Saturday, 26 May 2012


Mornin Doggerys n hoomans, n fanzies n pals n everywun!!! 

Iz hoppe dat Frankie hass recuvered frum his big Internashnull Hollerday yesterdaiy?! heehee!

Wowsies, whot a hott hott hott week!??! My oh mans boy n indeederydoodles, ppfff, i haz been roashtin ma hairr owf!! Eetz troo! 

Butt, enouff abouwt da weethir, fur therr is morr impawtant shernanyginns, eetz soo veri furry troo!! Toodaiy is anuther Saturday Sweeties Daiy! YEAH!! Tiyme ees flyin by soo kwickkerly n eet eez dat tiyme owf da weeky agaiyn fur shurre! YEAH! 

Furstly, jusht so everywun knows, therr is only goin to be twoo morr weekies owf dis series, afterr toodaiy... Unless anywun else wunts to entir?!?!  I wood jusht lovve eet if I had morre entries!!! Awll yoo has to do is emaiyl me piktyoors owf yoorself enjoyerin a tashty treet! Eets if yoor upp fur eet!!!  N den yooo appeer as a guesst in ma posht own ma bloggy own a satturday! YEAH! SIMPLES!!!

So, dis Week is a grayte wun fur eet has a gesst dat ees wun owf ma veri speshul closist bloggin pals! She is simperly grayte n funnery n soooo dammed fotorgjenic dat eet makes ma mummer whish dat I wass nott so wirey n morre sleek liyke herr!!  heeheeheehee!!!! 


PUDDLES!!!!! YEAH fur Puddles Duddles RainWater!!!! 

I nomirnate a nyoo nickernayme fur herr noww... 

I cawll her.... 


Pecan Puddles! heehee!

Maybee yoo can jusht abowt mayke eet owt, maybe nutt, but she iz eetin a PECAAAN NUTT!! YEAH guys, a pecan nuutt!! N i fot she kudd nott gettin anymore bizarre n wunderfully weerd, butt yers, eet has happernd n eetz troo, Puddles Duddles Rainwater liykes PECAN NUTTS! I lovve it, she iz jusht grayte!! I has neveir triyed a nutt, so I dus nutt know eef theiy arr wurth awll the attenshun, butt maybe I will givv dem a go sum tiyme, unless Puddles eets themm awll! heehee! Butt, look at her n her pecan enjoymint facey:


Heehee, too funny to be allowed! heehee!

So Puddles is a doxie n she has twoo other Doxie siblings too, who get little feetured own her bloggy. kus she says she iz da maiyn starr owf da show! hehee! Puddles' mummer maykes skrapbook pageys, lots, owf of Puddles! N my mummer hass enjoyerd gettin to look froo dem awll kus she scrapbooks too! Ma mummer wunts to fanks Puddles's mumm fur bein soo niyce n freendly wiv me shtarting upp ma bloggy! N i wunt to fank Puddles too! YEAH!

Anyway everywun, she is grayte funn n always upp to hilariity n her mummer has da besht camrah in DA WOURLD!! YEAH!  So, yoo shood totally check owt her bloggy herre!!

Puddles, fanks fur shayrin yoor Satturday Sweeties wiv me, n guestin herre todaiy!!!

For yoo Puddles,

Love n likkers,

Plees akspet dis awurd ass ma appresheyashun owf yoor Satturday Sweeties enjoyermint n yoo arr welcomm to putt itt in yoor siydebarr wiv a linky to ma pagey!!!!   Enjoyy da sparklez!

Weel i'z doo hopee dat derr is a fiyne day owf sunshineyness wherrever yoo arr tooday fur yoo too doggies n pals annd datt yoo has a pretty good weekernd!! I iz hoppin to go to park wiv mummer n dadder tooday, kus Uncel Wes says dat derre is new paths n bridgez n shtuff been creeyated at da bigg park neerby.... maybee therrs evin sum peemails therr fur me alreddy! YEAH!

Love n likkers,




  1. We agree.....Da Pee-Can Princess is purrty cool!


  2. BWhahahaha...Oh girl, you cracks me up likes a peecan! I loves me some peecans, I eat them and I eats them...and then I throws up...and then I eats dat too...hehehehhe.
    It has been so awesome to gets to knows you and your mummer. Ya'll is da bestest! I be blushin' and all withs your very sweet words. I am just thrilled to get me a sparkley award...and I likes sparkles too.


  3. Pecan Puddles, I LOVE IT!!!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Pudds is a worthy winner... indeed a bit of a nutter. hehe! Deccy x

  5. Big Congrats to our friend Puddles!
    Ahhh Puddles, she is indeed the Pecan Princess. We especially like the way she throws them up and eats them again - and who said nobody likes to recycle!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  6. Love the facial features while eating the pecan, way to go Pecan Puddles!!!

  7. Furst, we Beaglebratz wood LOVE tu b in your SATTURDAY SWEETERIES - mom lovez uzin'her flashy beast tu take pikchurz of us so we will just tell her tu git the flashy beast out.

    Az fur your choice this week - T-RIFFIC! Pee-can Puddles - most loverly pup-dog an'a grrreat furriend tu! She shure duz love her pee-canz.
    Doodle Boy'n Siggle Butt
    (Shiloh'n Shasta)

  8. Even though Puddles is smooth, shiny and probably dead soft and silky to the touch, I try to not hold that against them and accept that opposites can sometimes attract (what with me being not over smooth should we say, not usually shiny unless I have been pounced upon by Mummy2Legs and one of her doggy coat primer scented sprays (heaven help me there) - and I am not a silky smooth to the touch being all hairy, wiry and not to mention undyingly masculine, tough and strong - but that aside, I love a paw plod along to Puddles, one of my favourite patches to visit! - Well done to them! x

  9. heeheeee, i iz gladd dat yoo iz awll pleesed to see Pecan Puddles herre today!!! N i iz gladd to get a fyoo morre entriies to ma compertishun! YEAH! ees troo! Love n likkers, pdorg xox,

    PeeS, donnt wurry abowt eet Barnie, i iz wiry n hairry too heehee! xx

  10. We Beaglebratz furgotz tu tell u that we gotz your email 'boutz Mr. Ducky iz now wingin'hiz way tu Kansas - can't wait tu give him a big old Kansas howdy.

    Also, mom gotz sum pikchurz yesterday tu email u BUTT rite now, thoze pikchurz r still in that flashy beast so hopefully she will not furgitz 'boutz them.
    Shiloh'n Shasta

  11. I did not realise we could neter my pal. We will try an get some fotos togevver for you. We haz many of us nommin on stuff....i dont fink i ever had a pecan nut afore tho....

    1. ooh grayte marley, weed love to heer frum ya! love n likkers, pdorg xox


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