Saturday, 19 May 2012

Posie's Satturday Sweeties: Week FUR!!

Posie's Satturday Sweeties!!

Herlo n Happy Satturday to awll ma fanzzers n freends n everywun,

Tooooday is Weeky FUR owf ma Satturday Sweeteeries Seeeries, n dat meens sumone else is gettin ma shinery sparkerly awurd! YESH eetz troo! 

Butt first owf all I'z jusht want to lett yous awll know dat ma Uncel Wes has helded a kwizz on ma last post, annd everywun who answerrs his kwestchuns correktly gets enterd intto a draww n tha winnir will winn a flyin bungieee dukkie toy! Seriously guy, yoo havv abouwt 24hours left to entir, so go do it herre liyke kinda... NOW! heeheee just fink dat yoo'll want that dukk whin yoo see it! heehee!

Soooo bakk to ma Satturday Sweetieees Series n toooday's guesst...

Weell eets better than thatt, I has twooo guesstz today, kus wun is the other wun's doggie, but then he desiydered to give half of his doggie to his mummer fur muther's day,s o now his doggie is hiz haff bruthir too! How cool is dat!!!???!??!! They arr pretty cyoot furrends, n has a fasernatshun wiv da numbbir 87 (I'z dunno why!! Perhapps dey cood enliytin me sum tiyme soon?!?! heehee)


FRANKIE n ERNIE!!!!!!!! (clik on dem to see theyr pagey!)

Theeeze doggies arr hilarioooos! Theyy arr both veriy smawll n snorsage doggery n I loovvves snorssagis, soo I loves them, obveeeeusly!!!  Yoo need to go n check owt theyr pagey if yoo dus nutt knows themm awll reddy, they will mayke yoo laff n giggle plus they are pretty cyoot little doodes too! YEAH eetz troo!

So onto theiyrr sweetiess.  Mr Frankie Furter n Mr Ernie arr obsesserd wiv oyster crakkers, I'z did nutt evin knoww what theze werr, "they musht be Merikan fooderies" I fott, so I looked them uppp, n they look nummers!  This iz tha two of themm runninn abowt, hooverin up awll deyrr oyster crakkers, see:


Look how fluffery n shniy n blakk frankie is!?! n look how sleek n shiny n brown misteeer ernie is wiv his hairy eers!??!!  yoo cood eet them up wiv a spooon, so sweet! heeheehee!

Frankiee n Ernie live in Merika!! They are the cussin owf Sargey boy who was tha furst guesst own ma Satturday Sweeties Serries!!! 

Frank n Ernie arr currintly helpin owt in da garddin plantin tomaters n peppers! YUMMERS, i fink, i dus nott knows, i has nutt tried tomaters n peppers!! heehee! But I has nutt tried oyster crakkirs eiver, n apparuntly they arre grayte! heehee!!!!  

Frankie is also da mayor of Blogsville, n i want to know what a dogs gott to doo rownd herre to be gived da key owf da place!?  Can I comme n play in bloggsville too Mister Mayor!?!? heehee!

Dis is Ernie gettin a tashty shott at da oystir crakers:

OOhhh Frankkie I iz steelin awll
tha wuns ovirr herre!

Fuynally, herre is a piktyoor owf Frankie boyy hazzin a chancy att his oysterr crakkers:

nibble numm numms Ernie,
theyrr my oyster crakkirs!

So as yoo can awll see, these guys liyke a good sweetiey, n fur thatt reesun they arr verri welcomme herre own ma Satturday Sweetie post!!! Eetz troo!

Fanks fur reedin ma posht today n fanks fur welcomern Frank n Ernie herre today too, I iz gladd dat they camme n was herre fur ma series!

So guyz, fur yoo n yoor love owf sweeties:

To Mister Frank n Ernie,

Lovve n likkers,

Guys, I'z hope yoo enjoy da shparkleyness, if yoo save eet as a gif n yoo can putt it own yoor sideybarr wiv a linky to ma page I will love yas evin more dan i doo alreedy! eetz troo!!!  

Now can I has yoor key to bloggsville, plleeeeease!?! heehee cant blame a dogger fur askin!!! heeheee! eetz troo!

Ohh, n I is still looking fur morre entriees to ma compertishun so email me yoor saturday sweetie piktyooors at if yoo wanna be on herre wiv me own a saturday, itd be grayte to see yas!!!!

I has to go now kwikerly, kus I has to meet George n Tess on theiyr Satturday Steps! EEeetz troo!! I is sooo exsyterd! heehee!

Love n likkers,

N Havv niyce peecies n treets n satturday sweeties doggies!!

Posey Wozey,



  1. Ernie and Frankie are so much fun! Just saw you over at George's!

    1. Hi Amber DaWeenie, fanks fur droppin on by!!! Love n likkers, Pdorg xox

  2. Posie.... POSIE... I just saw you over at Tess and George's place. You did a Terrrrrific job over there.
    THANK YOU fur lettin Ernie and ME (Frankie Furter) be your Stars fur the day. YOU are the Sweetest of the Sweeties!!!!

    1. Hey guys, Fanks evirr so mutch, eet was funn gettin to see dem, lots of steps-cliymbin fo!! heehee! I iz gladd yoo enjoyeed beein ma gests, eet was niyce to have yoos, i hopppe yoo liyke yoor awurd!!! Love n likkers, pdorg xox

  3. Hi Posie, its nice to meet you! We don't know many doggies, but we have to say you are very, very busy! How do you do it all? We are looking for a nice sun puddle to nap in after all that activity.

    1. eet is veri tiyrin bein a posiedorg butt worffth eet, eetz troo! heehee! Eets grayte too meet yoo, as catz go, yoo is loverly! heehee! lov en likkers, pdorg xox

  4. Hi Posie
    Thanks for joining me today, and congrants to Frankie and Ernie
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx from rainy Shropshire!

    1. Hi George, eet was sooooooooo GRAYTE beein over at yoors own yoor steps, i lovved it soooo mutch!!! love n likkers, pdorg xox

  5. Hi Posie,
    Just popping over from George the Lad's blog. Nice to meet you Posie.
    It's so exciting being on George's steps :-)
    My girl is Annie, a whippet x terrier and we live in north Wales.
    Mine isn't a dog blog but Annie always manages to get a mention!!

    1. hi derre Eileen, so niyce owf yoo to comme over heerre n say herlo!!! Eet was very exsiytern to be on Georgies page!!! I'z away to comme ovver n see yoor Annie riyte now! love n likkers, pdorg xox

  6. Oooh, Ernie and Frankie are having a feast, wish we could join them!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

    1. Iz know, i loves a good feest me! heehee lov en likkers, pdorg xox

  7. Great to meet you Posie and thanks for dropping by my blog too! Have a wonderful weekend - woofs and licks from Magic xx

    1. Hi Magic, eets very niyce too meet yoo too Magic, I saw yoo on his Shteps too! heehee! Woofs n likkers n love to yooo too, Posie dorg xox

  8. Well done to Ernie and Frankie - they are pretty funny guys! - wish I was there a nomini nimms and a nommin with them, for there is only so much daily Kibble a dog can enjoy you know!

    1. I'z knoww barnie, i fink they shood shayre derre oyster crakkirs wiv us! I'z dontt evin nkows if wee gett them herre in Brittin, do we's!? Iff nott, we may has t ask themm to send sum ovir to us!! heehee! Love n likkers your Pdorg xxoxx

  9. OH those guys are the best! Congrats to them! I came over to you from your steps adventures!

    1. Hi Finn, so niyce owf yoo to comme on over, my adventyooors weree grayte,eetz troo! I is gonna come on over n see yoo too nows, love pdorg xox

  10. Ooooh.....OOOOH!!!!!!!

    I am ever so pleased Miss/Mr.? teeeheee POSIE to meet you, here in the FUR! I am so happy to meet new friends from all around the world, especially the UK! LOVE YOUR ACCENTS, YOUR COUNTRYSIDE, YOUR HUMOR!!! I am a great friend of George and Tess and they have been with me through thick and thin!

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND WORDS...GRRS on our blog! We love to have fun. BEST WISHES and come back in a couple of days; we are flying to Paris via ENGLAND! And I believe we have a photo of the Isle of Skye, SCOTLAND!!! Come and join us. Dogs ARE ALLOWED!

    BALZAC and Anita

    1. Eeees Miss Posiedorg, I iz very mutch a girlygirrl dorg heehehee!! I has a veri shtraynge accent, eetz troo, my granny finks I sownd russian, da uther wun theenks i sownd mexercan, I jsut a doggie, eets troo! Oooh we will look furward tooo seeing yoor piktyoors, love n likkers, pdorg xox

  11. Fanks for showin your pals to us Posie. I am gonna go check em out right now and opes to make some new chums. Woof. Good job you.


Dis iz wherez u can leeve me a warrm snuggie n I appressheeate dem all! Love hariey babery dorgi - Posie xox