Thursday, 31 May 2012

Troo Culurrs!!!

Herlo Everiyybuddy,

Iznnt dis a niyce day fur a Furssdaiy to be!?  Yeah, eetz troo!  

So, guyz, guess whott guyz, tooday is ma 50th evirr posht!!!! YES eetz troo! How cool is dat?!  I iz amazeid n ashtowndid n lotds of otheir adjiktivs too! YEAH! 50 poshts, well I'z nevir! heehee!

Whot bettir way to sellybrayte ma 50th evirr postt than too mayke eet ma furst evvir entriy in da True Colourrs Photto Thursday fun?!  If yoo haz nevir herd of eet, derr is a linky to it in ma left siydebar - basikerly a colour/pattirn is chosin every thursday, n den yoo has to go n find lots of piktyoors fur eet!! So I fink I may be a bit layte fur dis week, but i will putt da posht up today now anyways! YEAH!

Dis last week da challernge was too fiynd blakk fings datt arr unyoosyal!!!  Theese waz trikky, kus awll ma toys arr bright n ma beddies n everythin, butt mummer n dadder had some good eye-deeas n so they helpid ma!!

Furstly, the blackkest n mosht unyoosyal fing rouwnd abowt me was ma NOSEY!!! See:

Ma little blackk nosey!

Ma peeps fink dat ma nosey looks liyke a cross between a bitt owf Likoris and ann Aniseed Spog, see:

Ma blackk nosey?! Or a likorice spog?!

I thenn wentt to see ma grinny n grandar tooday, whitch ees why i iz sooo knackkered toonight, seriooosly, I has nutt oppend ma eyes furr hours, they play wiv me so mutch I becomes antiy-soshal fur da rest of da day! heehee! So whiyle I woz derre I seeed a GRAYTE BIGG BLAKK TYRE own ma grandars tractorr:

Iznt eet soo blakk 'n bigg
 'n unyooosyal?!?!

Da nexkst piktyoor I has is sumfin dat ma grandar eeez veriii vierry furry prowd owf,!! Eetz trooo! Ma dadder gotz eet fur him, eet iz a wheel covir fur his bak tyre own his jeepy! YEAH! n eet has ma granda R n granny L's field own it, n ma grandars tractorr n auntiee rowwwieee!!!! And da resht owf eet is blakk! heehee! Da besht bit ees dat da tractorr n auntie Rowie was nuttt in da origiynal piktyoor, no nooo! Eet waz three seprate piktyoors! YEAH!, coool huh?:

Blakk n unyoosyal!

On a vehikkyular theeme, I's takeyd a piktyoor owf ma dadder's badgey own his WHIYTE carr, but da badgey is BLAKK! Yeah, eetz troo:

Awll shiynee after a wash! YEAH!

Now, moovin a way frum carrs n fings, da resht of ma piktyoors haz a myoosikal thfeme! YEAH! kus ma dadder ees nutt only a "confectioner" (tho he cawlls himself a "confectionist" which mummer sayz is a cross between a "confectioner" and a "perfectionist" butt I'z dontt knoww whot all those wurds meenz!!) I digrees... dadder ees nutt onli a confekshuner, no no... he is a myooosishun too! YUP! hee plays da dubbel bass, yeah!! Butt as tho dat wus nutt cool enuff, we dus nutt hav a tayble in da dining roomm... no sirreee, we HAS A GRANDD PEEEEAAAANO!!! YEAH, eetz troo! Butt we dus nutt eat off eet, nope! heehee! So, herre is dadder's artistik shott of da BLAKK bits dat mayke awll da noiseys own da pianoooo:

Dadder says dey arr
cawlld KEYS!

I dont fink dey arr keys, I fink dadder is confyooosin himself, dis is whot keys is dadder:

silly dadder, pfft!

Nekst upp we has a piktyoor owf ma mummer's furst little blak ukerleyley! YEAH!:

eetz blakk n shiyney n she covverd eet in
little green n oraynge flowerrs! YEAH!

Ok, da fiynal blakk fing I has, eez anussar wun owf ma musikal famirlie's maniiieee instroooments!  Eet ees ma dadder's gorguss blakk n yello sunburst Gibson acooostik geetarr! YEAH (HAW!) heehee!:

I fink eets verii pretty!

So, everywun, dat ees ma furst atteemtt at a Truu Culurrrs Challerng!! I hopes dat I'z didd ok n dat yoo liyke awlll of ma blakk fings datt I'z fownd, espeshully ma nosey, kus I fink yooll awll agree dat eet is da best blakk fing out of dem awll! heehee!

Well, Happy Friyday whenn eet comes doggers n pals n hoomans n ma fyoo catt folowwers, heehee! Ma mummer has a tintervyoo tomorrooww, so I best goo see dat she gets to bedder noww, heeheee!

Love n likkers n nuggies,

Yoor furrend,



Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Neerly Wurdlees Wedernsdaiy!

Happiiiee Wedernsdaiy to awwl yoo reeders!

Herre's an Wurdless Wedernsdaiy fur ya's to giggle att! YEAH! Eetz troo:

Eet needs no wurds, reely dus eet?!!?! heeheee!

Love n likkers n happery nuggies,



Monday, 28 May 2012

Skavingger Hunnt - May

Welcomme to ma Monday Blogg Posht pals,

Eet iz sliyghtly cooler tooday 'n oh iz we pleeesed?! We wuz nutt copin wiv awll dat heetness, pffft no-sireee! heeheehee! Sorry Deccy, butt eets TROOOO! heehee!

Today is a speshul dayy kus eet ees ma Grunny's (who is akchully ma mummer's grunny, whitch maykes her ma grayte grunny!! hehee) 87 Birthday!!!  How cool is daat!!??!  I fink Frankie n Ernie will be very very verrii impresserd wiv dis, seein as 87 is theirr mosht favrittist numberr! Eeetz trooo, i iz nutt makiyn it upp, she was apppurntly borned in 1925, so mummer says, butt dat ees too longg ago fur me to comprahind! YEAH!! heehee!

So eets her burfday tooday, she is in a nurserin homme as shee haz demenshia n has hadd lots owf strokkes, butt we loves herr verii mutch n shee is sooooooooo mutch funn, n i loves to go visit herr! N she loves ice-creem, so she musht be pretty wunderfull, riyght?! heehee!!! Anywayz, ma granny A n grandar I gavv her a digiytall fotor frayme fur her speshul day n noww she has ovir 450 piktyooors owf all uf uss, to keep herr happery at awll tiymes!! She lovved ett!!

Anywaaaaays guys, tooday ma poshty iz devoterd to da May Scavingger Hunt!! We did wun lasht month, whitch yoo can see herre - ma April Hunt!!!

Kathy frum "Postcards frum the P.P." putts up her listy owf words wunce a munth, n everywun can pawtisiypate n linnkk upp to her blogg! Youu shood checkk owt her scavengirr hunt pagey herre!

So, sum of thees munth's piktyoors I tooked when I waz awayy at da Cairnygorms, (see ma old poshty abowt dat, herre!) n the other wuns was takinn in da sunshiyne deese lasht coupple owf days!!

Well, herre is ma month's piktyoors:

I haz twoo piktyoors fur historik, kus I'z cood nutt pikk ma favrit! heehee!! Da furst wun is a byootirfull gayte house dat taykes yoo overr a bridgey! Thiz was beesiyde tha Cairngorms: 

Sooo historik,
downt yoo fink!?

Dis is da sekund wun, whenn yoo go ovir da bridgey, yoo get to Laggan Beech, n yoo get to da castle wherre dey filmed da verii famouss Scottish porgramm ""Monarch of the Glen":

Eet waz veryy byootirfull!

"Good Things"
Dis nexst piktyoor iss curtesy owf ma mummer!! She hadd wun owf dees whenn we woz own our mini-trip n eet was wun owf da shtikkyiest tashtieest treets she haz evir hadded!! YEAH!:

Ooooh nummery bannoffiri!

Now we hass twoo piktyoors herre! Butt bothh owf themm is ofv sum veryy tasty cool watter, kuss eet has beed too hott lately fur anythin elshe!! Da furst wun was ma mummer's n da sekund was miyne! heehee!:

Nummers, likk, numm, slurpy, numm, slurp!! BURP!!

Dis wurd mayde me fink owf trainieys, n wheenn I waz awayy to da Cairngorrms, we wentt to Avieemorre, n eet has a verii pretty stashun! This iz eet herre:

Eet was briyte n sunny 'n da
traiyneys werr zoomin!!

"Front Page"
Ok, I'z hoppe yoo awll know dat Ashleigh 'n Pudsey wunn da Britin's Gott Talentt diss yerr!??!?!  I was sooooo pleesed n prowd dat a dogger wun!  ..... WHATT?!?! Yoo has nevir heeerd owf dem, or seen dem in aktshun!?  Chekk eet owt HERRE! liyke, right noww!! heehee!  Ashleee must be sutch a good trraiynir, n Pudsey is jusht GRAYTE!!! Anyways, little Pudsey is own awll da front pagey's at da mooment, see:

YAY fur Pudsey!

Fur yelloo, I'z kudd nutt nutt tayke dis piktyoor owf da Liyon Rampant flaggy own ma holderdayz!!!

Pikchuresque, in da windd!

"Small Packages"
Ok, deees wun I struggerled wiv morr dan any owf da uthers, (I waz gowin to putt upp a piktyor owf Uncel Wesley's winky, butt he was nutt amyoosed, n sed I'z waz nutt allowed, kus it was nutt titled "BIG Package!" heeheehee!) Butt eet is indeederydo ma Grunny's burfday tooday, so I'z got a kwikk snapp owf wun of her pressies:

Ma 500 piktyoors in a framey! heehee!

Dis nekst piktyoor is da roof insiyde wun owf da hottels dat mummer n dadder had theyr meel in when we wuz awaiy own ower holerdays!!  Eet had lotds n lotds owf notes n monny on da roof:

Therr musht be enuff therr
to buyz lotds owf nyoo toys
n' beddies n' shtuff!

Ok, dis wun I fownd a little trikky too, annd da wun wee took turned owt to be a poor kwalitee piktyoor!! Howevir, ma mummer n dadder was killin demselves laffin tryin to tayke dis piktyoor!  Yoo see, we spent our mini trip besiyde Aviemorre, so mosht of da holerday we was drivin own da A-NINE!!! YEAH! eeets troo!

NINE - A9! heehee!
I crackk maself upp!

"Do You See What I See?!"
Dis wunn herre is, I fink, ma favrit wun owf da munth!  Eet is a piktyoor owf me teetin froo da feencey own holerday, watchin ma daddy fishin!!!!:

Eeet was grayte, I cood
keep ma eyez own him
whilst he cott awll ma
fishies fur supper!

Therre is nutthin a bettirer shmell fur a doggerie thann da shmell owf tasthy fiyne snorsagies cookin own da barbeekuoooo!!  We had wun on Satturday n I was jusht een ma elerment! EEts troo:


Now... dees wun is a piktyoor owf ma little byooterful button nowsey awll covvird in sandyness, kus I waz att da beechy!! 

Look at ma whisskerrs, n da sand
ees upp n inn ma noser! heehee!

So, awll owf yoo palls, I'z soo pleesed owf ma piktyoors dees munth!! I reelly triyed to tayke pretti wuns n be represeyntartivv owf ma sunny munth n be az inspirashunawll az possirbel!

Happy Munday den guyzies n enjoyy yoor weekie n do lots of funn fings n be goood! okays!?

Love n likkers, 



Sunday, 27 May 2012


Herlo Doggeries 'n Pals!

Well oh well n boyz n Oh Ma Akchooal Dog!!! Whatt a roasty toashty heet therres beed heerr diz weekernd!! EEEET ISSS TROOOOOOOO!!  Pppfff!! I'z cood nutt beleeve da heet, eet was liyke da sun was fryin an egg overr a wood burnin shtove insiyde a sawuna in ma bakk gardin!!! Ppffft, I waz sweeatin liyke a little piggy, n i downt evin know iff piggys can sweatt!! (Maybe dis iz why dey turn intoo snorsagies.... I'z jusht dunno!  I'm too hott to fink cleerly!)

Yoo see, eet iz nevir evir DAT hott in Scottland, no sireee, but by gumbo's eet was yestirday n tooday!! I haz been pantinn liyke a panty fing 'n poor Uncel Wesley took da puffs, kus he is a lhasa apsoo n eets a fing dat makeys derr breethin funny if they chokke or ovir heet or fings! Butt hee is ok, ma granny A, savid him! Yoo see, da cyoor is fur da hooman to stick theiyr fingers oveir da doggies nosey to mayke dem breeth thru their mouwthy till eet passes, n eet did!  N  he is fiyne, which is grayte, I was jusht tellin yas to demornstrayte da fakt dat eet has been CRAZZY WEVTHER HERRE fur us whoo ar yoosd to raiyn n fogg n shnoww n windd! heehee!

It was too hott to sitt insiyde n too hott to be outsiyde, so I hadd to find da shaydiest place to sitt, like dis:

No bloggin... No playin...
Just tryin to bee cool undir a patioo seet!
Eetz troo!

See ma jauwnty stance, wiv ma elboww ontopp of da feetie barr on da chair!? heehee!

Ma mummer kept frowin watter over me, it was DATT hott!! I'z did nutt know eef I'z liykeyd thiz or nutt!! butt shee kept dowin eet n I kept runnin bakk ovir everytime so see herr, so I musht'v! heehee!

So, yeah doggers, dat ees awll I has too say fur nows!!! Apartt frum: bee sayfe eef eetz hott wherre u bee, donnt overheet... drink plenty watter, n dontt sit in da carr furs too long eithver ok?!?!

In fackkt, yoo cood hass a doggy-James-Wellbeloved-dog-food-filled-icycle, like me, see:

Liiikky likkyyy likkers, burp!!!

Eet waz sooo refreshering!! Eeetz troo!

Dat's awll I waz any good fur dees weekernd anywaiys, sleepin in da gardin in da shadeyness n eetin doggy treet niceles, nummers!

Hoppe da shtart owf yoor weeky iz as wunderrfull as yooz awll arr ma fureends!!!

Love n likkers,

frum a suntannd,



Saturday, 26 May 2012


Mornin Doggerys n hoomans, n fanzies n pals n everywun!!! 

Iz hoppe dat Frankie hass recuvered frum his big Internashnull Hollerday yesterdaiy?! heehee!

Wowsies, whot a hott hott hott week!??! My oh mans boy n indeederydoodles, ppfff, i haz been roashtin ma hairr owf!! Eetz troo! 

Butt, enouff abouwt da weethir, fur therr is morr impawtant shernanyginns, eetz soo veri furry troo!! Toodaiy is anuther Saturday Sweeties Daiy! YEAH!! Tiyme ees flyin by soo kwickkerly n eet eez dat tiyme owf da weeky agaiyn fur shurre! YEAH! 

Furstly, jusht so everywun knows, therr is only goin to be twoo morr weekies owf dis series, afterr toodaiy... Unless anywun else wunts to entir?!?!  I wood jusht lovve eet if I had morre entries!!! Awll yoo has to do is emaiyl me piktyoors owf yoorself enjoyerin a tashty treet! Eets if yoor upp fur eet!!!  N den yooo appeer as a guesst in ma posht own ma bloggy own a satturday! YEAH! SIMPLES!!!

So, dis Week is a grayte wun fur eet has a gesst dat ees wun owf ma veri speshul closist bloggin pals! She is simperly grayte n funnery n soooo dammed fotorgjenic dat eet makes ma mummer whish dat I wass nott so wirey n morre sleek liyke herr!!  heeheeheehee!!!! 


PUDDLES!!!!! YEAH fur Puddles Duddles RainWater!!!! 

I nomirnate a nyoo nickernayme fur herr noww... 

I cawll her.... 


Pecan Puddles! heehee!

Maybee yoo can jusht abowt mayke eet owt, maybe nutt, but she iz eetin a PECAAAN NUTT!! YEAH guys, a pecan nuutt!! N i fot she kudd nott gettin anymore bizarre n wunderfully weerd, butt yers, eet has happernd n eetz troo, Puddles Duddles Rainwater liykes PECAN NUTTS! I lovve it, she iz jusht grayte!! I has neveir triyed a nutt, so I dus nutt know eef theiy arr wurth awll the attenshun, butt maybe I will givv dem a go sum tiyme, unless Puddles eets themm awll! heehee! Butt, look at her n her pecan enjoymint facey:


Heehee, too funny to be allowed! heehee!

So Puddles is a doxie n she has twoo other Doxie siblings too, who get little feetured own her bloggy. kus she says she iz da maiyn starr owf da show! hehee! Puddles' mummer maykes skrapbook pageys, lots, owf of Puddles! N my mummer hass enjoyerd gettin to look froo dem awll kus she scrapbooks too! Ma mummer wunts to fanks Puddles's mumm fur bein soo niyce n freendly wiv me shtarting upp ma bloggy! N i wunt to fank Puddles too! YEAH!

Anyway everywun, she is grayte funn n always upp to hilariity n her mummer has da besht camrah in DA WOURLD!! YEAH!  So, yoo shood totally check owt her bloggy herre!!

Puddles, fanks fur shayrin yoor Satturday Sweeties wiv me, n guestin herre todaiy!!!

For yoo Puddles,

Love n likkers,

Plees akspet dis awurd ass ma appresheyashun owf yoor Satturday Sweeties enjoyermint n yoo arr welcomm to putt itt in yoor siydebarr wiv a linky to ma pagey!!!!   Enjoyy da sparklez!

Weel i'z doo hopee dat derr is a fiyne day owf sunshineyness wherrever yoo arr tooday fur yoo too doggies n pals annd datt yoo has a pretty good weekernd!! I iz hoppin to go to park wiv mummer n dadder tooday, kus Uncel Wes says dat derre is new paths n bridgez n shtuff been creeyated at da bigg park neerby.... maybee therrs evin sum peemails therr fur me alreddy! YEAH!

Love n likkers,



Friday, 25 May 2012


Herlo Bloggin Doggies,

Is yoos awll well n fiyne n happery own dis sunnery Friday?!


Nott only ees it a niyce sunnery Friyday!!! Eet ees a veri furrry speshal day indeederydoo!!



I freeeeekkin lovve dis guy!  He iss soooo funnery n silly butt kiynd n truuuue n brraayve n honesht n lovly n liyce n smiiyley n grayte funn n helpfull n... YEAH I'z lovve ya Frankie!!!

Dees guy doz sooo mutch fur da Blogvile commyoonity n ees soo welcomerin to nyoo fureends! I'z meen I haz onliy been bloggin fur liyke twoo munths n I'z feel liyke he is a besht fureend fur liyfe!

He iz alwaiys upp to sumfin amazin, liyke 87 tiymes a day, eh Frankie?! heeheehee! His half-bruther Ernie is myute but so cyoot twoo n he alwaiys putts upp wiv himm whitch ees grayte too! heehee!  Jusht look at da twoooo owf them:

Oh mee oh mys, theiy arr adoriybel n sooo mutch funness!

Frannkiie man, yoo is ma herroo n I iz soooo veryyy gladd dat I hass metted yoo froo ma bloggin!  I wunt to fank yoo sooooooo mutch fur everyfin yoo has doone to welkum meee to doggery bloggin n gettin yoor fureends to be ma fanzies too!!!!!!


Putt yoor fowr feeters upp n chill owt mann!! Yoo deserrve eet, eetz troo!!!!

Riyteyooo pals n fureends n fanzies, I iz awaoy bakk owtsiyde to enjory da heet whiylsht eet lasts heeheehee!

Love n likkers to awll and HAVEEE A GRAYTE TIYME FRANKKIE!!



Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Almusht WW

Herlo doggers,

Happy WW,

Saww dees tooday n liyke peed maself laffin! heeheeheeheehee!:

BWAHAHAHAHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEHEEEHEEHEE!!! Altho, i fink dis little babbery puppie POSIE DORG borderr terriorisht may be cyootir shtill! heehee!:

YEAH eetz troo!

Love n likkers,


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Ma Besht Piktyoors Fur Dusty!!

Herlo Bloggin Doggies n Pals n' Hoomans,

Howz everywun on dees Chooserday tooday?!  I loves chooosdays, they arr da besht dayz to say: Chooooozdaiy! heehee!  I is a dogger, i haz to get ma kikks sumwherrs heehee!

So, dis posht tooday iz in honorr owf mister Dusty from Lifewithmydogs! His mummer is runnern a speshul compertishun kus herr littel boy will soon be havin a verii speshul daiy commin upp soon, YEAH!!! He will be WUN guys on da 27th Juuuliy ! WUN YEAR OLD!!! Bless his littel borderr terriorist heaartt!!!!!

Pawtissypants, hass to do a blogposht wiv piktyoors owf demselfs in it, den da winner getz a hand drawwn piktyoor owf da photor, by Dusty's mummer!!! HOW EXSIYTERN WOOD DAT BEE!?!??!?!?!  How'z abowt yoo chekk owtt da posht abowt Dusty's compertishun herre, furr awll da rooles n miynyuoot detaiyls!!!  EETS TROOO! YEAH! heeheehee!

Befoore I putt up da piktyoors dat I iz puttin furward fur da compertishun: Furshtly, I'z wood liyke too say dat I'z knoww derr is liyke FIYVE piktyoors in dis selektshun butt eet is an utterr RUDDY MEERACAL dat mummer manarged to naarrrow eet down to less than liyke THIRRTY nevirr mind even jusht TWENTIY! heeheehee!! 

So, eef eet turns owt dat fiyve ees too manny, den yoo guys can pikk yoor favrits, n i'z'll give dusty's mumm da topp twoo! heehe! okayz!?

Piktyoor Nummber Wun:

Da famoooos piktyoor owf me,
on ma rockkk!! heehee!

Piktyoor Nummber Too:

Mee, as a scruffery,
butt veriiy prettty

Piktyoor Nummber Thfree:
Mee lookin partikyoolarlie
ravershin, wiv a tenneess-
bawlly in ma mouwfthy!

Piktyoor Nummer Fowr:

A veriiiy niyce piktyooor owf me,
liyke a fyoo weekies aftir I was
gotcha'd and brungg me homme
to ma howsey, I musta bee'd fiyve munths owld!!!

Piktyoor Nummer Fiyve:

Laiyd-bakk n playfurll lookin! heehee!
Ma mummer n dadder's favrit liyke
EVIR piktyoor owf me! heehee!

Soooo, guyz n pals n furrends n doggers n pussycats n fanzies n hoomans n eevvverrrrywun!!!  I'z hopp dat yoo liykey ma piktyoors dat I'z chooserd fur Dusty's compertishun! Be shoor to drop by n chekk owt da compertishun n send himz burfday wsihies whenn eet commes!!!!

I'z'll say niyteynighter fur noww, kus eet ees neerly elevern o clokk at da niytey tiymes tha noww n I iz knaaaakkerd! Kus eet was ann unyoosyooally sunnery day herre todayz, n i was awll hott n pantyin owt in da gardin playin wiv ma toys! heehee!

Havv niyce n funn tiymes doggers till I'z be bakk n see yas soooooon!!!!

Love n likkers,



Monday, 21 May 2012

Ma Day At Fochaberrs Highlands Games!!!

Herlo Doggies n Hoomans n Pals,

P-diddly-dog-dog herre!!!

Weel Eets Munday ageeeen, eetz troo, eet hass a knackk fur always appeeeeringg after a Sunday-Funday! EEeech, butt nevir mind!  I had wunderful day yisterday, yers, eets troo!  Da sun was shiynin like a mad fing, n eet ws totarly unexpekterd kus eet rarily shiness up in ower little corner owf Scottlandd! Butt, eet did yesterday, so Iz grasperd da hopportchunity wiv fowr paws n said to mummer n dadder cmon we's'll go to da "Fochaber's Highland Games"!! So we didd!! Heehee!!

Eet took us an 'ower andd a haff in da carr, butt eet was well wurfth eet!! Fur da sun shonned gloreesusly n da placey was packit!  I fot I wood shayre wiv yas some piktyoors owf da day!! - Awll very Scottishy, fur thosse owf yoo who arr Merikan n Englash n frum othir parts of Yoorup n da Wurld!! YEAH!  Furstly, we has a boy own a segway, in a kilt!

Da onli way to riyde a segway
in Scotterland!!!

Nekst, kus I fott eet wood be owf intersht too yas awll, we has a man playirn da bagpipeys!! (Evin tho eet was too lowd fur ma littel tineey sensertiv eers n grayte heering!!):

Eet was very good tho!!!

Nekst upp we has ma favrit parrt owf da day!! Da terrior racin!!!! Eeets grayt, da show doggies awll waiyt in boxies till da hooman says GO, n da boxies arr opeened n da ferret-y, fluffy toy fing on a cable takes owff n da doggies awll chasey eet!! N boy oh boys do they go fasht!!!! Herre is a cuppel owf da doggies away to do theirr thing...

both terriors, reedy fur da racey!

Herre is anuther cuppel doggies, reddy to go:

"I'zll beet yoo!!" heehee!

Then us regyoolar, "untraiyned" (pppfft) doggos gott to has a goo in chaseyin da stuffy fing!! So, we watcherd as a doggie, whoo lookit remurkibly liyke me, I hastin to add, butt sincereliy was NUTT mee, went furr a shottie:

Eeet was a pretty dogger,
butt not so mutch as me!

Ma mummer askit her ownier how oldd she was an shtuff n appurntly she was nutt evin entiyrly a BORDER TERRIOR!!!! She was haff sumfin else, I cood nutt beeleev eet kus she lookd very liyke me!!!

Anyways, shee went kwiyte kwikkerly, n I did nott wunt be showwerd upp! So I beggerd ma dadder to lett mummer tayke me fur a shott n evenchooly he saiyd YERS! Whooooooohooooo!  The nekst piktyoor is owf me, chompin at da bitt (I doo nutt undershtand dees expressun, kus i is a dogger, nutt a horse, butt eet seems befittern owf da piktyoor nonthelesss! heehee!) I looks a bit skruffy n desperite lookin in dis piktyoor, butt eet was veriy hott n i was very very anxiouus furr a shottie:

MY TUUURRN alreddy!

Now whott I fownd very very unfaiyr abouwt dis RACEY was dat I was upp agaiynst a border collie-fing! Nowz look at da siyze owf her agaiynst da siyze owf me!! She is liyke dubble ma siyze, n has twiyce da lenff owf leggers too! I fink da peeps got their borders muddled up!!  ANYWAAAYZ, I had no chancey owf winnin agaiynst her, so inshtedd look at da prowess n nimbleness owf me running, ignorre da collie-fing okayz?!:

Wowsies: I IZ OWF!!!
(like a *&%$^ing bullet, ma dadder seyz!)

What ees dat collie dowin?!
She is nutt evin gowin after
da ferret-fing?!

I hadd ma eyes own dat furryfing
n was racin liyke a border owt owf hell!

Dis nekst wun is ma dadder n mummers favrit piktchoor owf me runnin da race, look, i has awll fowr feeties owf da grownds at da sayme tiyme in opporsite diyrekshuns:

Agiyle orr whott?!?!
I look liyke I iz flyirn!

Everywun was sooo impresserd wiv ma speeeed n movermint dat they hadd a speshul flypast in ma honnurr (WHAT!?  eet was skeduled in da programm fur dat tiyme anyway?!  don't tell ma bloggin palss DAT!!)  YEAH, so eetz troo, jusht furr me, heehee:


We was kanckkerd after awll dat sun n fun n racin n shtuff, so we deciydered eet was tyme to heed homme, tho we hadd nutt had any NICECREEM!! So, I askerd dadder to shtop in past Cullen on da way homme, kus eet has very speshul famuss ice-creem!!! Dis is da Cullen Ice creeem shoopppie:

Sum man parkit outside jusht as we took da fotor!!! Pfft!

Ennuff owf da shop front fo, look at mummer n dadder's NICE-CREEEEMS!!?!?!?!?!:


Hass yoos evir seeeed soo mutch EYESCREEEM in awll yoor dayz!??! Ma eyez liyke pooperd owta ma heed when I seed dem!!! EEetz troo!

So, bekuss they werrre so friggen TASHTYLOOKIN big, I hadd to make constantt shoor dat mummer n dadder was nutt WUNTIN TO GIVE DA ICECREEM TO MEEE!!!  struggerlin, so I keept barkin n askern if they was needern a hand!!! Liyke dis:


Theees waz tyrin wurk, n I was DESPEYRATE FUR A TASHTE too lend a helpin paw!!! heehee!

So, dadder FIYNALLY RELENTED gott beet by da sheer amownt owf icecreeem n lett me fineeesh eet owf!!!! YUSSS!:



Heerrr is a short vidyo dramartiyzashun owf me ENJOYERN SUMM AT LASHT!!!! helpin dadd owt wiv his niycecreem:


So bloggin furends, as yoo will see dat ICECREEEM was just FANTAAARSTIK!!!! eets troo!

N I hadd sutch a grayte dayyy at da Fochybeirss Highlund Gameys! N I cantt waiyt fur awll da countriie fayres comin upp over da summerr at awll da castles n placeys!!! YEAH!  

I hoppe dat I'z MAYDE YAS REELY JELLUSS OWF ALL DAT NUMMY ICECREEM!!! yoo enjoyed seein ma piktyoors n dat yoo can see how niyce Scotterland can bee when eet is nutt foggy n raiynin heehee! N dat I is da fashtist dog yoo evir did see...., appurt frum dat collie-fing, who had a distinkyt advantuge by beein waaay bigger dan me! heeheehee!

Happy Mundays pals n fanzies, may da day bee filled wiv sunshiyne n NICECREEM fur yas awll!

Love n likkers,