Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Neeeerleee Wurrdleesss Wedernsdaiii!

Herrrllloooooo too alll ma chumz, fanzeezz, furrrennddsss an acquaintencesh!!

As a Poserdorgieee, Iz LOVVES ma warkeeess! Eeees Troooo! Iz getz soooo excyterd!

Warkeee warekeeee heeerrrzeeez an warkee warkee theeerssez! eees a bigg butt (unlyke mma delicayte tooossheeeee) Iz haytessz mma haryness!!

Noooooo daddderrr! Pleeeeeeesszzz!

Iz carnt evven loook att yoo Izz soooo upssett!!

Thatt eees aowl Iz havv to sayy on da matterrr!

Ppppffftthhhht! (And dat!)

Lotts off lurveee lickeees! 
Da PDizzle!


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Cross Doggerys!

Heeeeeeey therr everyywun!!!

Hows awll ma pals dowin?! Fanks fur awll da niyce commints to ma mummers postie the otherr day! Hers astherma is mutch bettir now, n shee haz stoppit wheezerin awll ovir me whitch is grayte!! heehee!I is cominn to yoo todaiy to shayre sum GRAYTE picktyoors thatt will realliy makes yoor funny bowne giggel! heeheehee! Eeeets soo troo! Yoo see, ma mummer seed a veriiy verriiy cyoot fing in da payper, n it was cawlld a jug, n I heer yoo WHOT ON ERFTH IS A JUG?!?!!


PPpppppfft no no sillies, yeah for shure dat IS a jug, but nutt da kiynd owf jug I iz meenin, nosireeeee...

Eets wun owf thees guyz...

 Jackk Russle x Pugg 

Yuppers, a JUG, iznt he adorriyble?! YEAH indeeder ees troo!

Soooo, I tooked eet upon maselff to look upp as maniy diffrent crosses wifvth borderr teriors on Google as I cood see, whitch brings me too tha geneyral theeme owf dis postie, yeah, "borderr terriorist crosses dat mayke me giggle!!"



Befurr I do a wee piktyoor show n tell fur yas, I will say dat thees pics werr awll jusht fownd in Google serches, so I has put da linkys fur awll da pics at da bottom... offishul refrences n awll dat...

Obvioosly da furst wun I lookit furr was to see if yoo gott puggy borders, yers a pugg crosserd wiv a borderr terriorr! OH MY DAWGS!! Eees fabb! Checkk him owt:

Heeheehee, isnt it jusht beyownd hilarioos n cyoot, i loves himm, n therrs more, look at dees two:

Noww, we has da Borderrr Terrior cross Bordor Colliey, YEAH! Jusht loook at dis guy, he is awll borderr collie, butt has an almosht terrierr facey n eers, n iz da siyze owf me!:

Neykst upp we hass a most fantarstical borderr terrierr cross basset, how cyoot n farntashtic is this guy!?!?

OOooh wowsies, howw mutch funn is this?! They awll look liyke borderrs, butt nutt at tha sayme tiyme! heehee! So, waiyt till yoo see a poodle.. heehee... yeah a poodley borderr terrier heeheehee...

Yuppers, dat dawg is awll borderr, excseppt furr awll da poodley curlss! heehee!

Nows effurywun this wun is appurantly knownn as da Scottishh Hyeena, I'z dud nutt knows this, but ees troo, it sayz own Goooogle heehee, soo eet musht be troo, eet ees a borderr terrior crossd wiv a staffy, wowsies...

Is thiz weerdin yoo guyz owt, or iz eet jusht me?! heehee! I fink its bizarre how bordery thees guys look whilstt lookin liyke theirr crosses too! heehee!

Noww this wunn is ma sekundd favritt, I jusht fink eets a crakkin lookin spessymin owf dog, eets a chihuahua cross borderr, heeheeheehee, how did dat evin HAPPERN?! heeheehee! We has sutch long leggies n cheewahwahs downt heehee! nevirr mind! I is only 2, I downt shood be fthinkin abowt this kiynd owf fthings! heehee!

Fiynally butt mosht impawtintly is ma absolooot favrit, ees is CLASSIKK, sooo funny n grayte n egzaktly what a cross owf thees twoo shood look: a BORDER TERRIORUST CROSSD WIV A SHIHTZOOO!!! heeheeheehee! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAASP... heeheeheee GAAAAAAAASP heeheehee! Too grayte...

Evin thoo hee looks a little bitt grumpy, eet is prettiy mutch da funneriest pic I has seen in EVIR! heeheehee!  I wannt wun! heehee! butt dadder sezz no!! heehee!

Soo guyz, I feel I has dun myselff prowd by fiyndin soo many weerd n wundderful, grayte lookin doggerieys! 

Nows, I'z wuntt to know if YOO know owf anyy, orr iff yoo can fiynd any funny piktyoors owff doggies thatt arr crossd wiv da sayme kiynd owf doggy as yoo!?  Eet wudd mayke me giggle untill I pee heehee! N thatt wood be a GRAYTE fing, ees troo!

Guys, ees grayte to bee sayin herlo aggen n lookin furrward to catcherin upp reel soon!

I is sendin lotds of warmm nuggies n love to yoo awll,

Love n likkers,


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Just Checkin In..

Hi all,

It's Posie's mum here! How are you all doing?! It feels like it's been a long long time since Posie has done a blog post!!! Must be about 2 weeks maybe.  Her dadder has been helping her with some Worldless Wednesdays which have made me giggle, but I haven't had time to sit and help her do a Wordier Other-Week-Day post for awhile!  I can assure you though that she's still here and saying "HERLO" to you all, see:


I can't believe that this has pretty much been one of the busiest summers for years and it happens to coincide with the first few months of Posie's blogging! We really aren't far away, it's just been far too hectic to post for the last while!  

Firstly, I hurt my back.  Then when that improved, I ended up with a sore throat which kicked off my asthma.  I've been working full time with a bit of a commute there and back every day.    My sister had to go to in to hospital again. All in all, it's been a pretty stressful and busy, busy time of late.  It's also been Posie's Grinny I's birthday, Granda R's birthday and lastly but not leastly my mum's (Posie's granny A's) birthday! And I've been to Ireland for a wedding!  So, it's not all been bad, as I'm sure you can tell, but its been tiring and time consuming hahaha!

My summer job finishes next Friday which is really sad as it's been wonderful and I have met so many great people who I have gotten to know and will miss a great deal.  I will not, however, miss the public transport at 6.30 in the morning!! And I very much intend to keep in touch with my summer colleagues!  I start my new job in a professional post on the 12th of September - it's closer to home and less hours, meaning Posie will get a helping hand more often with her blogging! 

I apologise for this boring, Posie-less post, I just wanted to check in and see that everyone (humans and doggies and cats and pets alike) are all well!

The "Olermpiks" (as Posie would say) went amazingly and you all did so well with your posts.  Although we didn't comment, we have read all of them and it was an absolute joy to see! Thanks from us to you all!

So, you'll be hearing from my little hairy baby soon, I'm sure! And in the meantime she's telling me to thank you all for being such "GRAYTE FURRENDS!!" even though she's been on a wee holiday from blogsville! 

I'll leave you all with this beautiful sight; just a small part of the gorgeous scenery I saw whilst I was in Ireland last week

The Stunning Lake at Pontoon Bridge

Take care and looking forward to hearing all your news again soon,

Posie's mummer!


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Neeerllyy Wurdlesss Wednerrsdaiy!

Herrllooooo to awll ma frendzeeeez!!

Iz sorrreee Iz nutt beeen onn laytly. Iz willl be updatin youz all verrriii soon butt plees bare wiv me pallz! Hee heee! 

Iz hoperin youz all gettin nice weatherr liyke weve been havvinn! 

Iz thot Id showw youz ma attemptt att tthee nyoo crayze owf bodeeesurferin!

Eeets owl tha rayge wiv tha calebrittteees showin owf der tonned boddeees! 

Veerrri impawtent nutt to show yor nypseeess! And dats ma tayleee at tha ovver end! Eeets troo! So nnnooo cheekkee commentz. Hee heee! 

Lotts of loving lickerrs! 
Da pdiddleedorgdorg

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Neeeerlyyyy Wurdlesss Wendersdai!!

Herllo to ma frendzeez! Heers hoperin yoo arr all well!!

Last Chreeestmas ma mummer and dadder gave dadders Grandmummer a crossss stiitch owf mee!

Eeet'z taken herr a longg time to fineeesh and now she hasz ....err.... finereshed!

I'z beeen soo amazzered that I'z descidered to showw youz all ma byyootifual facey!! Hee hee!

Almost as good as da reel fing! Neeerly az hairee too! Eees troo! Heee hee!!

Hoperin yoo haz a grayte day!

Wiv lottsaalove



Sunday, 5 August 2012


Hellow to yoo awll on this herre Sensayshunal and sizzelrin Sunnday yuppers! Howdy!?

I bett yoo awll fthott I hadd gown owf da rayderr!? Well, I kinder did, yers! I was ABSOOOOLOOOTLY SHNATTERD afterr ma paraydey, datt I needed to tayke a fyoo days owf...

Thizz izz da liyfe! OOooh YEAH!

Yeah so I haz been kickerin backk n takinn sum teesies (takin it eesy = takin a teesy! YEAH! ees an Uncel Wesleey fing! Ees troo!)

Sooo I iz sorriey dat I haz nutt beed heer n misserd owt n da eventts! Butt I has beed catcherin upp tooday, n everywunn is lookin FAB! Yuuppers!

Nows, toodays ma mummer sayz eets awlwaiys besht to startt tha daiy wifth an gegg!! So shee putt eet in ma bowl...


N awll I sed was...

I downt fink sooo!

Eeeeeurgh, say no to geggs!!!

Whitch raizes an impawtint poiwnt owf mines' mummers... Mummer alwaiys fthott doggiez lovved geggs, ann eet ees nyootrishunally beneyfishul furr dem, butt I'z was havin nunn owf eet... So, plees leeve a commint to lett me know.. n setterl a debayte n ma housey... DO YOO LIIYKE GEGGS?! OR HAYTE EM!?!?

Movvin own frum pukey geggers...

Tooodayz, I deesiyderd to enjoys a treet awll da ways frumm Merika! YEAH! Mutch better thann eggies, meh! YUPPERS!!  ma furrend Dexter was ma doggon dog swappin furrend, (we hass yet to doo owr posties, but they WILL be happernin!) N wun owf da fings he sentt me was dis TASHTIE SMELLIN peeenutt buttery doggy bowne treet:

I'z'll stayre eet owt till eets miynes!

Ok, I'z'll doo whot yoo askk..


Nows, ees it miyne?!!?!

Oooooh yeah, downt miynd eef I'z doo! YUPPERS!


Sooooo, affit thiz, I desiyderd to playy wiv sum frisberss, Posie-styleee, chooo chooo numms...

Taiyshtiey frisberr! Shmiyley Posie dog!

N thenn I desiyderd to shtikk ma hedd froo da frisburrs, n werr them as purdy sunchiyney necklarcess! Heeheehee!

Eees summertiyme n funntiyme!
Fiynally to rownd owff ma posht, I iz needern to shayre wifvth yoo da FUNNIEYST FING YOO EVIRR DID SEE... Or HEER evinn! heehee!  I runnd abowt fur liyke 10 days witvh those frisberrs, n thenn I'z was sooooo thfirstiy! Soooo, mummer hadd to givv me wattir n I had bigg slurpieees, so enjoyy wawtching me enjoiyn sum frish watter, n thenn mummer has to help me owt owf ma frisberrs, n tha PEES DA RESISTUNCE, that add mummer in stitchess awll afterrnoon, as shee wawtchd eet ovir n ovvir agen, I doo da mosht hilariooos burp yoo evir did heeer!

Heeheeheeheeheee! Sooooo funny!

Now, liyke mummer yoo has to watch da last 10 sekunds ovvir n ovvir agen heeheeheeheehee! oh deers!

Ok, so FYI, I hasz joiyned twitterr jusht to see how da wholle fing goes downn, ma dadder helpps me owt wifth eet, so if yoo wana catch whot me n dadder arr sayin too eet, ees @posiedorg 


Alsoooo, da Olermpikks is stiill gowin mighyty stronng, whot amazerin evints n wunderfful hosters! Soooo grayte!! N I has been very furry prowd to be part owf thee evints n furrends wifh da afthlettic n poised n prowess-fulld athleeets! heehee!  Eees trooo!  Furr info own awll da upcommin evints, keep abrest owf Mayor Frankie's posts, n YUPPERS!


Love n nuggies n Olermpikk-filled-joy!

Da Pdiddler!