Monday, 21 May 2012

Ma Day At Fochaberrs Highlands Games!!!

Herlo Doggies n Hoomans n Pals,

P-diddly-dog-dog herre!!!

Weel Eets Munday ageeeen, eetz troo, eet hass a knackk fur always appeeeeringg after a Sunday-Funday! EEeech, butt nevir mind!  I had wunderful day yisterday, yers, eets troo!  Da sun was shiynin like a mad fing, n eet ws totarly unexpekterd kus eet rarily shiness up in ower little corner owf Scottlandd! Butt, eet did yesterday, so Iz grasperd da hopportchunity wiv fowr paws n said to mummer n dadder cmon we's'll go to da "Fochaber's Highland Games"!! So we didd!! Heehee!!

Eet took us an 'ower andd a haff in da carr, butt eet was well wurfth eet!! Fur da sun shonned gloreesusly n da placey was packit!  I fot I wood shayre wiv yas some piktyoors owf da day!! - Awll very Scottishy, fur thosse owf yoo who arr Merikan n Englash n frum othir parts of Yoorup n da Wurld!! YEAH!  Furstly, we has a boy own a segway, in a kilt!

Da onli way to riyde a segway
in Scotterland!!!

Nekst, kus I fott eet wood be owf intersht too yas awll, we has a man playirn da bagpipeys!! (Evin tho eet was too lowd fur ma littel tineey sensertiv eers n grayte heering!!):

Eet was very good tho!!!

Nekst upp we has ma favrit parrt owf da day!! Da terrior racin!!!! Eeets grayt, da show doggies awll waiyt in boxies till da hooman says GO, n da boxies arr opeened n da ferret-y, fluffy toy fing on a cable takes owff n da doggies awll chasey eet!! N boy oh boys do they go fasht!!!! Herre is a cuppel owf da doggies away to do theirr thing...

both terriors, reedy fur da racey!

Herre is anuther cuppel doggies, reddy to go:

"I'zll beet yoo!!" heehee!

Then us regyoolar, "untraiyned" (pppfft) doggos gott to has a goo in chaseyin da stuffy fing!! So, we watcherd as a doggie, whoo lookit remurkibly liyke me, I hastin to add, butt sincereliy was NUTT mee, went furr a shottie:

Eeet was a pretty dogger,
butt not so mutch as me!

Ma mummer askit her ownier how oldd she was an shtuff n appurntly she was nutt evin entiyrly a BORDER TERRIOR!!!! She was haff sumfin else, I cood nutt beeleev eet kus she lookd very liyke me!!!

Anyways, shee went kwiyte kwikkerly, n I did nott wunt be showwerd upp! So I beggerd ma dadder to lett mummer tayke me fur a shott n evenchooly he saiyd YERS! Whooooooohooooo!  The nekst piktyoor is owf me, chompin at da bitt (I doo nutt undershtand dees expressun, kus i is a dogger, nutt a horse, butt eet seems befittern owf da piktyoor nonthelesss! heehee!) I looks a bit skruffy n desperite lookin in dis piktyoor, butt eet was veriy hott n i was very very anxiouus furr a shottie:

MY TUUURRN alreddy!

Now whott I fownd very very unfaiyr abouwt dis RACEY was dat I was upp agaiynst a border collie-fing! Nowz look at da siyze owf her agaiynst da siyze owf me!! She is liyke dubble ma siyze, n has twiyce da lenff owf leggers too! I fink da peeps got their borders muddled up!!  ANYWAAAYZ, I had no chancey owf winnin agaiynst her, so inshtedd look at da prowess n nimbleness owf me running, ignorre da collie-fing okayz?!:

Wowsies: I IZ OWF!!!
(like a *&%$^ing bullet, ma dadder seyz!)

What ees dat collie dowin?!
She is nutt evin gowin after
da ferret-fing?!

I hadd ma eyes own dat furryfing
n was racin liyke a border owt owf hell!

Dis nekst wun is ma dadder n mummers favrit piktchoor owf me runnin da race, look, i has awll fowr feeties owf da grownds at da sayme tiyme in opporsite diyrekshuns:

Agiyle orr whott?!?!
I look liyke I iz flyirn!

Everywun was sooo impresserd wiv ma speeeed n movermint dat they hadd a speshul flypast in ma honnurr (WHAT!?  eet was skeduled in da programm fur dat tiyme anyway?!  don't tell ma bloggin palss DAT!!)  YEAH, so eetz troo, jusht furr me, heehee:


We was kanckkerd after awll dat sun n fun n racin n shtuff, so we deciydered eet was tyme to heed homme, tho we hadd nutt had any NICECREEM!! So, I askerd dadder to shtop in past Cullen on da way homme, kus eet has very speshul famuss ice-creem!!! Dis is da Cullen Ice creeem shoopppie:

Sum man parkit outside jusht as we took da fotor!!! Pfft!

Ennuff owf da shop front fo, look at mummer n dadder's NICE-CREEEEMS!!?!?!?!?!:


Hass yoos evir seeeed soo mutch EYESCREEEM in awll yoor dayz!??! Ma eyez liyke pooperd owta ma heed when I seed dem!!! EEetz troo!

So, bekuss they werrre so friggen TASHTYLOOKIN big, I hadd to make constantt shoor dat mummer n dadder was nutt WUNTIN TO GIVE DA ICECREEM TO MEEE!!!  struggerlin, so I keept barkin n askern if they was needern a hand!!! Liyke dis:


Theees waz tyrin wurk, n I was DESPEYRATE FUR A TASHTE too lend a helpin paw!!! heehee!

So, dadder FIYNALLY RELENTED gott beet by da sheer amownt owf icecreeem n lett me fineeesh eet owf!!!! YUSSS!:



Heerrr is a short vidyo dramartiyzashun owf me ENJOYERN SUMM AT LASHT!!!! helpin dadd owt wiv his niycecreem:


So bloggin furends, as yoo will see dat ICECREEEM was just FANTAAARSTIK!!!! eets troo!

N I hadd sutch a grayte dayyy at da Fochybeirss Highlund Gameys! N I cantt waiyt fur awll da countriie fayres comin upp over da summerr at awll da castles n placeys!!! YEAH!  

I hoppe dat I'z MAYDE YAS REELY JELLUSS OWF ALL DAT NUMMY ICECREEM!!! yoo enjoyed seein ma piktyoors n dat yoo can see how niyce Scotterland can bee when eet is nutt foggy n raiynin heehee! N dat I is da fashtist dog yoo evir did see...., appurt frum dat collie-fing, who had a distinkyt advantuge by beein waaay bigger dan me! heeheehee!

Happy Mundays pals n fanzies, may da day bee filled wiv sunshiyne n NICECREEM fur yas awll!

Love n likkers,




  1. Hi Posie,
    The terrier racing looked so much fun. Never mind that you didn't win, the fun is taking part. You like ice cream... my Annie does too. Those cornets look delicious. Glad you had a fun day :-)

    1. Oh Eileen, I'z reeellly reelly did haz a very funn day n da raceryin woz grayte!!!! Da icecreem wus wunderful too! love n likkers, pdiddlydogdog xox

  2. I iiiiiiiiis baaaaaaack! Hehehehehe! You knows, my mum loves them bagpipes noises too which is odd cuz I is a german and not Scottish...what does da Germans play? Oh never minds, the drinks beer...hehehe.
    Your poor dad be such a sucker lettin' you has some of his icey's be likes dat except fur mine. Mine be a stick in da mud and a kill joy all at da same time.
    Anywyas, I glads you hads some sunshinies dis weekend. And I do be very impressed withs your runnin' skillz. But a frakin' border collie????? Dat was just wrong.

    I missed you so much while I was gone!! And belive me, it has been uber borin heres...except furs when I deaded da big honkin' rat...hehehehe.


    1. PUDDLES IZ BAKK, PUDDLES EZ BAKK, PUDDLES IS BACKK, PUDDLES IZ BACKK, PUDDLES EEZ BAKK, PUDDLES IZ BACKK!!!!!!!! YEAH YEAH! YERS, YIPSERREEEE! can yoo tell i is pleesed dat yoo is back own da go agen?! YEAH fur puddles!

      I'z dunno whot da germarns play wiv Puddles Duddles!!! EEt was jusht wrong dat I'z wos upp agenst a collie, eet was a gross misscondukt! heeheehee! But yeah dadder alwaiys sukkums to givvirn me his iise-creeem heehee!!

      love n likkers, pdidlydogdog

  3. Wow, what a brilliant day out, we loved all your photos, specially the ICE CREAM one, mmmmmmmmm!!
    Hope that Scotsman with the kilt doesn't fall off that thing or it could get a bit embarrasing, he he.
    That is some very good running, must have been fun.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

    1. I is gladd dat yoo enjoyerd da piktyoors, i is pleesed wiv awll da wuns i manarged to takey! heehee! Da IICE-CREEEEM was eemmensse, jusht utterly inkrederble! NUMMERS! heehee!

      Heehee, eet wud get veriy embararsin eev he felld ovir!!!

      Ma runnin abowt was sooooo mutch fun! heehee! eetz troo!

      Love pdidlydogdog


  4. That was some kind of fun, and ice cream to boot, this wee boony lassy and ladie sure wish we could have been there in our home country with you, we would have give you a run for the toy and the ice cream, you betcha.

    Susie(Swettie Petunia) & Sidebite(Dude)

    1. "Somme kiynd owf funn" pretty mutch summs up da day! heehee! Dat ees grayte dat yo shtill class yoorselfs as a bonny lassie n laddie heeheehee!

      Love n likkers, pdidlydogdog

  5. Wow Posie you go girl, what a star and four paws off the ground!!
    I'm just popping by to say Thank You for my Birthday Wishes
    Love and Hugs Tess xxx

    1. Heehee, i'z didd nutt knowz dat I cood evin hav fowr pawss owf da grownd att da sayme tiyme and moove furward fashtly at da sayme tiyme heehee! Gladd yoo hadd a good burfdaiy! Love n likkers, pdidlydogdog xox

  6. Wow, you look super fast in those photos!! That was a completely unfair race, I'm sure if you were up against someone your own size you would have left them behind in the dust!
    Good thing you were there to help out your dad with his ice cream, or I don't know what he would have done! It was very kind of you to go to the effort of finishing off his left-overs. :P

    1. I'z compleeterly superr fasht, liyke da fasthist boltt owf lighternin dat yoo haz evir seen!! heehee, yeah, they wood have been in dust, butt a colliewas playn wrrong n unfaiyr i finks too! heeheee! YEAH, he wudv struggerld n be sad eef i wusnt abel to help himm! heehee, love n likkers, pdidlydogdog xox

  7. Hey P-Diddly-Dog-Dog... THAT is a fangtastical place you did go. My MOM goes all Weepie when she hears the pipes.. Esp. Amazing Grace.
    I think that race was totally RIGGED and UNFAIR!!! I think we should all lodge a PAWtest!! Maybe go POOP on the start and finish lines or somethingy like that.
    OH that I Scream. I have big long strings of drool sliding out of my mouf. Thank goodness your DAD came to YOUR rescue and gave you some. You deserved it after that hideous Race thingy. I am sure you felt BETTER after the cone.

    1. Hey F 'n' E!!! Fangtastikal ees sutch a good wayz owf puttern eet! heehee! I go weepeee when i heer da baggerpippeys too kus eet iz soo louwd heeheehee!!! Yoo fink eet was riggered too?!! Oh i iz soo gladd, kus i was gettern stresserd n fott eet was jusht me that thot eet was riggerd heeheehee!

      I fellt way waaayz bettir aftir da cone, eetz troo!! Sorry abowt da drool! heehee!

      Love n likkers,


  8. What a great day you had it looked such were definitely 'flying' in one photo, I like doing that too...heehee. Glad your humans ended up buying you such a delicious ice cream!

    1. WOWSIES, can yoo fly too WIlliam?! I fot I'z wuz de onliy wun, heeheehee! Nott so gladd as I wuz dat they boughtt me da ice-creem! heehee love n likekrs, pdidlydogdog xox

  9. That racing looked such fun - and wow what great ice creams - you had a wonderful day there Posie - woofs and licks from Magic xx

    1. oh yoo wudv loved eet indeed, eet was tha biggist bitt owf ice-creem dat i'z ever did havv! heehee love n likkers, pdidlydogdog xox

  10. Darn it I am like the cow's tail and late again - I blame Mummy2Legs, out there, being busy all hours, honestly, does she not know I have impawwwwtant business to attend to here in Blogland! - anyhow I have been studying this race and the form of everybody in it - most intently it has to be said, and I have to say your legs, sorry, meant running!!! far surpassed that of the Collie any day - and at least he didn't get an ice-cream - ooh I'd love a lick of that for sure! x

  11. Ohhh ma Barnzicles! You haz made me blushh a lots. I'z kinda embarresssed att you lookin at ma leggies...for I'z furgotten to shave themm. Nextest time if I'z mangae to gett a lickee of dadderlies nicecream, I'z gonna savee a wee bitt fur you!

  12. Love n likkers, pdiddlydogdog x

  13. Well done for you my pal in da racin. I had a go at that once and I comed last and dint even finish the race. I gots confused and ran over to the lady at the side of the track to get a snak. They even pouts a viddyoh of it on yotoob. That was before they found out I had a bad heart so I dussnt be allowed no more racin. The ice cream look delish too. I fink i seen you enjoyin it.

    1. Herlo Marleeey boy! Weel derr was snakks in sighyt or elshe I too probarbleey wud hav runned off too! heeeheee! Ohh Iz will hav too look on da yoochoob fur yoor vidyooh!! i iz sorry to knowz dat yoo haz a badd harrt n hoppe dat nutt raciying helpps lots!! love n likkers, pdidlydogdog xox

  14. What a cool event! And you did run like the wind Posie! Great photo of all fours in the air! :D Mom thinks she would like a Segway for our walks some days (Don't tell anyone butt she has a hard time keeping up with me sometimes - her legs are too short BOL!)

    Waggin at ya,


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