Saturday, 5 May 2012


Mornin doggies own dis fursst Satuurday owf May!

I iz awll packiid n away too go own ma holerdays! YEAH! eeetz trooo freends n fanzies, I iz awaiy fur da Maay Daiy Weekernd wiv ma mummer n dadder to da Caiyrngorrms, daadder sayz eet iz a littel placey cawlled Newtonmore! And I carnt waiyt!! Theerr iz a wee cottarge just waiyting fur me to arriyve, at an addishiynul cost of £10 Id liyke to say!!! They must think I iz a veri messery dog, and I apperuntly wont be llowed on da furnitchure or da beddie, butt we will just havv to see abowt dat!.... Heheeeheee!

So guyz, iz cood nutt go awaiy withoowt puttin up ma week twoo winner owf Satuurrday Sweeties! YEAH!!!

Sarge did very well last week, kus he hadd sum stiff compertishun, eetz troo, but hiz snooper jusst mayde me laff too mutch to nut be weeky wun winner! 

Butt ennuff abowt lasht week, fur Iz kno eet iz da mowmint we haz awll been waiytin fur!

Da wiynner owf Week Too of Posie's Satirrdaiy Sweetiees izz:

Elliot!!!!!! YEAH!

Elliot iz a chiwahwah! N he iz awll whiyte n fluffery!  He is too darndid cyoot in his foto, n my mummer wants to steel himm!  My mummer has wanterd a chiwawah fur a whiyle now n espesherly a littel whiyte fluffery wun, so watchy owt Elliott or ya may be dognappid andd renaymed Binky! heeheehee!

So herre is Elliot's winning piktyoors:

Nummery numms nums!

Please mum, I want some more!

Yes fanzies, yooz eyez dus nut deseeve yoo, Elliot loves nothin morre than a littel tashty morsil owf Porridge!!!!  He dusn't know if other dorgis wood consider it a treet but he absolooterly lovess it!! EEtz troo, we havv fotografic everdinse to prove thiz!!

He says: "Whenever Mum makes it, I sit and stare at her and use a chihuahua mind-meld to get her to leave me some too.  Fortunately, it always works and I get some in a little glass dish.  Mum says I must have the best cholesterol level of any dog going, BOL"

I musht agree, yoo can see how likkys da bowl cleen!! Good fur yoo Elliot boy!!! YEAH!

So, yeah, Elliot has a bloggy wiv twoo othir girly chiwahwahs called Dinah and Bridget! N Iz loove reeding theiyr poshtys kus theyy arr alwayz veri funnery annd up to sutch mischeev!  Yoo shood  totarly check owt therr bloggy, liyke.. NOW! Go herre - 2chihuahuagirls ...  liyke checkk it owt freends!

Pleese aksept da awardy below wiv ma admirayshun at yoor Saturrday Sweeetie:

To Elliot,

Lovve n Likkers,

Mummer sayz to reemimber n sayve yoor awarrd as a giff n then eet will shparkil whin yoo putt it own yoor pagey! YEAH!!!

Well dorgos, Iz hoppe yoo is pleesed wiv toodays wurthy winner! Butt doo nutt be dispondint dorgis, fur I haz maniy grayte piktyoors liyned upp fur da neykst fyoow weeks!  Also, iff anywun wunts to send in morre piktyoors, plleeeese doo kus we loves gettern em!!

I'z kood keepin yappern fur long enuff butt Iz gott a holerday to get on!  HEeheeheeehee! Iz'll send yas a poshtcard, bloogery shtyle! heehee!

Happery Weekernd fanzies n frreeeends!

Love n likks Pdorgle



  1. CONGRATULATIONS ELLIOT!!! Your Pictures made me Laff.

    Posie, you have yourself a SUPER TIME!!!!

  2. Oh thankyou Posie!
    That is very kind of you to give Elliot your Saturday Sweetie award - now, if only technophobe Mum can figure out how to get the star, we will display it proudly on our blog.
    We think your mum would probably find him as much as a nuisance as we do, BOL!
    Dip Bridge and the Little Man himself x

  3. Well done Elliot mate! Have a nice holiday Posie. Deccy x

  4. Hollingdays are the BEST Posie...... those places try to put rules around where we can go - so just ask your peeps to pack nice big blankies and then you can go ANYWHERE!!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  5. Paaaw Mummy2Legs loves to go away "to the sticks" (well I mean, I could bring her some of those for free!) - she dreams of meals being made for her, lovely walks and nice glasses of wine on a lazy summers day - doesn't always go that way when Daddy and I have had her up a mountain, in the rain, soggy sandwich in hand - but Mummy likes to dream bless her - so here's to wishing you all a most terrific time, and a very well done there to Elliot, for being Excellent, as per usual ! x

  6. OMD Posie you are my kinda girl, Loving your blog!! Hope you are having a great time on holiday, Me really wants to go to the Caiyrngorrms, i bet it's so much fun! It's pawsome meeting another UK puppers! xxx

  7. Hey Posie!
    Wow, I hope you have a wonderful vacation full of great adventures! Please bring pix back so we can all see. Congrats to Elliot! What a great pooch he is and he has a delish looking yummer! This is a really fun series!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  8. Keep on chowing there Elliot - you iz so cute. Have a great holiday with your mum and dad - can't wait to see and hear all about it.

  9. heehee, gladd everywun liyked elliot's piktyoor, eet made me giggel! heheee! pdorg xox


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