Monday, 14 May 2012

Ma weekernd in da Caiyrngorms!

Herrrllo Doggies!

Haz yoos awll hadd a grayte weekernd?!  I fink we hadd a veriii wunderful gueeest own ma poshty on sattirday fur ma Satturday Sweeties Compertishun, wiv mister Zacky boyy n his eddibell shnowballs!

Butt todaiy is nutt Saturday Sweetiee Day, no noo noo!  Eeetz trroo, today iz da day I iz gowin too tell yoo awll abouwt howz grayte ma weekernd was last week!  Everntchyooly! heehee! Iz been gowin own n own abowt eet but has nutt had the chancey to posht awll ma photors, i feer eet will nowz be an antircliymax! Yoo see ma mummer handerd in tha seund owf her thfree assignermints tooday! YEAH! so now i can do ma posht befurr she crakks own wiv her third n fiynall wun, whitch id dyoo on Wednersdaiy!! YEAH!  We carnt waiyt! HEEHEE!

heehee! Butt, no da fotos are pretty and very niyce, kus mosht owf dem arr owf me! heehee!  Iz do havv morre to show yooz butt I iz gowin to yoose them fur dis munths Skavingir hunt, kus I did that whin Iz was awaiy too! But I has fthree morr piktyoors to takke fur that, then I will those piktyoors upp later in da munth! heehee!

Bakk to ma mini-triip...

Soo, da Fursday befurs lasht,  ma mummer was liyke:

"aaaah I iz soo stresserd, I haz soo mutch wurk to dooo!!"

n ma dadder was like:

"woodint it be loverly to go somewherr awwaiy frum homme fur a cuppel owf dayz?"

N i sayz:

"guyz eetz okay, i haz been browsin da tinternet, kus Iz got ad feelin dat yoos wood wunt go sumwher niyce this weekerd, n i has found this grayte playce own da uther siyde of da cairngorms!!"

N that waz da end of da convirsation, n we bookid it, n packked our bags n gott reddy to go! heehee!  Eetz troo!!! Simples!!!! heehee!

Dis is wherr's a chosee fur us too shtay:

Riyte in da middel owf Scottland!
Therr is P own da map to reprasint me, kus ma inishul is p kus ma naymey is Posie, yeah! Doo yoo see ma logik therr?!

Anyways, dis is me shtandin waiytin by da bakdoor wiv ma baggy awll pakkd kus I was reddy furst:


This iz me jupern abowt liyke a lunatic at mummer's feeties kus I was terrorfried dat they wood furget to PACK MEEE into da bakk owf da carr, evin tho I waz da wun whoo had fouwnd us da niyce cottarge own da tinterwebnet! eetz troo!

Herlloo! Hi... Erm...

Eetz ookayz tho kus they remimberd to bring ma!!! Dis neykst photor is mee pakkd into da bakk owf car!! heehee!  Daddder sayz Iz dus nutt travell well, iz dunno eksaktly whot he meens, butt itz probaberly sumthin to do wiv da fakt dat I cry n shtandd up da whoole tiyme if I cann see owtta a da windoow! Ergo, dadder creaytid da CAGE-COSIE (paternts pendin!!)  Eet is ma pink spottery blankey pegged to da top owf ma cagey n it flaps oveit so dat Iz dus nutt have to see outside, n I can shpend da whoolle jurney couwntin da shpots... I has neevir gotten pasht severnteen so far, then Iz always loose cownt n shtart again! Eetz troo! heehee!

Me, moderlin ma CAGE-COSIE!

Mummer n dadder sayd we knewwd we was gettin closee when we shtarted to seesights liyke dis:

sooo niyce!

I nodded in aggreeemint, fo sekritly I had NO CLUUUEE what dey was talkerin abowwt, I onli seed dat vyoo fur da first tiyme now, alls I coold see was:

16...17... erm... drat..!

Heehee, welll I lie, I iz a doggery, so it was morr liyke this:

niyce n pink!!! YEAH!

So, we arryved at da turn owf to our cottagey, after 3 hoowwrs driyvin and 2 pooper shtops heehee!  Thiss is whatt we saw:

sooo pretty, at da end owf
owwer rooad!!
Eetz troo!

So dis was da Falls owf Truim, riyte onn ower doorshtep! Amazern eh?!

And diss was ower cottarge:


EEet was cawlled Elm Cottarge n eet is jusht sowth owf a placey cawlled Newtonmore at da Wesht side owf da Cairngorms!

Dis is me posing, as ownly Posie's doo besht, at da backk owf ma housey:

I bring so mutch to da fotor,
dont yooz fink?!

Dis was da vyoo from da bakk garden:

how grayte is DAT?!?!

As i iz syoor yoo can see, and if yoo cant dont worry kus i was away to tell yooz, therre is a POWND out da backk! Dis was full owf fishers n sumtimes da duckkys came to sit own it too! I had towld dadder derr was gowin to be a pondy, so he had brung his fishin geer:

wun twooo three fowr fiiive..
once i cawt a fish aliiive!

Ma dadder cawwt so mutch own ouwr holerday, I iz fished owt!! He musht havv cawwt 14 brown trouwts, 9 haddorcks, 7 bass'es, 3 electrikk eels and hammirhead shark - givv owr tayke a cuppel fishies... heeheehee... eetz troooo kus I wazz therrr n see'd it awll:

woow dats a biiiiiiiiig fisheroooo
daddey! heehee!

WHAAAT?!  Dus thees byootifurl n delicayte facey look liyke tha facey owf a fibber!?:

I think nott! heehee!

Mooving onn.... heehee...

I had a root abowtt da grownds owf wherre we's bee livin own ower holderdays!  N' I'z fownd a littel encloserd bit dat doggeries can run abowt it, dis was GRAYTE, becus I iz nutt allowed owff ma leedy unless eet iz 100% sayfe fur me to go runnin! heehee!  Firsht I had to checkk da perimiter fur gaps:

I deeklayre yoo...Posie-proof! YEAH!

Mosht owf it was Posie proof, except wun bitt at da bottom butt dadder shtood there n shooed me away whenn I got too clowse, so eet was perfekt! YEAH! So, I cood run abowt fur hors n days n weeks, see:

freish-aairr! Nummers!

After 43 weeks playern in da oppin aiyr, eet gott colld so mummer saiyd I had to comme insiyde n see whatt was maykin da howsey so cosie, LOOK doggers, FIRE:

soooo toashty!!

Ma mummer had liyted the wood burnir, eet mayde da whoooe coottarge so niyce n hott n cosy! eet was grayte!! (if yoo pardon da pun, heehee!)  Eet waz niyce n warm n reelaxin fur ma mummer to sit wiv her lappertopp n get lods n lods owf writting donne!

Da neykst day we wint to a placey called Laagan Beech, how pretty is it?!??!:

mummer took this foto! Iz will not
tayke da creditt! heehee!

Den we haz a piktyoor owf me lookin out ovirr da loch at Laggan Beech:

I fink I look veri madgestical in
dis photor! heehee!

Herre is jusht a randum piktyoor owf me lookin FIIINE, just to remiyn yooo awll how pretty i is, incase yoo has furgottin in da lasht 20 sekunds heehee:

YEAH! I is FINE! eet is troo!

Att da shayme tiyme as dat wun, ma mummer took anuther piktyoor owf me, n eet has been deciydered by mummer n dadder dat eet is wun owf their favrit evir piktyoors owf me, see:

I look proud n elegarnt:
A fiyne specermin of
Border Terriooorr!

On ower holderdays we also vistered Loch Morloch neykst to Aviemore, eet was byooterful, kus da watter was flat n still n warrm, butt da mowntanns awll had shnoww on theiyr topps!  Whatta juxterposishun (i liyke dat wurd, kus ma mummer is a philosophir n she uses eet lots!! heehee!) See:

Sooo peesfull! (dat meens calmm,
nutt full of Pees!)

Dis was da loch capchoored in anussa foto by my dadder:

he even cott a birdie flyin overheed!

Fiynallie, iz wantt to showw yoos awll wun owf da besht bitss owf ma hollderday, kus eet is sumfin dat i haz never ever dids befur!!!! i has never evir paddled in da waters, kus Iz yoosly dontt liyke bein wett, but ma mummer sayz "eetz tiyme to facey yoor feers p-dawg, get in!!" (whitch i fink iz ritch commin from her kus shee carnt even swimm, how layme is dat fur a hooman?!?!)  Anyways, Iz kind owf liyked eet wunce we waydid in a littel bit:

Cann I comme owt yet dadder!?

This lasht piktyoor owf ma hols, is owf me wadin froo da watter to gett bakk owt agaiyn! heeehee!

Iz mayde rippels in da watter, see!

So guys, dat was ma trippy:  I went fur wakkies n smellt fresh smells n fished wiv ma dadder n evin waydid into a loch, pasht ma doggy-kneess!! eetz troo!

Iz hope yoo enjoyerd ma piktyoors n I look furward to showern yoo da resht owf dem when Iz putt up ma May's Skavingir Hunt!!!

Butt fur noww iz'll be owff, kus mummer has to fiynish herr lasht assignermint n I has still about 4 trouts n haff a hammirheed shark too eet! heeheehehee!... dum di dum...

Happy Munday fanzies!

Love n likkers,




  1. That looks like a fantastic holiday mate! I think you forgot to mention the Killer Whale that Daddy caught hehe! Deccy x

    1. thatz jusht silly, he nevir cott a killer whale!! pfft eet was onli a pond! heeheeheehee! love pdorg xox

  2. Great photos, lovely views!
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh wow what wonderful photos, nice views and the fire looks so warm, just right to warm you up! It looks like a nice place and that you really enjoyed it, you are very cute! Love and Licks Frank x x x x

  4. Wow, the Cairygorns looks so beautiful. Mum is very interested from looking at your photos in going there. That woodburner looks so inviting and you obviously had the time of your life lil' Posie - at least you get to go on holiday, harumph!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  5. Posie you are so adorable! Looks like you had a ton of fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. Posie... Congratulations to your mum fur turnin in her assignment!!! THAT is grrrrreat.

    I am so glad that you had TWO Poop Stops on the long journey. WHEW. Wouldn't want you all Stopped up and stuffs.

    NOW.. I am kinda Worried about somethingy.. Are you SURE that there isn't a MONSTER in that LOC? I have heard about Nessie and it Scares ME. BE CAREFUL... I'm just sayin.
    The pictures of the area and your cottage are just beautiful!!!

  7. Gosh, these pictures are beautiful. They look like postcards. And of course, you look adorable! Now, what's Frankie talking about - a monster!! Do be careful, Posie!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Those are wonderful photos. And the ones your in make them even better.

  9. You are adorable Posie! Lovely pictures and the ones your in definetly make them better. That log burner looks so warm and cosy.
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear

  10. Loved your pictures, especially the ones where you showed true terrier tall bravery getting into that wet water there, for I too am partial to a bit of dry land! I enjoyed reading about your adventuring, for I have not been on a beach yet (with sand on, there were pebbles down in Devon but don't think that counts!) - would love to have a paw plod and a frolic about that yes I would - care to join me! x

  11. That look like a trooly mazin oliday my pal. I am very jellus of you goin there. I dussnt get many olidays like that becos of my heart but i do enjoy seein your repawt. I ope you do get to go back one day...

  12. OOh ma gooderyness, what a loverly loaad owwf commints awll fur me kus owf my grayte hollderday! n soo niyce to meet nyoo furends: Frank, KSO, Goose, Marley and CasperBear!!!

    I fink your mummer shood go to cairngorms Dip Bridege n Elliot, fur eet iz simperly grayte!

    Now, guyz, dat wasnt da sayme lochh as da locherness munster! heehee! Iz sertanliee wud nott havv wayded inn eef it was!!! Butt, Iz did go to do placey wherr da munsterr is, lasht yeer, Iz can shoow yoo thooss piktyoors sumtiyme! heehee!

    love n likkers!

  13. What a fantastic weekend you had! That place is fabulous! Glad the fence was Posie proof so you could go bonkers :D

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: Congrats to your Dad fur catching all those fishies for supper! Wow! :D

    1. they was veri veri tasthy fishies nummers, burp heehee, love pdorg xox


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