Ma Famerly!

Ma Famerly

Ok so I haz preevieeusly gived yoo awwll deetails of my famleee, butt I thot It wudd be niyce to havv a littel pagey own ma bloggy devottid to da membirs owff ma famileeea and da besht fings abowt thim awll!

I will firshtly inclooode my famerly treee fur yooz awll:

I'z crreeeyated dis wiv ma own faiyr pawsies!  It iz very artistic donnt ya thiiynk!?

So, I'z gonna yoos dis pagey to incloood vitarl statistiks on a fyoo of da mosht impawtint peepels in ma doggy-liyfe! heehee!  Owt owf reshpekt fur somme owf ma famerly whooo dus nut want der fotographhhs on da tinternet I will nutt be puttin up any hooman fotos! In fakt I'z'll mainly bee talkkin abowt ma uncel's Bob n Wes n ma Auntie Rowie heeehee!

Iz will begirn wiv ma mammioh!!!!  Shee iz simperly gratteness in hoooman form, I lovvs her too bits!!! She tikkles ma bellie n nuggies me behind ma eers n kissies ma nosey n playz wiv ma and takkes piktyoors owf me n givvs me icey-creem n taks me own holerdays!!!! Ma mammerioh rulezz!! Eeetz troo!!

Daddery!!!  Ma dadderyoh is simperly wunderrfull!  He makkes my borderry facey smiyle every singel day!!! He tikkles me underr ma chinny n he makkys ma taily wagg reely fast n he feeds me Chappieee, n he alwayss takkes me fur walkkies n letts me comm up on da beddie fur a cuddel befur bedtiyme!! Dadddeee iss grreaaat!!!

Uncel Wesley! heeehee Uncel Wesley iz a lhasa Apso, he is beige and he is ten yeers owwld!  He iz a pedigree, liyke me, n his kennil club nayme is Zazu Seekrit Agent! heeehee! So, here he is:

Spiittin out hees tunng to da cammra!

Wesley haz hay feevir n needs to hav an anter-histermeen everi day in da summery time! His favrit fing to do is go to da beech n he loves chickern n apples too!  Hez sooo veri veri funny, he liykes to think that he haz sekret othir personalitties such as Squint and Wington Ryder! heeehee! Eetz soo funni, kus he blames everyfin on them and never doz anyfink rong! heehee!  When  fings doo go rong he just says "Smile Bobby", n hopes dat his littel bruvver will help him outt! heehee!

Uncel Wesley haz a littel bruvver, his nayme iz ma Uncel Bobby!  He iz veri veri shmall and he has noo furr and he is Blooo and he can do sumthin dat border terriors can nut do, he cans flyy! Eet iz toooo cool! heehee! I iz nut allowd in Mister Bobs compani fur too longg kus he makks me go awll barky and Iz wud liyke to eet him heeheehe! nummers! 

Yeah soo he iz a budggie n he iz veri funni!  he haz lotss n lots owff mirrors n a girlfreend behind eetch wun!  He also haz lods n lods owf bells, we cawll him a littel a campernologist heehee! We fink he mite be gay kus he lovess Abba n his favrit song evir is Sumwherre Ovir Da Rainboo!  

Uncel Bob:

Wiv his favritt red bewll!!!
How cyooot n eedable is ma uncel Bob?!?! heehee!

Nexsht I will speek about ma Auntie Rowie.  Her Propir nayme is Rowena, butt everywun calls her Rowie, Somme o da tiymes RowRow! Yeah, so Auntie Rowie:

Wiv summ owf her palls!

Yeah, ma auntie Rowie, shiie is a Jack Russel n she is blak n whiyte, n she is not a pedigree, sowwy Auntie RowRow, butt eetz trooo! heeheeheehee!  Howwevir, she is haz da coolest fing EVIRR to makkey up fur it!! She haz da wurd BOO on her side, see:

Howw cool iz dat?!: BOO!!!

So, shiie is a lot a lot owf funn, I fink I winds her up mosht o da times but we is gettin morre freendlee awll da tiyme!!!  I fink!! heeehee!

YEAH so there is somme owff ma famerly, to keep yoo awll reeding fur a whiley! heeehee!


  1. How do I sign up for email notifications of your blog?? Stoopid typist can't be seeing it!! *Sad face*

  2. U is so cute!! And so are all ur relatibs. :)


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