so dadder n mummer chaynged ma diyet n now I lookin sleeeeeek n fiiiiiiyn wiv a wee waiystie, eetz troo!

6. Ma favritt toy is a tiiiiny small orrange basketbawll!

7. Ma mummer n dadder waz dyoo to go to Nyoo York, butt then fown owt therr was a littel borderr terrior cawlled Rosie who did nutt havv her furever homme yet, andd they wantid wun cawlled Posie, so they came annd got ME at 4 munths old and went to Nyoo York the week after, liyke planned, n I stayed wiv Grandar and Grinny. Then the ash clowd cayme ovir frum Iceland and they hadd to stayy in Nyoo York fur 8 morre dayzz!!! I stayed wiv Auntie S and then wiv Auntie Rowie!!! eeees awll TROOOO!!! N they bott pressers for me n shtuff n I was sooooo pleeesed when they cames homme, I went n gotted them frum da airporrt wiv Granny A and Granda I and Auntie S!!!!! Butt I had growed way bigg kus they hadd beed away soo long n I did nutt fitt into anyfin they hadd botted me! heeheeheehee! Eeeees awll troo!

Now, as wivth awll da awarrds I'z getted n givv owt, agenn, I'z will nutt give dis awurrd to ma furrends who i can see has eet alreddy, or been givvd it byy Molly da Wally ! So, ma listy is:





Shelle and her Doxies:




Two Doodles and a Dane: 


Susie n Sidebite:

Shiloh n Shasta:



Stella and Rory:

Plees note, I has putted thoze in no partikularr orderr, okays!!?!? N eet eez also nutt eksawtstiv as too whoo awll ma furrends arr, ok!? 15 ees a small nummber, even tho eets close to 17, and dat ees da higheyest I can cownt, tho mummer says she is gowin to teech me awll about EIGHTEEEN nekxst week, i dus nutt know whot dis ees, butt I is lookin furward too eet! heeheehee!

Now, onto da sekund partt owf toodays agenddar:

2.Pedigree fur shelter doggies! Yoo awll know dat I iz a advokayte fur poor doggers n aniymals whoo are less furchunayte dan maselff so, when I saw dis I fthot eet was a grayte hopperchunity!!! Pedigree is dowin a fing wherre every blogger who dus a posht fur eet, they will givv a big bagg owf food to doggies in need okay!?! Now DAT IS GRAAAAAAYTE, jusht whot we need! eh? So this posty is suppawting da cauwse, how cool is dat!?!? Herre is da badgey yoo can yoos own yoor postie:

Find owt abowt eet awll herre:

3. Impawtint diskushun number thfree!!! Owr Olermpiks!

Now, this is gonna be GINORMIOUS! Butt I fink we awll knows abowt dat! heehee! Therre is lotdds owf stuff happernin and now we has joyned forses wiv da pussycats, its gonna be evin MORE HUGE!!!!!! Therre is a comprerhensiiivv listin owf all dat ees gowin down at: This was donne by Zoolatry!! Eet ees sooo well putt togethir, indeeder, ma mummer was impresserd!

Soooo, go therre n checkk owt whot tha scoop ees!! N keep yoorselvs atop off Frankie owr Mayors postings kus hee is da man in da knowz andd his lists n dates n EVFURRYFIN therr!! OKAY!?

Butt, as fur me I is hostin da PARAYDE owf da ATHLETES!!! Eet ees gownna be liyke da freeekin OSCARS guys!!! Just yoo waiyt n see!

N I need EVERYWUN, n i meen EFURRYWUN, awll pussykatts, doggers n otherr petliyke pawtissypants to get theiyr piktyoors emaiyled to me liyke as sooon as the floodgaytes open so that I can mayke dis tha best parayde yoo EVER did see! Okay!??!

Nows, whenn eet comees to yoor piktyoor owf yoorselff fur da parayde, feel free to add in a flag, either photorshoppd own or akshully in tha piktyoor! Whenn I say flagg I meen yoor countryy colours or a crazy flagg owf yoor choice or a banner wiv Olermpik HAPPY (NON-COMPETITVE, kus we is awll gold medarlishts remembir?!) messarges own eet, or yoo can has balloons or party poopers POPPERS, heehee, or just whattever, bee kreeeyative and hass fun wiv eet!! Yoo can be runnin, jumperin, carryin yoor favrit toy orr weyrin a tutuuu!! I'z donnt really mind butt, I duss haz a cuppel owf shtipulashuns:

Eet wood be best eef yoo is STANDING UP (still or leapin across or whatever, eet dusnt matter, just dont has yoor butt own da grownd okays?!) in da piktyoor so we can awll be paraydin along eef yoo catch ma drifft!

Hows abowt: BUMS and tails to da LEFT owf da piktyoor and EYES n noses to that RIYGHT!?!?

Andd only eef eets possible, kus eet woud be PREFERABLE, eef yoo was own grass, and den eet looks liyke we is awll parayding togithir liyke eet shood be, ok!? Butt I totarlly undershtand eef this is LIYKE IMPOSSIRBILE!!

Fur eggzampel, thiss wun wood work:

(tho eet wood look better wiv a
flaggy andd a ballon or summat)

Okay, so now to sendin yoor piktyoors:

Sendd yoor paraydey piktyoor to ma emaiyl: posiedorg (at) gmail (dot) com

Yoo can shtart senddin me piktyoors as owf tha 9th owf July!


Now, I is hoppin dat I haz mayde dat cleer, Iz'll reeiterayte WUN MORE TIYME!:

Yoo can start sendin em in on da 9th July and theyy musht be reseeved by me by da 18th July!!!  Any piktyoors reseeevd after da 18th owf July, I'z'll nutt has tiyme to add in!!  EEES TROO! OKAY!??!!?

Therre, dat's grumpy Posie past fur da niyte, I'z'll be bakk to ma yoosyal loverly self frum noww own! heehehee! Eeees T

Okay guys, beclaws I will be innurndayted wivv emaiyle between the 9th and tha 18th owf July, I askk yoo to do wriyte yoor emaiyl SUBJECT LINE to me in tha followern fashun: PARADE YOOR NAYME (exkstra bits owf nayme/ defiyning karakteristic), so fur eggsample, Frankie's subjekkt line too me wudd be


Orr Sarge's Wood be:


Fiynally, eef yoo is hosterin an evint yoo can say in yoor emaiyl too me whot tha eventt is and whenn eet ees takkin playce!  If yoo is an athleete butt nutt hostin, just say whot country yoo is frum and whott events yoo fink yoo will excell in okays?! Hosters can givv me dis infurmashun too!!


Duss this awl mayke sense den guys?!  Aaaaanywaiys, any kwestchuns, send em my way!!! Ok?!

Soo I fink dat ees efurryfink cuvverd... OOOHH PpppPPFffft exceppt da mosht obviooooos fing, da PARAYDE IS OWN DA 27th July! heeheehee! Dat ees da mosht impawtint bitt, eh?!?!

4.  Noww, da fiynal peees owf nyoos furr yoo awll is abowwt ma bookie!!  WHOT?!  Yoo did nutt knows dat I is dowin a bookie?!?!  YEAH! I did a poshtie lasht week awll abowt eet, check eet owt herre:

Sooo, I has been gettin da bawll rollin, n I love chassin rollin ballys in da gardin, so eet has been a lott owf fun! heheehee!  Andd eees awll fur a good cawse, da Willows Aniymmal Sanktchury! Chekk dem owt herre!

And me n mummer has desiydered to do da bookie abowt da OLERMPIKS, how cool will dat be?!  Annd ees awll kus owf Moly da Wallys ingeneeius eye-dea, eet was very brainy owf herr!! Eet can be a collaborativv effurt wivv any pawtissypants and hosts whoo wunt to gett involvved!!! N we fank yoo awll in advanse, eets troo! I is gownna be makkin upp an emaiyl n maybee a forrm fur pawtissypants to fill in to say yoo is happery for yoor pikoors to be yoosed in da bookie, andd if yoo is nutt happery, den I will mayke shure yoo duss nutt appeer in da bookie!  Ill tell yas morre abowt awll dis soon thfo okays!?

Butt furr nows I wanna say dat I has deviysed a good way to selll lotds n lotds owf coppies owf da bookie!  I'zll go liyke dis:

Fink owf da annimals!
Buyy da bookie!

Doo yoo fink ma puppie eyez will do da trikk!? N eef eet dus nutt work, I'z'll employy dees taktikk inshtedd:


Heeheehee between wun orr da othir, I figyuur da bookie will sell lotds owf coppieys! heeheehee! Whot dus ya fink?!?

PHEEEEEEEEEEW riyght guys!!!  I is absoluterly shatttird after dat MAAAAAASSIVV poshty, eet has tooked ma mummer da besht part owf her day owf, ... watchin me yoos da lapptopp! heeheheehee!

Guys, ees now ma bed tiyme!  I  iz sooo eksiytered abowt everyfin dat ees gowin on jusht now, ees fun tiymes!!!  I iz send lotts n lotts owf love n likkers n happery thfotts too awwl ma furrends n fanzies! Lovvin yas awll!

Loooooove n shlobbery Posiee styleeee likkers,



PeeS - herre is da blog hop to joiyn wiv yoor Pediggree Shelter Doggers posties! YEAH!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Neeerlee Wurdelss Wendersdaiii

(edit) - Bumpparrrr edddyshunn!!!

I'z reellee enjoyerinn maa nyoo tenterrie... Eetz terriblee funn gettin bak to nateyoor!

I'z a worriorr dorgie! I'z luvvz rufffin' eet! Eetz troo!

Ssoo dorgees and frendz an fanzeez, I will gett bak to you soonn...I'z justt wantered tto let youz see mee in ma natyooral habbittat.

Lotz off lickerlie loovees
Da P"juzt coll mee bare grilllz"dorgie!


Adddishynull altho eet will bee posterred at tha samme thyme szo you won'tt realyze...errrr

Latterr onn afterr postin's ma NWW for skedule first fingg on Wendesdaii I'z waz rifferlin'z throo ma picciez an fouwnd a photter off ma mammerz laszt birrfday cake. Eet woz a carrott cake dizgizerred az mmmee!! Thfot yood lyke to seee.

Ett woz a shamez to eet eet...butt eet woz nummerz!

I'z hopperin youzll realize how difffikult eet eez to pipee wiv no orpporzarble fumbees

Aggernn til nexzt tyme...


Thursday, 21 June 2012


Good Evernin Pals,

I iz commin to yoo wiv, perhapps, da mosht impawtint annownsmint I has evvir hadd fur yas! Sooo pleees lissen upp!

Beffur tho I wuntt to say dat I hass been reedin awll yoor commints to mee, n I lovve reeding theem awll n I iz sorry I haz nutt had thee tiyme to repliy to everywun laytely, eet has beed a buziiee week! Butt, I assure yoo, I'z will be own top formm agen ASAP! OKays?! N the olerpiks r comin up soon, n I iz yoor parayde hosht!!! YEAH! Me, littel owl nyeewbie, Pozzer! EEetz troo!!! Yeeeaah!

Ok, soooo impawint nyoooz n summ kweshchuns fur yas!!!! Ma mummer has beed finkin abowt helpin mee to wriyte ma own bookie!! YEAH, eetz troo, cann yoo believe eet!? We iz soo pleeesed at hoow welcommering everywun hass beed own blogville n eet has mayde ma conferdence as a wriytin doggy groow n groow (evinn tho ma shpellin ees still atrooshus, butt I cann worrk own ma litracy layter, heeheee)!

Eet waz neviir ower intenshuns to wriyte a bookie, butt we fink datt noww eet is tiyme, n we will tell yoo fur whyy:

Therrs an Aniymall Sanktuarry neer to ma homme, n theyy tayke cayre owf lotds n lotds of aniymalls, frum doggies n katz, to chinchillars n gooawts n pownies!!! Eeetz a trooooly reemarkible plaacey!! YEAH! EEes cawlled "The Willows Animal Sanctuary", CHEKK EET OWT HERRE!!!! Butt, they iz runnin owt owf funds, n thiz is veryy very sad stuffs, bekaws, this placey is "lasht chancey salooon" furr maniie pets n anirmals, ovir da whooole owf Scottland, whenn no-wun elshe wunts them or will tayke cayre owf them!! Therres poor horsies thatt werre fownd starvinn n pussie cats thatt hav been hurted, n oh gosh, guyz they need LOVE n happeryness! Furr example look at thees littel gal whoo theyy has savid n lovd n cayred fur:


Annd thees wun too:

Howw cyoot arr theiy?!

Butt, Anywaiys, I iz tellin yoos awll dis, bekuss, therre is onli moneey left too keep the placey gowin for a fyoo weeks! SOooooooo, I was liyke WHOOOOOOOT!??!? Thees cannut be!?!?! So... I has desiydered to do sumfin abowt eeet, seence efurry anirmal deservis to be happery n sayfe n lovid!!! YERSIREEE! EEeetz trooo! SO.....I iz gowna wriyte a bookie n sell itt to THA WHOOLE WURLD n trrry to raiyse as mutch awayrniss n moneey fur deese guys as posserble!! I fink I will do a book adapshun of Liyfe Froo Posiedorg's Eyez!!!

I wunt to knoww whot yoo guys fink?! Do yoo fink eets a good eye-dea?! Whot do yoo fink I shood wriyte ma bookie abowt?! Hass anywun dunn any bookie-wriytin?!?!

Datts awll I'z gotted to sayy toniyte furr nows, kus me n mummer has lotds of planinn n finkin to doo, butt we wudd love to knows whot awll yoo bloggin pals fink!!

I'z cannut waiyt to get bakk rownd n viseet yoo awll ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Butt furs now, I saiy, love too yas n likkers, n tayke good cayre,

Yooor furrend ...


Eeetz troo (TM) heeheeheeheeheeehee!


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Beelaytid Sattirday Sweeters

Herloo Evveryywun,

Iz awll ma doggery n hooman n catty pals n everywun elshe fiyne n well tooday?!

Wowsies, I bett yoos awll fthott I'z hadd beed abdukterd by ayleeans orr jusht teeterred too closhe to da edgge owf dis herre sqkuarre flatt worrld n fell owf da faycey owf da Erfth!  Butt I hazz nutt, eetz troo!  I iz herre! YEAH!  I hasz hadd an advenshurouss weekerend n den ma mummer workss layte own a Munnday niyght, so she kannut help me loggon to ma blogger, pffft sheeeesh! da indignittiee owff eet! heeheehee!  Butt I iz herre now, n catchin upp wiv ma correspondernsis! yeah!  

N a BIG showt outt to ma home-girrl Puddles, kus shee has beed ill, bless herr!!!! I iz sendin lots owf warm nuggies ovirr da pondd to her!!!! Love ya Puddles! ees troo!


Butt I iz verry verry layte wiv wun owf ma civik dyooties! yeah! eetz troo! I didd nutt holdd ma Satturday Sweeters day own Satturday, no no, kus I wazz in a wi-fi free zonne! heeheehee!  So, I be holdinn eet noww, yeah!! heehee!

N thiss ees ma lasht evirr Sattirdaiy Sweeteries!  How saddd ees dat!?!??!   We has seed summ worthie pawtissypantts tho, hassnt we!? yup!!!  I iz gonna do a speshall show layter in da week owf awll ma guessts, so we can look at dem awll agenn! yeah!! 

Butt furr now we turnn owr attenshun to tha laytisht resipiyint of ma shiney n shparkely awurd, yup! He is Irishh in decentt n he yoosed to be a racirr, mmhhmhh n he is very handsum n strapping, yup, way waaaay tallir than me! heehee! He lives wivv his mummers n his feliyne fureeend KC! N he is an awll rowund hillariooos grayte guy!!! Yers, we awll knoww who heee is, eeeeeeeeeeets DECLAN, orr Deccy to his furrends! heeheehee! Yoo liyke totarly need to chekk owt his myoosings herre, iff yoo has nutt metted himm yett!!! Go n doo eet! heehee!  NOW! heeheehee!

He joiyns me tooday furr hee iz a Satturday Sweetery SWEETIE-STEELER!!! yup!!! eet is beyondd troo!  Beuss he is sooo tall hee is ideely sityooatid to pinch sweeties furm hii hardd to reech placeys! heehehee! His mummers keepz his hommemayde karrot n parshley cheeewey bittes in a Roses Sweetery Tin, See:

Deccy helppin himselff to summ treeets!

I cleered eet wiv Deccy dat therr was no choccys in da tin, whitch wazz wun owf ma rooles owf da compertishun: no chocerlayte treeties furr doggeries! heeheehee! Butt yup therrs noo chocerlayte neer eet, everythinn ees okayz, ees KARROTS, so dats fiyne fur doggies, pphheeeww! heeheehee!  So, Deccy yoo is a grayte furrend n an absolutte hilaarious doggie, andd I presentt yoo yoo dis shparkley awurd fur yoor siydebarr, dat is almust butt nutt kwite as Sparkliee as yoo purpel toiylett seet heeheheehee!:

Fur Deccy,
Love n likkers,

Yay furr Deccy n his Karrott sweeties!  Butt, own dat notte, that bringgs an endd to ma Series! sniff, sniffers, eets sad! Butt I dontt fink we shood wurry, kus I'm gonna do a rownd up owf da entrantts lattier in da week n I is brewwin upp somme ideeas fur ma nekst seriees! YUP eetz troo!  Andd owf courshe, therrll be the OLERMPIKKS comin upp soon!  Morre on that in a fyoo days tfho! heehee! YEAH eetz troo!


So, guys, I iz noww gownna tell yooo awll whot arriyved in da posht fur me!!! Oooooh ees so exsiyterin, yuppers! Ma good furrends Dip, Bridge n Elliot sent me a byooterful littel doggy dat therr mummer mayde, kus I was da winner owf therr compertishun, ees troo!  Theese ees theirr bloggy herre!!! Eet ees a wunderful bloggy n I lovess eet, n ma mummer is obsesserd wiv theirr mummer's crochetting at da momint ees troo! So chekk dem owt! 

Herre was ma parcell, heehee:

Me, givvin eet a sniff*
*Address has beed doctorrd inkayse therre ees eny skwirrels owt therr shtawkkin me! Pffft!

Eet hadd a paw-writted notte eensiyde eet, see:

I'z'll treeshur eet furevir! YUPPERS!

N lookk heer ees ma keeyring!!! YUS!! Izntt eet byooterful:

I'z triyed to eet so mummer hadd 
to tayke eet off me! heehee!
She finks eet maybe smellt liyke 
my chiwahwah furrends, kuss I'z 
wud nut leev eet be! heeheehee! 
Ees troo!

Fanks verii mutch fur ma gifft, i loves eet, mummer says shee is gownna keep eeet sayfe frum me! Whitch a fink iz a tad unfaiyr az eet was me dat wun, nutt hers! Pfff! heehee! Nevirr mind!


Sooo I hazz been awaiy on ma furst evirr tenttin exstravarganza, n yoo know whot!? EET WAS AMAZINN!!! I cann noww offishully tell yas awll datt I IZ A CAMPIN DOGGIE!!! YEAH!!!! Eeetz soo very furry troo!! I'z'll noww shayre wiv yaz a selekshun owf piktyoors dat summeriyzes ma tripp:

Me, mayde to shtay in ma cagey 
till everyfin was tooked in frum da carr!

Noww me n mummer says we wood nutt slumm eet own ower hollerdays, noohuh! no waay! So, nekst we has a piktyoor owf me "slummin it" own ma mummers belly, as she liess own tha queen siyze blowwupp bedder, wiv her leggz upp!

EEts a harrd liyfe beein a tenttin doggie!

Mummer says shee knew shee waz slummin eet, when she cool only bringg her pockitt siyze maskarar wiv herr:

Sadd tiymes! heehee!

Nekst ees a piktyoor owf me tryin too look briyte eyed n bushy taiyled aftter ma fursht niyte in da tent:
I sleppt liyke hairry baby...ish!

Look, I'z wiyde awayke!

Nekst upp we has a piktyoor owf da raiyndroppps own ma tenntie!:
No campin tripp in Scottland
wood be compleet wifthout them!!

I gotted a shottie own wun owf da camperin chaiyrs, n cood nott stay awayke:

musht stayy awaa.....

Snoozysnooze in ma camperin chaiyr! heehee!

When we woz awayy I, fur summ reson, refyoosed too eet owf ma collapsable doggie bowlss:

Noooo way!! Wherrs ma
proppir wuns!?!

N I misserd ma dadder every tiyme hee leftt ma nyoo houwsey! Eez troo!  N I wus nutt allowd to putt ma pawss own da windowws or meshh incayse I rippered them so I hadd to shtandd n DO THA MEERKAT so I cood watch owt fur his retturn!:

Do da Meerkat wiv me pals!!

Mummer says I has to lerrn howw to walk whenn I iz attarched wiv ma leedy to ma outdoor spiyke, kus I gott in a butt owf a snorrel:

Dontt tayke a piktyoor WOMAANN!!!
Help ma!!

I iz gownna tripp, I'z gonna
goooo! heehee!

Heeheeheehee, now I iz gownna be in paiyn tryinn to retell diss lasht part owf da weekerned, pppfff, heeeheeheeheehee! Sooooo funnery.... gaaaaaaaaaaasp... ok,.... I'zll try....

At da endd of da weekeernd n we woz knakkerd eet waz tiyme to go homme, we spentt abowtt 2 hoors gettin everyfin pakked upp, n all putt awaay neetly n we was prowd owf ourselvves, untill therr was noo tentt left, see:

byeebyee tenttie!

N thenn we satted in Granny L n Granda R n Auntiee Rowies caravann furr an howrr or soo n chilled owt befurr we werr to driyve homme!:

Comme own inn!!

N thenn we was starvinn, so eet wass tiyme to hitt tha roadd n we hadd anuthirr howr to driyve homme! So dadder says to mummer, "givv us da carr keys thenn", n mummer sayz "I duzz nutt haz themm, yoo duss!" N he says "Nope, yoo duss!", thiss wnett own fur sum tiyme, befurr they bothh wentt uh-ohh!!! ... heeheeheeheee... Mummer hadd putted themm own a handie happernin hook INSIYDE DA TENTT!!! heeheeheeeheehee!  So, they hadd to unpakk shtuff owt da car, unfoldd da growndsheet, n layy it owt agen, n then unpakker da tentt n .. yoo can see howw dis iz gowin...! heeheeheeheee! Ridiculuss, thiss was themm eventchully...

heehee Dadder was nutt besht
pleesed wiv mummer!
Butt laffed n den they kissed
n mayde up! Pheew! heehee!

Sooo, everywunn, yoo will be pleeesed to knoww that we arr gowin camperin agen dis weekernd! YUS!! N we will mayke shoor dat we tayke da keeys owt owf da tentt befurr eet ees un-errektered thiss tiyme! heeheee!

Basikerly, those arr all ma shtories, frum the lasht fyoo days n I iz shoor I will has lotds morre frum da nekst fyoo days! So keep chooned!

Alsoo keep chooned furr awll da info on ma PARAYDE FUR DA OLYMPIKS!! YEAH! eeez troo!

Tayke cayre doggies n pals n boys n girrls n fans,

Love n likkerys n nuggers,



Friday, 15 June 2012


Herlloo awll ma byootifull bloggin palz,

Eeeeeeeeeeeez Friyday! YERS!  N dat meens eets funntiyme weekernd! WAAAAAAAAHOOOOIES!!!

I iz sorrie dat I haz been negerlygint owf ma bloggy layterly, ma mummer haz been hassin a carrie own wiv herself n herr nyoo jobb startied own mondaiy n she has beed in cashultie wiv her legg awll swolled upp after tryin owt da agility trakk lasht week - silly mummer! heeheehee!  Anywayis...

Sooo, lasht weekerend I waz knakkered, kuss ma mummer n dadder gotted da briyght eye-deea in deyr heeads dat we shooo buy a tentt, n I'z said "okays, whattevers!" kuss to be faiyr, I'z did nutt knows whot a tennty was! Butt I's doo now!!! Yers, eetz troo!  Dey wentt n botted eet n did, what dadder cawlled "a triyall runn in da bakk garddin!" Sooo.. dees ees whott happerend lasht Satturday..

Fursht we pikked upp da tentt n took eet homme in da bakk owf da carr:

me, shtandind da wrongg way rownd 
in ma sloppitt cagey, keepin ma 
beedies own ma nyoo tentie!

We gotted eet homme n den I had to helpp ma dadder n mummer get eet erekted... ppfpfftt heeeheeheee errekted... anywaiys...

dis ees eet hallff way derr!

I'z had too look at eet furr a bitt to mayke shoor everythin waz in ordirr:

Yup... eet haz da Pdorg seel owf approvall

I thenn hadd to go arrown da sircumferince owf da tennt n checkk da perimitir, forr awll da peggs:

Yup, thatt pegg is reddy besiyde
da appropreeayte guy liyne

Nekst upp ees a piktyoor owf mee pullin da guyliynes tiyght furr daddery to get da pegs in:

Get da mallet reddy dadderlie!

Loook, we didd eet:

Yay fur ma tenttie!!

Noww whot do we dooo wiv eet!? heeheehee!... WHOT?!?! WE AWLL SHLEEP INSIYDE EET AWLL NIYGHT!?!?!? PPPFFFTTT nooo we dontt yoo is pulin ma taiyl!!!  Well, I is bringin ma turkish sofar! indeeder!  Eetz troo!

Me teetin rownd da edgie in an unshooor fashun!

EVENTCHULLY I'z wenntt in...

butt I'z keppt ma witts abowt me!! heehee!

I'z dunno eef I'z liyke eet yett or nutt! heehee:

Wun ees nutt amyoosed! heehee!

Looks liyke eets tiyme.... gulp... burpp! heehee:

Niyghtienight.. eek!

Soooo.. I survyved eet, yooz'll awll be gladd to heer eet, I iz shoor heeheheee!  Akshully in da mornin dadder kood nutt get me owt owf da tentt, eets troo! I lovid eet! heehee! Butt Whenn I'z cayme in inn da mornin I wentt shtraiyt upp to ma mummer n dadderlie's beddie to snooze eet off! heehee! Look:

catchin upp own ma ZZzzzzzz's

Som everywun I'z hoppe dat yoo liyked havin an insiyght ento lasht week's weekernd! N now, we is gowin camperin dis weekernd! YUP, so eef yoo downt heer frum me over da weekernd, yoo will knoww dat I haz gowed own an advintchuur in ma tenterooo! yeah!!! N eef eet is okayz wiff yoo awll, I iz gownna poshtpownn ma Satturday Sweeteries till Sundaiy evernin, is thatt allriyght!?  N guys, eetz ma lasht wun... unlessh anywun hazz any furthir addishuns?! heeheehee!

Havv da graytist owf weekernds pals,

Love n likkersn nuggies,


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Shokkkin Neeeerliee wurdlesss Wendersdaiii!

Eeetz a blinkinnn cheeeeeeek. EEetz troooo!

Oii wotz you doin'n wiv dat blak flasher ann Monshhhyuure Duckie? 

I  racerred ovir...yoo cann neerly see maz flash ofv speedies.
Takin' libbertees wiv ma toyzeez. Pfft!

Love an lickerrs
Pdiddly dorgy dorg.


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Green Fings n Sunshiyne in da Raiyn!

Herllo Sunday-doggers-n-pals,

Howz iz yas awll!? I iz well, butt I iz shleepy too, butt that ees anusser story! Wun dat I iwll tell yas laytter! heehee!

Firshtly I wunt to sayy dat kus my mummer wentt awaiy, MUMMER!!! sheeesh!!, I misserd puttin up ma TROO COLLURS posht wiv awll da green fings in it!!! N we hadd been takin lotds n lotds owf piktyoors, so eveen tho we is totarrlly layte, we is gowna putt up owt green piktyoors now.  Butt I jusht wunt too say dat mummer hadd to help me owt a bitt wiv dis, bekus, I is a dogger, n I dunno whott green is!! heeheeehee!

Apparuntly dees ees howw we see, accordinn to "themm" who knows abowt thesse thingys:

Dees piktyoor woz taked frum an 
article dat mummer redd, 
yoo can vyoo it by clikkin da 
linky beloww!

So basirkly yello n bloos arr fiyne, eets da green n redd dat kause uss da confyooshun!! Redd is blakk too doggers n green iz liyke a whiytieyish gray! Yeah eetz troo!  Chekk owt da intereshtin reed herre!

Soooo, I iz gownna shtart owf ma serch owf green fings by saying dat I had a 50/50 chancey owf fiynding green fings, az opporsed too gray fings, so I hadd to get dadder n mummer to helpp me gett da green wuns! Lasht Sunnyday, we wentt to a vintayge carr andd tractorr rally! YEAH! eet waz coool andd therr was plentiy owf green vehickles too fotograph!  Upp furst we has a green tracktor:

mummer says eets a 
niyce shayde owf bottel grreen!

Nekst we hass a verryy cyoot little owld carr - therre waz lotds of classic minis n morris minnors n fings, butt theese wun was partilularlyy lovliee:

lovley n greeen too! Yeah eetz troo!

Anusser green fing I seed was diss smarrt little sportty fingg, in a shokerin liymey green:

I'z bett eet goes reall fasht, 
butt nutt as kwikk as mee ovioosliey!
Fiynally, a vroomy mottirbiyke in a biryte green too:

I fink I wood look grayte 
riydin dis wun! hehee!

Alsoo at da weekernd lasht week we had ma barbekuee at auntieee rowies house, n dis a piktyoor owf da tayble dat da hoomans had theiyr foodies off of:

eet was awll niyce n green
n leeafy lookin! heehee!

Fiynally, da lasht green fing I'z wunt too show yoo iz ma dadders nyooist furrend! Yoo see he haz bekummed in love wiv da muppets dis lasht cuppel owf weekies, when we watchered da mooovie, so mummer desiyded to buyz himm a presszie.   I iz nutt shoor abowt him yet ftho:

Posie and Kermit! Whooohoo! Nutt!

Heehee, so thoze arr awll da green fings dat we fownded lasht week, butt we will be own it better fur nexkst weeky! heehee!

Da sekund fing I wunt to speek abowt tooday is MA AWURD dat ma boyfurrend Barnie gived me!!! I waz ovirwhelmered!  He givvered me da Sunshiyne Awurd, see:

I fink eet is very furry prettiy n sunny n I loveers eet lotds n lotds! eets troo!

I haz too answerr somme kweshtuns noww n thenn I haz too pikk tenn pals to pass eet own too! N then musht answerr theyrr ten kweshtun n pass eet own to ten palz too! YEAH! eetz troo, dats jusht how eet wurks!!!  So, fur yoor infurrmashun, I iz nutt gowin to givv eet to anywuns whoo Barniee gived eet too, or anywuns who haz eet alreedy!!!  

Ma kwestchuns n answerrs:

1. My favourite number: Ma favritt nummberr is twoo, kus dat ees da nummberr owf tiymess I get meels in a daiy n eet ees awlso howw olwd I iz, n eets da nummberr owf aniymal uncel's I haz ! heeheehee!
2. My favourite non-alcoholic drink: dis wun ees eesy peesy, eet haz to be wattter, I iz a doggie, common!? pppffft!
3. Do I prefer Facebook or Twitter: okays so I'z dunno whott theze thinggs arr, I iz a dogger n I iz twoo yeers owld heehee, I ihaz onlie jusht discovvered blogger  mummer says their arr sum othir onliyne fings, butt I iz nutt shure! Errm... twiytter, sownds liyke da noisey dat birdies mayke, so I'z'll go furr dat!
4. My passion:  SNORSAGES!!!! YEAH eets troo!
5. My favourite pattern: da pink n whiyte shpotties own ma blankety dat I yoos az a cayge cosy in da carr! Or da markings own ma boyfurrend Barnie's facey! heeheehee!
6. My favourite day of the week:  Satturdaiys kus dat ees ma Sweetiey Daiys n da days dat me n mummer n dadder gett to do funn fings!  Yeah eets troo!
7. My favourtie flowers:  I liyke da whiyte flowerr dat is in da mixin owf ma daddieys tashty foods he maykes at da bakeriy! heehee butt mummer says dat thiz dus nutt cowntt!  So iz'll go fur daisies! YEAH! I liykey dem, n i liyke to try n eet thems heehee!

Now I'z'll tell yoo whoo I'z choze as ma tenn pals!  Arr yoos reedy!? Herre's ma choiceyrs:

Frankie n Ernie, kus they arr hilariooos n verry furry grayte doggies to be furrends!!

Sarge, kus he bringss lotds owf sunshiyne with everry posht dat I'z reed!!  Eetz troo!

Susie and Sidebite - I hass onli resentlie metted them but theyy are soo loverly n I iz enjoyerin gettin to knows dem!!

Shiloh n Shastah - thezse beaggals arr grayte funn n I'z liyke dem lotds, mutchly full owf sunshiyne indeeder!!

Stella and Rory, kus theyy havv been good furrends wiv me frum da beginnern n theyy mayke me shmiyle!!

Pip always haz da da cyootist owf piktyoors n is simply a sweethearrt!

Rubie, kus she is wunderrfull andd has a veriy pretty facey, n verii fotorgenic, so furr dat reeson deserrvs a sunshiyney awurrd!

Winnie, she haz a grayte bloggy n she iz byootiful graaayhownd datt deservvs a sunshiyney awurrd!

Molly is jusht a riyte hoot n her taykes own da wurrld mayke me n mummer smiyle!!

Finn, fiynally anusser wun owf ma nyoowist pals who always haz niyce fings too say!!!

Wiv awll dat awurrd givvin owt, eet ees tiyme furr me too go n has a napp!! I iz poopered nows! heeheehee!  I'z hoppe dat every wun enjoyers yoors awurd! N enjoy da resht owf yoor weekerned!

Ma mummerz job dat she gott offered a fyoo days ago shtarts inn Septemmbirr, butt till thenn she has a summir job liyned upp fur 12 weekys, dat shtarts tomorro! So shee iz a littel bitty nervuss tooday furr eets first day nervvs! heeheee! I iz gownna cuddel upp to herrz now n lett her be cosie n loved n lett hers knowws shee will be absoloootly fiyne! heeheehee! 

I'z'll hedd owf n do dat furr now andd will lett yoo know awll abowt whot I'z gott upp to lastt niyte purtty soon, okays!?

Bee good n hass funn always doggers n fanzies,


at's me!! Eets troo! heehee!