Monday, 28 May 2012

Skavingger Hunnt - May

Welcomme to ma Monday Blogg Posht pals,

Eet iz sliyghtly cooler tooday 'n oh iz we pleeesed?! We wuz nutt copin wiv awll dat heetness, pffft no-sireee! heeheehee! Sorry Deccy, butt eets TROOOO! heehee!

Today is a speshul dayy kus eet ees ma Grunny's (who is akchully ma mummer's grunny, whitch maykes her ma grayte grunny!! hehee) 87 Birthday!!!  How cool is daat!!??!  I fink Frankie n Ernie will be very very verrii impresserd wiv dis, seein as 87 is theirr mosht favrittist numberr! Eeetz trooo, i iz nutt makiyn it upp, she was apppurntly borned in 1925, so mummer says, butt dat ees too longg ago fur me to comprahind! YEAH!! heehee!

So eets her burfday tooday, she is in a nurserin homme as shee haz demenshia n has hadd lots owf strokkes, butt we loves herr verii mutch n shee is sooooooooo mutch funn, n i loves to go visit herr! N she loves ice-creem, so she musht be pretty wunderfull, riyght?! heehee!!! Anywayz, ma granny A n grandar I gavv her a digiytall fotor frayme fur her speshul day n noww she has ovir 450 piktyooors owf all uf uss, to keep herr happery at awll tiymes!! She lovved ett!!

Anywaaaaays guys, tooday ma poshty iz devoterd to da May Scavingger Hunt!! We did wun lasht month, whitch yoo can see herre - ma April Hunt!!!

Kathy frum "Postcards frum the P.P." putts up her listy owf words wunce a munth, n everywun can pawtisiypate n linnkk upp to her blogg! Youu shood checkk owt her scavengirr hunt pagey herre!

So, sum of thees munth's piktyoors I tooked when I waz awayy at da Cairnygorms, (see ma old poshty abowt dat, herre!) n the other wuns was takinn in da sunshiyne deese lasht coupple owf days!!

Well, herre is ma month's piktyoors:

I haz twoo piktyoors fur historik, kus I'z cood nutt pikk ma favrit! heehee!! Da furst wun is a byootirfull gayte house dat taykes yoo overr a bridgey! Thiz was beesiyde tha Cairngorms: 

Sooo historik,
downt yoo fink!?

Dis is da sekund wun, whenn yoo go ovir da bridgey, yoo get to Laggan Beech, n yoo get to da castle wherre dey filmed da verii famouss Scottish porgramm ""Monarch of the Glen":

Eet waz veryy byootirfull!

"Good Things"
Dis nexst piktyoor iss curtesy owf ma mummer!! She hadd wun owf dees whenn we woz own our mini-trip n eet was wun owf da shtikkyiest tashtieest treets she haz evir hadded!! YEAH!:

Ooooh nummery bannoffiri!

Now we hass twoo piktyoors herre! Butt bothh owf themm is ofv sum veryy tasty cool watter, kuss eet has beed too hott lately fur anythin elshe!! Da furst wun was ma mummer's n da sekund was miyne! heehee!:

Nummers, likk, numm, slurpy, numm, slurp!! BURP!!

Dis wurd mayde me fink owf trainieys, n wheenn I waz awayy to da Cairngorrms, we wentt to Avieemorre, n eet has a verii pretty stashun! This iz eet herre:

Eet was briyte n sunny 'n da
traiyneys werr zoomin!!

"Front Page"
Ok, I'z hoppe yoo awll know dat Ashleigh 'n Pudsey wunn da Britin's Gott Talentt diss yerr!??!?!  I was sooooo pleesed n prowd dat a dogger wun!  ..... WHATT?!?! Yoo has nevir heeerd owf dem, or seen dem in aktshun!?  Chekk eet owt HERRE! liyke, right noww!! heehee!  Ashleee must be sutch a good trraiynir, n Pudsey is jusht GRAYTE!!! Anyways, little Pudsey is own awll da front pagey's at da mooment, see:

YAY fur Pudsey!

Fur yelloo, I'z kudd nutt nutt tayke dis piktyoor owf da Liyon Rampant flaggy own ma holderdayz!!!

Pikchuresque, in da windd!

"Small Packages"
Ok, deees wun I struggerled wiv morr dan any owf da uthers, (I waz gowin to putt upp a piktyor owf Uncel Wesley's winky, butt he was nutt amyoosed, n sed I'z waz nutt allowed, kus it was nutt titled "BIG Package!" heeheehee!) Butt eet is indeederydo ma Grunny's burfday tooday, so I'z got a kwikk snapp owf wun of her pressies:

Ma 500 piktyoors in a framey! heehee!

Dis nekst piktyoor is da roof insiyde wun owf da hottels dat mummer n dadder had theyr meel in when we wuz awaiy own ower holerdays!!  Eet had lotds n lotds owf notes n monny on da roof:

Therr musht be enuff therr
to buyz lotds owf nyoo toys
n' beddies n' shtuff!

Ok, dis wun I fownd a little trikky too, annd da wun wee took turned owt to be a poor kwalitee piktyoor!! Howevir, ma mummer n dadder was killin demselves laffin tryin to tayke dis piktyoor!  Yoo see, we spent our mini trip besiyde Aviemorre, so mosht of da holerday we was drivin own da A-NINE!!! YEAH! eeets troo!

NINE - A9! heehee!
I crackk maself upp!

"Do You See What I See?!"
Dis wunn herre is, I fink, ma favrit wun owf da munth!  Eet is a piktyoor owf me teetin froo da feencey own holerday, watchin ma daddy fishin!!!!:

Eeet was grayte, I cood
keep ma eyez own him
whilst he cott awll ma
fishies fur supper!

Therre is nutthin a bettirer shmell fur a doggerie thann da shmell owf tasthy fiyne snorsagies cookin own da barbeekuoooo!!  We had wun on Satturday n I was jusht een ma elerment! EEts troo:


Now... dees wun is a piktyoor owf ma little byooterful button nowsey awll covvird in sandyness, kus I waz att da beechy!! 

Look at ma whisskerrs, n da sand
ees upp n inn ma noser! heehee!

So, awll owf yoo palls, I'z soo pleesed owf ma piktyoors dees munth!! I reelly triyed to tayke pretti wuns n be represeyntartivv owf ma sunny munth n be az inspirashunawll az possirbel!

Happy Munday den guyzies n enjoyy yoor weekie n do lots of funn fings n be goood! okays!?

Love n likkers, 




  1. Hi Posie , firstly HAPPY BIRTHDAY to grunny, we send our love to her. You are now one of my furry friends. Love the pic of you nose!
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Sounds like you and the family had lots of fun! Deccy x

  3. What great pictures. Great to see what you get up to. Zack says, mmmmmmm sausages.

  4. What a super-duper day you had! Mum and Dad have been to Avimore and they said it looked a lot like Switzerland with all the fir trees and wooden chalet type buildings.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  5. Hey Posie., looks you're having fun over there...enjoy....

    Dog Fence

  6. Great photos Posie.
    Hope grunny had a great 87th birthday.
    Eileen and Annie x

  7. All sounds great fun, wish I was there, ooh I could smell those lovely sausages wafting over tinternet - and I love a party, yerrrs I do! I love holidays even more! So full of love I am - so much lovin, so little time! x

  8. Oh Posie - I missed your last PSH in April - so I checked it out with your link. It's so fun doing this isn't it - and your pictures are just lovely - I especially like the foodables ones!

    Mum and I put up our PSH today!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  9. WOWEE. Lots of fun! We loved all the pictures, and your sandy face, did the sand not make your mouff feel all dry?!

    YEAH FOR PUDSEY! Mum voted for the duo!


  10. Uh, wheres da beer in da beverage pikture???? You s holdin' out on me...hehehehe.
    I just loves all da fotos, or at least da ones I could sees. Wheres da rest of 'em? I be missin' some but dat sokays. Them buildind looks kinf=da gothic like...I likes dat.

    Happy Belated Birfday to your granny! I thinks da foto frame is a splendid idea since her has dememtia. My mum's granny had Alzheimers and da drs said dat is good fur thems to has fotos.


  11. Fanks everywun fur da niyce wishies abowt ma grunny, she had a loverly day butt she is dog tiyred noww, heehee, she was all sleepy yesturrdaiy! heehee

    Dipdip, bridge n elliot, i dus nutt knoww whot swittzurlandd ees, butt mummer says shee knows whot youu meean! heehe!

    Sorry everywun butt i dus nutt shayre ma snorsages, heehee! eetz troo!

    Abowt ma noesy piktyoor: Ma mouwfyy was all sandy n I as spitttin eet owt all ovir da playce heheee!

    How commes yoo misserd somme of a piktyoors Puddles?! I dunno whot happerend derre heehee!

    love n likkers,


  12. Love the nose and the historic! Great job on the hunt, and happy birthday to your grandma!

  13. Great group of photos, love the nose shot.

  14. Love the 'nine' shot, very good!

  15. Hello Posie! I haven't visited a dog blog for ages! Brilliant! I like your monarch of the glen photos and your currency one!

  16. fanks everywun fur da commints, fruum pepull i'z do nutt evin knows! heehee! its grayte, love n likkers, pdorg xox

  17. There's a lot of tongue with that nose - cute.

  18. Your selection of photos are great. I particularly like the dog themed ones.

  19. Wow, my first reading of the blog by a dog. Loved fragrance, and currency, and station!

  20. heehee, fanks soo mutch for da niyce commints, n gladd I iz yoor first dog blogg viseet, i hoppe eet is da furst owf maniiee! heehee love n likkers dorg xox

  21. love the nose shot! very cute!


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