Sunday, 30 September 2012

Backk in da Gayme!


Wowsie-wowsie-wow-wow-wowsers! Eeets been a long long tiyme since I has catched upp wifvth ya awll! How ya's awll doin?! Has ya misserd me!?! Heehee I'z kiddin! Butt I has missed yoo awll! Nutt a day hass goed by whenn I hassnt sayd: I musht sitt down at tha lappertop n do a posty today! 

Butt tiyme jusht slipps by n I has just been trermendussly busyy owf layte! Yesirree!!! N so has ma mummer n dadder! 

  • Mummer finishedd her job n thenn starttd her new wun, whitch iz gowin graytte! 
  • And I has starttd to see a doggie trainer, kus furr summ reeson that baffles ma mummer n dadder, I has started gowin mental barky barks when anotherr doggie walkks past me! Yeah, ees troo! Mummer n dadder says thatt thiss is a little bitt embarrasin kus I is sutch a friendly sweet doggy! So we has gott this niyce lady who comes n trains me upp! Eets troo! 
  • Aaaaaaaand ma mummer has movvd in wivth dadder and me! Yeah ees troo!!! She sleeps in da beddie with dadder now - ON MY SIYDE!!!!!!!! MY SIYDE OWF DA BEDDIE!!!! nutt thatt I is harborin anyy greef abowt this or anyfing! heehee! Nooo, really ees grayte havvin mummer herre awll da tiymes! Kus eet meens morre belly tickles n ear rubbies n playinn in da gardin! yeeeah!!! 
  • Oh andd we has been redecoraytin!! So the howse hass pretty mutch been lookin liyke this fur tha last fyoo weekies:

steppladderss, maskern taype n
carpetts rippd up...!

Soo, I'm shurre yoo can understannd why I hasn't beed own ma bloggie fur days n days n ageys!  

Butt, I iz bakk now... to let yoo know... I kan reallly shayke emm down! heeheehee!

Only now has I hadd the tiyme to startt catchin up own ma peemaiyls, see:

Heeheehee, I iz only kiddern, this is me own a reesent walkkie att a woody playce besiyde a lake neer wherre I stayy!  I had grayte fun, sniffin n walkkin abowt, see:

So, anyways, thfings arr still a bitty hectic herre, so I'z'll nutt be own agenn as many tiymes a week andd as mutch as beforre, butt Iz'll definitly mayke a consioush effort to keep yoos updayted as mutch as posserble n see whot yoos arr awll upp too agen! heehee! Ees troo!

Furr noww I is gownna say it's good to be bakk, n I'z'll see ya'll soon!  I'z'll leeve ya wifth a wee smiyle frum me to yoo awll:

Love n likkerys,

Yoor furrend Posie-dorg da hairry baby!