Friday, 4 May 2012

Skavingir Hunt

Ok so I haz been inshpired by Rubie n her mum Poots' involverment with this thing that Iz did nutt know abowwt kawlld a 'skavinggir hunntt'!! 'N I thinky eetz a grayte eye-dea! 'N i neederd to try it owt immeedertley! YEAH! Eeetz troo! 

Iz knowz eet iz a littel too layte fur da Aprrill gamey, butt we coood nutt see da Maay listy wun, so we thot we wood praktis wiv April! YEAH!

Therr is a laddiey cawlled Kathy and herr blogg is cawlld "Postcards from the P. P."  Yoo can go therr n shi putts upp a lishty owf this munths words.  Then awll yoo has to do is go tayke photors dat matchey the words! SIMPLES! oooohh eetz soo exsiytern!  

Ma mummer n dadder helpid me a littel bit n so has sum things dat they wuntid in too, butt mosht owf da piktyoors iz of me! YEAH! eetz troo!  Owbserve:

Me standirn lookin prettiy 
own a rock! YEAH!


Howw comez it dat ma twoo
frunt leggies kan go in sutch
oppersit diyrections?!


Oohh nummers!! Sum nummery
fings from dadder n
granda R's bakeriy!

Nutthin is morre wunderfull too
me than ma wundirful

Just lookk at awll thesse jammy
pankakeys frum dadders
bakry!!! NUM! Shtttiiiiiiiky
butt taaassshty! YEAH!


Minez toyz!! YES, theyy arr
awll miynez! YEAH!


Whyz waz da chikern indesiysive
abowt crossin tha threshowld?!
I dunno, asky da chikern! Pah!


Eetz ma paw n ma favrit raiynbow
leed n ma raiynbow blankey too!


Mummer sayz this wun shpeeks
fur eetself!


YEAH, springy haz defernatly
sprung iff I iz smellin da
pretti flowirs!


Iz waz too skayrd to evin triy n
detangel da ropeyz we'z fownd
att da harboor! Shheesh!

Annd, fiynally n ma mossht favrit wun o dem awll!!!!


YEAH, P-dorgi shmilin to awll
her bloggy-freends!

Yeah, so guyz dat waz mee n ma mummer tryiin to bee artishtic, n I hoppee it turnid owt okayz! heehee!  Carn't waiyt to trryy owt Mayy too!

Happery Weekernd Doggies,

Love n likkers,




  1. I am most impressed with your jumping skills - must be all those yummy treats that give you an extra lift!

    Your pal, Pip

    1. yeeah I eeted em awll, buuurrrp! heehee I iz onli jokin butt therr iz nuthin beets a likky owf jam! heehee love pdorg xox

  2. Oh Posie, I has nevers done dat foto thingy eithers and nows dat I has seen all your beeeeautiful fotos I thinks I may just needs to tries dis too.
    I remembers you mentionin; da bakery but by dog I hads no clue everything would looks so delish...if only it wasn't so fars away...sigh.!

    And alls these heres fotos is awesome squirrel snotness. I loves da one of you on rock and then da one of you smilin'. I mean I loves all of them but Ihas to has favs ya knows.


    1. fanks puddles, iz do hope dat yoo do tryy da compertishun! Iz wood luv too see yoor vershun owf it! Da bakeryy shtuuff is very verii good, itz liyke numers awll tha times heehee! fanks puddles, love pdorg xox

  3. Fantastic photos, specially of you and the nommers, we are drooling as we speak, slurp.
    We love the one of you smiling, sweet girl!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

    1. fanks fur sayin i iz pretty when i iz smiylin heehee! love pdorg xxo

  4. Gigantic Gruffs and Wuffs ello to you my prettiest Posie....Oh I do so love to come over to your lovely little red home here and have a good look about at your latest pawfect Posie pictures - I think you may even be a bigger poser than me - well if you have it girl you go for it and flaunt it ey! ...I gotta work harder on my Happy Face I feel, I often smile inside, but don't think I portray this as photogenically as your good self, I model myself on Daddy2Legs, who has been known for years to stare into the camera with his 'moody/sexy look' (he says, we sometimes say different, ha ha!) Anyhow I am going to put in my order to Mummy2Legs for a most stripey iccle brilliant Border blanket like that one, and I have to say I don't think I am getting my fair share of this elixir of jam either - oh woe be me today! Licks and waggs to you and your pose, am off now to see if there are any sniffings to be had around the fridge, for Fridays are shopping days, so you never know your luck! Barnie x

    1. heehee barnie, did yooz gett a tashty owf jamm?! Yummernummers! I iz finkin dat yoo iz veri veriy fotorgenik mishter barnie, but fanks fur sayin dat i iz yoor prettiest posie heehee! love, pdorg xox

  5. Howdy Little Posie, what a great idea. Your photos are fab but our favourite one is you with your leggies doing the splits hehe. Mum of course, loves the bakery ones. Have a great weekend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

    1. heehee i iz gladd dat yoo liykey da wun owf ma leggers gowin opporsit wayz heehee! love pdorg xox

  6. Smile has got to be my favourite too!

  7. I love spring and smile!

  8. I love your dog themed photos, they are great!

  9. Posie you did fabulous! I luv all of the things you found er did er were whatever! They're all great! Also, Mom wants the addy to your Dad and Grandad's bakery. She slobbered on the keyboard over the peep treats :)

    Waggin at ya,

    1. heehee, dat iz grayte, well our bakriey is in da norfth eest owf scottland butt yoo iz welcomme ti comme n haz sum tashtie fings!!, love pdorg xox


Dis iz wherez u can leeve me a warrm snuggie n I appressheeate dem all! Love hariey babery dorgi - Posie xox