Thursday, 3 May 2012

Fursdaiy Doin's

Herloo Bloggers,

Weel Iz donnt haz a krazzy amownt owf nyooz todaaay butt thot I'd shwing own by n say herlo to yoo frum me da Posie-girrl, inkasse yooz awll misserd ma! heehee!

Iz wentt fur a reely lonng wakkiee last niyte, awwll rownd da town, n I did three poopers n dadder pikkd them awll up n putt them in varioos doggy-poo-binss! YEAH! Scoopin Da Poop n savin da planit wun poo-baggy att a tiyme, dat's me, Posie-girl! YEAH!  Herre is a byootifull foto owf me wakkin past a mareena own ma wakkie lookin partikularliee fressh n preetty! TA DA!!!:


OH MA GOODERYNESS! ERm....  WOOPS!!! ...  Doncha jussst hatte it when yooz clikk own da wrongg foto andd it iz up befurr yooz knowz it and den yoo end up wiv a mortifryingly embararsin piktyoor owf yoorselff lookin stoopid wiv a chewwed sockky on yoor heed!?!!?!  I fink I will movve swifterly own andd tell yoo abowt ma wakkie sum othir tiyme! YEAH!


So, I thot I wud shayre wiv yoo a piktyoor owf what ma dadder's mummer n dadder, Granny L and Granda R, bott fur ma mummer n gived her today:

"oooh yeerss yoo will comme in veri handiy!"

Yess doggies n hooman n FELLOO BORDIR TERRIORISTS, dis is ma mummers nyoo baggie wiv border teriors on it, isznt it graaayte?!?!?!  YEAH, EET IZ! YEAH!  Iz can yoos it to carry awll ma fings in wheen we goez away fur a weekernd, weell SUM of awll ma fings, I haz lotds n lods owf fings, heehee!  But yeah it can hold lods, see:

eet iz hyoooge an' shiyney too!

Eet iz big enuff too howld somme owf ma favrit toys, inkloodin meerkat and Rabiit! YEAH! what more cood Iz need?  Weell, ma bowlls, blankits, beddies, ma red bally, my octopuss toy, ma fooderz, ma wattir bottel... I diygress, anywayz yoo see howw niyce da bag is!! So, thank yoo very muuuuttch granda r n granny l!  

Ma mummer n dadder n me arr lookin fur a niyce playce to stay dis weekernd or next fur a minii trip so Iz will yooz it thenn! YEAH!  Iz loovve mini holderdays, kus mummer n dadder alwayz takkez me too! EEetz troo!

Well guyz, I gots to go, kus dadder is takin me n mummer fur a walkkie to da litey-hawse kus the sun is shiynin! YEAH!

Love n likkies n enjoye da rest owf yooz fursday!!




  1. Posie.... girrrrl that is grrrreat that you made some Poops on your walkie and that your dadder Picked them Up in a Poops Bag. THAT is SUPER fur SURE!!!

    I just ignored that.. Certain Picture.. OK?

    Now about your mom's new BAG... WOW is that ever wonderful. You are right fur sure... it will be Perfect fur holdin your precious stuffs and Snacks when you go for Holiday!!

    1. Hee hee hee guys howw does yoos marnage too makey me laff so mutch?! Thanks fur ignorrin thinngz coufgh couwgh hee hee yeah. so does u guyz haz any bagies wit doxies on dem? Xxxox

  2. Looks like you're going to be pretty busy for a little doggy! Where u going on your mini holiday huh?! Deccy x

    1. Wee iz gowin to da Cayrngorrmms, a placey cawlld Newtonmore! YEAH! eet will be grayte! xxx


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