Thursday, 10 May 2012

Uncle Bob

Hi. Everyone.

This. is. a. very. very. special. post.

For. it. is. I. Uncle. Bob.

Why. Hello. There.
Yes. that. fine. looking. specimen. of. blueness. is. me.

Posie. barks. at. me. and. tries. to. eat. me. so. I. thought. I. would. get. her. back. by. deciphering. her. password. and. posting. on. her. blog!  Haahaa!!

You. see. I. am. a budgie. and. I. may. be. very. small. but. I. am. also. very. blue. and. very. loud!  I. can. dance. and. I. can. sing. and. I. can. whistle. too. I. even. wolfwhistle. when. someone. bends. over! Haahaa!!

Anyway. I. thought. I'd. show. you. one. of. my. favourite. chicks. You. see. my. mum. - Posie's. granny A. - loves. chickens. and. has. quite. a. collection. See...

Such. beautiful. ladies.
Yes. they. are. quite. divine. but. then. again. I. am. quite. the. catch. aren't. I?

But. there. is. one. chick. in. particular. My. is. she. fine!

Look. at. my. casual. yet. coy. approach.
She. loves. it!

Ah. she's. a. stunner. that's. for. sure!

So. do. you. come. here. often?

Isn't. she. just. the. thing?!

I. even. stole. a. peck. on. the. cheek...


Yes. it. caused. quite a raucous. amongst. the. other. hens! 

But. that. is. just. how. I. roll. for. I. am. debonair. and sophisticated. and. generally. just. mister. cool. that. is. why. I. am. blue. cause. I. am. so. cool.

Ice. Ice. Baby!

Aaah! All. the. lads. want. to. be. and. all. the. chicks. just. want. to. be. with. me. What. can. I. say?

On. that. note. I. will. be. off. for. it. takes. a. budgie. a. rather. long. time. to type. on. such. a. vast. keyboard. for. we. only. have. very. small. gnarly. pink. feet. See...

Sexy. but. not. built.
for. being. a. typist.

So. you. fine. group. of. listeners. I. will. be. off. for. there is. much. seducing. to. be. done! Haahaa!

Pecks. and. feather-bristling.

Bobby. the. Blue


  1. Well I guess it's nice to meet you mate, but you sound way too like KC... that other well known blog infiltrator! Not that KC would be your best mate, you understand. You are a very nice shade of blue though... Deccyx

  2. Hey Bob!
    Wow, you are a totally, smashingly, handsome birdie! No wonder the chickies are crazy about you. Your color is amazing and I can tell that you certainly rule your own roost. Very, very nice to meet you and I hope you peck a post more often so I can see what you're up to.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. Hello Uncle Bob, you are a gorgeous shade of blue and we are not suprised that chicken loves you so much!
    It was lovely meeting you and hope you can sneak back again to see us.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  4. HELLO UNCLE BOB... You certainly are a Fine Feathered Specimen of macho stuffs. I can see that there is quite a stir in the hen house after that Stolen Cheek Peck. I certainly hope that you will come back OFTEN... I am sure you will give us a BIRD's EYE VIEW of thingys.

  5. GruffHello Uncle Bob! Well, I guess I have to make an effort to be your friend as you are probably the closest I will ever get to a bird, and it will make our cat Daphne moooooost jealous so it will, and that's gotta be a plus!!!... so I suppose it might as well be a blue bobby dazzler such as your fine self! x

  6. Ok so Boob said to fank yoo awll fur yoor niyce commints, but I iz ragin so yoo can be assyoored dat uncel bob willz nut be poshtin own ma blogg agayin, if iz can helpp it! heheee! pdorg xox

  7. BOL! I luv Uncle Bob! Such a charmer he is! ;) Too fun :)

    Waggin at ya,


Dis iz wherez u can leeve me a warrm snuggie n I appressheeate dem all! Love hariey babery dorgi - Posie xox