Sunday, 24 March 2013

21st Censhoorie Beayrs!!

Good dayy awll ma furrends,

Plees acksept ma warrm greetinggs own diss very chilliy Sunnday, indeeder ees freezin in Scottlandd today!! Yuppers, ees troo!

So, I'z was liyke totarly sleepin own ma mummer n dadder's beddie (heeehee!!) this morninn, liyke dis:

I'z was awll dreamin n sleepin n shtuff, n thenn I herd ma mummer go GETT UPPZ POSIE!!!! C'MON!!! UP UP!!!!:

N I was liyke "WHOT DA HECKS?!
TEABAGG!?!" OH yeah,
I was seepin, womman,
whatz GOIN OWN?!??!"
So, I'z got roodly awayked furm ma shlumber, n I was nott amyoosed n then she did this REELLY anoyin fing shee dus to get me roussd outta bed: "C'MON POSIE, IT'S UPPY PUPPY TIME!! UP UP!!!" N I'm liyke "WHOT DA HECK!!!??!? I'Z JUSHT OPEND MA EYEZ N I'Z BEEIN USHERRD OWF DA BEDD!! PFFFFTTTF!!!!"

So, yeah, then I'z gett towld to go downstaiyrs:

"I'm gowin, i'm gowin, SHEESH MUMMER,

N thenn she tells me, iff I'z needin to do a bloggy posht, this is ma allottid tiymetabled tiyme to do it, so go go GO POSIE DOGG!!!

N I'm awll WHATT!?  I'z seepin!!!!!! MUMMER!!!

Andd this is why I is herre, bloggin riyght now...

Get me a cupp owf cofffeee, orr a bowil owwf
chikkern or sumfin!! SHeeesh!!

Yeah, so HERLO DOGGERY FURRENDS AND PALS!!! I am herre wifv yoo now, kuss mummer needs the lapptopper layter!!!  Allottid tiymetable segmennts, pfffft! Heeheee! Eees troo!

21st Century Bears
(fanks go to ma mummer fur da spellin!!)

So, I'm herre today to tell yoo awll abowt AN AMAZERIN ARTISHTIK TARLENT!!! YEah, eees so increderbly troo!  Yoo've maybe seen ma nyoo furrend  popp onto ma pagey laytely, ma MINI ME!!! Yeah!  So, I thott I shood tayke a minutey to tell yoo awll abowt whot eet ees and wherr eet cames frum!! 

I fownd outt about an amazin teddy-beayr-makinn lady, cawlled Caren, frum ma dearr owld friendd who is no longer wivv us Marley, bless his littel soul!!! He gotted a mini me mayde jusht furr him, and owf coursse we awll knows him as tha wun and onliiiee Mister Clapton Terrier, friend owf Miss Lola da borderr terriorists!!!  

So, guys therrs thiz wunderful laydie cawlled Caren, whoo maykes littel teddy bearrs who look liyke doggies, n she maykes pussycatts n othir aniymalls too, this is herr websiyte herre!!  She also has a bloggy too, wherre shee putts upp pics owf somme sammples owf her wurk!

Herr teddies arrr gorgeooos and she haz a verii verii craftiy eye indeeder!  Jusht look at ma mini meee:

Shee's gotted awll ma markkins downnt to a tee!!! Ma blakk diamonnd own ma forrheadd, ma blackk spotts own eether cheek, ma greyy strippe own ma tailey!!! Ees byooterful n I is verry grayteful furr this verii speshul teddy!!!  Neederless too say, dadder sez I is nutt allowed to play wiv eet, pppfff!!

So, we jusht wanttid to putt up some pictyoors to lett awll yoo furrends owf mine see whot a verii speshul thing thiss wudd be for pressies n keepsaykes n fings yoo know!?  We gotted wun mayde owf Auntie Rowie, fur herr mummer and dadder:

Issnt tha resemblance jusht perrfeckt!?

Andd we also gotted wun dunn owf Uncel Wesley fur hiz mummer n dadder too:

The look own tha mini Wesley's facey is jught SOOOOO UNCEL WES, he oftenn has that almost sterrn/shifty look in hiss, eye, eets troo!  N we fink da pin strip hairr own da nose is PERFEKT!!

Downt yoo think they arr jusht grayte??!?!  We are verry impressed and so we jusht had to shayre it wifth tha wurld!!!  So we say, altho she musht be a furry verriy buziee layde, yoo shoood totarly chekk owt her websiyte n see how grayte herr littel treshures arr, indeeeder!!!

Well guyz I gess I iz gownna haff to lovve yas n leeve yas, kuss Mummerymam sayz I has onlie got 17secs lefft too yoos the lapptop, kus she needz to gett own wifth her wurk, sheesh, how demandiin is she?!

Yoo awll tayke good cares now, n I'll be bakk to catch upp wifvth yas soonly!!!

Love n maniey slurpy likkers,



Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Snowwy Scottland

 Herlo palls,

Well, I's been buziie laytely, soo mutch nyoos n fings to shayre wivv yoo awll! I haz been dowin tha rownds owf awll yoo guyz bloogiyes n enjoyerin heerin awll yoo guyz nyoos!Ma mummer has been enjoyerin eet too! Shee sayz speendinn a minutey efurry so offen ees a niyce brayke fromm wurkin own her dissertayshun!! 

UPDAYTE, shees gott fiyve weeks till ees awll handid in and awaiy n furgottin abowt, n shee will ahvv tiyme in her day to help me wivv ma bloggy n she wont be hoggin da lapptopp no morre! EES TROO GUYZ!!!!!! Da 1st owf Maay, heer we comme! OH YEAH!!!! 

Soo we wennt own ower HOLYDOLS, n eet was rubbish, yeah, ees troo! Da placey was mingiinn n tha toilett was broken n pppff, efurrything was awfull! So we thott we shood comme homme errly.  While wee wz diskussin this own owr sekund lasht mornnin, ma mummer fownd a bigg ole lump on da roof owf ma mouff!!! N her n dadder was liyke UH-OH!! Mummer was cryerin, n dadder was like fone tha vet, we'll go homme.  So we pakked up awll da fings in our holyday housey and lefft! We wennt strayt to da vett, n apparently, heehee, mosht doggies havv a coupple owf lumpies own da roof owf their mouth!  So, lett me tayke dis opportunity to broadcassht to awll da doggies (and hoomans n othir petts too) owt therre, ees impawtant to checkk fur lumpies, too keep us healfthy and sayfe!!!  

(Tfhanks mummer fur da shpellin!)

But, let me explaiyn aboutt this (moshtly) safe lumpie type, cawlled tha "incisive papilla" (fanks mummer agen! heehee!).  I'zll demonstrayte wiv a cuppel owf examples:
Apparently they iss very prominent in labradorrs!

Herr is anuther pic and a quotey frum tha websiyte:

"The raised region at the rostral extent of the mucosa at the midline, caudal to the incisors is the incisive papilla. Paired incisive ducts exist lateral to the papilla and communicate directly with the vomeronasal organ. Inflammation of the mucosa of these structures can become a clinical concern when food and debris accumulate abnormally."

That basicarly translaytes as: therrs a lump/or twoo little bumps at the front behind yoor top twoo frunt teethies. Therrs wee ducks ducts at eether sidde that go up pasht yoor nose ... ees basically sumfin to do wivv hormonne releesin, or shtuff, so wheen yoo gett awll exciyted the hormonnes arr past down thru thees ducts n eet maykes yooo pant, I'z dunno, I'z a fthree yeer owld borderr terrior, nott a veternary surgjin!! yeah!

This is whot eet looks liyke in catts:

Ok, so yoor gettin the gjist herre, riyght!?  Basically ees safe enuff iff yoo havv em, BUTT, n heed that butt, eet can gett inflaymmed (as eet says in my fanciey wurded quotte up therr^^) liyke if yoo eet a lott owf drieyd foodies or sumfin so, miyne was a bit red n broosd, so I got anti-inflammitries n gott toldd to eese intoo a morre wett diett! YEAH! EES TROO!

Soo, that'ss whot I had wrongg, I is gowin bakk to da vett next week to mayke surre it has un-in-flaymed, too mayke shoor I iz ok!!  Butt in da meen tiyme check owt yoor papillas guys n mayke shoor ees noot too big!! We cood evin hav a papilla photoo contist!!! HEEHEE! Ees troo!  

Soo guyz, mummer says we hass procrastinaytid enuff frum her dissertashun, so we dhoo probarbly be offskies.  In da meen tiyme lett me tell yoo HOLY BAJOLIES, ees a snowwy day herre wiff me, see:

Mutch better insiyde lookin owt tooday!!
Mummer mayde me go owt n doo ma poopers and checkk ma peemaiyls innit, pppfft, I got awll snowflayked own! heehee!, so I'z cayme in annd snuggerld up in ma bedder nekst to da radiatorr, see:

Butt, shee says datt we shood go owtt furr sum freshaiyrs n havv a walkkie in da snoow layters on, pppfff, I is nutt so shuur, unless I'z gett a coatt n a pair owf booties!! YEAH! heehee!

Wrapp up well guys n keepp yoor eyez on yoor papillars!!!

Lovve n likkies yoor furrend andd helth-infurmant,

Miss Posery-dorg