Friday, 11 May 2012


Herlo everywun, 

Iz furstly wunt to apolorgise fur nutt havin beed own too tell yooz awll abowt my wunderful weekernd, I haz grayte n full intenshuns owf sittin dis weekernd n dowin a grayte bigg poshty full owf m piktyoors n stories, eets jusht that mummer haz been wurkin on herz assiynermints n Iz cannut get peece too sit at da laptop fur longg enuff! Meeeh, eetz troo! butt herz lasht assiynermint iz dyoo nekst week, yeeeeerse, yippeee sirreee, eetz soo veri trroo n then Iz will havv ma mummer bakk to maselff at awll tymes, YEAH!

Sekunderly, Iz wunt to say.... UNCEL BOOOOOOB!!!! WHAT?!! SHHEEEESH!!! Iz wuz sooo friiigen tikerd n hackkit owf when Iz seed whot he had did, iz cannutt evin look at himm, see:

Utterlie Despikerble!

Gggrr! Granny A sayz I shood lern to shayre ma toys n shtuffs, butt ok, butt he HACKKERD INTO MA BLOGGIR!!! WHAT?!?!  Iz gunna haz to chaynge ma passwurd now, n Iz'll givvs yoo a cloo, "GrrUncelBoob123" Oopps, now everywun willz hackker in, Iz onli kiddin, dat iz nutt ma passwurd! heehee! Ok, butt I iz soo mad now, Iz cannt evin commint own it anymore dan dat or Iz will eksplode! BOB!

Ok so, nowz Iz wunt to say dat iz ekstreemerly enthoozeeastik abowt a compertishun dat meester Sarge iz runnin!!!! OOOhhh YEAH! Eet willz be grayte n I iz gonna be enterin right NOWZ! 

Eet iz cawlld "THE NICKNAME GAME" (yooz can clikk on da nayme to go to hiz poshty abowt it! eetz troo, can u see how techernowgikly advansid I iz?! heehee!)

So, da nickernayme gayme:

Herre is Sargey's roolz:

"Sometime between May 11th and end of the day on May 18th, create a post on your own blog where you list all of the nicknames you’ve been called by your peeps.
Invite your furiends to comment with their own vote for his/her favorite of your nicknames. For the following week, your peeps all have to call you ONLY BY YOUR WINNING NICKNAME! BOL
Leave a comment for me so that I know you pawticipated."

Personally I fink eet sownds hilarioous, n Iz wood nowwz liyke to inkluude in dis poshty a listy owf awll da many naymeys dat Iz get cawlld, sum owf dem Iz haatte!!!:
  • Pozzer
  • Posie-daaaawg (granda sayz dis to me awll da tiymez!!)
  • P-dorg
  • P-diddler
  • P-diddely-dog-dog
  • Pose
  • Sleeepy Dogg
  • Pozzer da borderr terriorist
  • Niecey-poo (auntie S sum o da tymes cawlls me dis)
  • Pozicles
  • Pozey-wozey
  • Mummiey's girrl
  • Daddy's girrl
  • Hairry Baibeee (mummer cawwlls me dis)
  • Little Wifey (dis iz wott mummer cawwlls me, dadder dus nutt liyke it! heehee!)
  • Cretin (Auntie Rowwwie's favrit wun to yoos, oh she crakkers me upp!)
  • Nugget (a teyrm owf endeermint frum mummer)
  • Futrit featyures (a futret iz a scottersh wurd fur a ferrit! Iz do nutt liyke dis wun)
  • Whiiskir fayce!
  • MeerkatDawg (dadder liykes to cawll me dis wun)
  • Likky-tongue (kus Iz likks everyfin awll da tiymes)
  • Windoow Likker (dis iz what ma uncel wesbo cawlls me! PPpppfft, kus I haz been knowd to likk windows a lottt)
  • Grubber (wheen Iz begg fur food)
  • Otter-heeed (kus border terriors haz headys shapid liyke ottirs!)
So, yeah fanziez n freends eet iz a wundir Iz evin knowz whoo i iz fur awll da naymeys Iz get cawwlld!!! heehee!

Nows awll yoo reederz has to do iz too commint to mee witch is yoor favrit and deen yoo can awll cawll me dat fur a week n ma mummer n dadder n auntie rowwiee n everywun will haz to cawll me dat too! YEAH!!! Oh annd yooz awll has to takey part asweell n say whott yooz nickernaymes iz! EEetz Troo!
Fanks Sargey-boy fur a grayte gamey!!!

Love n likkers,

Futriit Feetyurs (dat's mee, Posie, see...)

YEAH eetz troo!!




  1. Looks like fun. Might have to have a go, except everyone will then KNOW that Mum is mad! Deccy x

    1. heeheehee dos nowun knoo dat alreedy Deccy!? heehee! yooz nivir pikkerd yoor favrit nickernayme owf mine!! heehee! love pdorgi xox

  2. Hey Posie!
    Wow, you're the furst in my contest! What a great list of 24 nicknames. I had trouble deciding between Pozicles and Nugget, but I gotta vote for Nugget! That's too cute. You are now entered in the big drawing. Thanks for being a great furiend!


    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

    1. Fanks Sarge, Iz loove a compertishun an dis wun iz partikularly grayte like! YEAH eetz troo!

      Dat's wun vote fur nugget!!! YEAH!

      love n likks, nugget, xox

  3. Erm I can't see "Posie my dearest" or "Posie Princess" used fondly with such style, grace and romance from my good self to thine better self! x

    In the absence of the above (ha ha!) I'd go for P-diddely-dog-dog - cos it reminds Mummy2Legs of some sort of happy tribal didgeridoo dance, or my favourite (that is printable before the water-shed anyway!) of P-Dorg, as that simply reminds me of you!

    Don't know if this competition would work for me, I'd have "Barnie" listed 25 times, oh yes I would, for what better name is there ey!

    (Cretin must be very complimentary as I have heard that one too!)

    Love B-diddely-dog-dog / B-Dorg - or no doubt your preferred, Barnie! x

    1. Grace and roooomarnce!? How grayte, fanks Barnie!

      Yoo carnut just lisht barnie 25 tiymes yoo sillybillery! heehee! I thiink yoo soot being B-Dorg! yeah!

      love p-diddler,


    2. Well I guess you are right my Posie Princess - maybe I should enter too, today for instance Daddy2Legs called me Big Boy and Little2Legs sometimes call me Bam Bam (know which I'd prefer mind!) xx

  4. Hehehehe, you has many nicknames as I has! Heck, I don't knows what to answer too anymores...not dat I did though.
    Okays, I likes P-diddely-dog-dog...dats my favorite but I purty much likes all your nicknames. And you knows, my mum thinks I looks like a meerecat too. Hoomans are so strange.

    Your Uncle, I mean Bob, sounds like a trip.


    1. Heehee yoo dus look a littel bitt liyke a meerkat when yooz stand upp n flexi yoor gloots puddles! heehee!

      Booby is a nutter n hee iz nutt allowd own ma bloggy agaiyn! heehee!

      Love pdorg xox

  5. POSEY WOSEY... I LOVE THAT ONE!!! You REALLY have a LONG list of nicknames fur sure.
    I am crazy about that picture of you.
    Uncle Bob really did a nice job with his post. I think it would be OKAY fur him to have a chance Once in a WHILE..

    1. thanks fur votiing guys! I liyke posey wosey yeah! Witch piktyoor owf me?!

      Weel if hee iz a good birdie n let me nibble on his chikkeny lookin bits n eet up up whole, den yeah I will lett him blogg own ma blogger, fo then i feer it may be too latez fur him! heehee! love pdorg xox

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. iz poshtid it twiyce, sorry guyz xox

  6. That looks like pretty good fun except most of the words our mum calls us could never be printed, BOL!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

    1. heehee i fin kyoo shud tayke parrt enywayz!! eet wood be funny to see! yeah! butt yooz nevir pikked yoor favrit wun owf mines guyz!! heehee, love pdorg xox

  7. I likes the name Pozicles but it was hard to pick. Zack has many names, some good some bad ahahahah. My favourite of his is wigglebutt or Mr. Wiggles

    1. mister wiggles! heheee, I fink i is gonna havv to shtart cawwllin zack dat! heehee! love n likks, pdorg xox

  8. Hi Posie!

    I am now REALLY REALLY glad that Sarge had this competition - because it led me to you and I've not visited your blog before.

    I vote for Pozey-wozey. I think it's really cute. If you could hop over to my blog and vote on my nicknames I'd be really grateful (PLEEEEEASE pick a nice one)

    Love and licks, Winnie the Greyhound

  9. Sarge sent me over. NUGGET gets my vote!

    ArooooOOOOO! Stuart

  10. Hi Posey,

    I like Pozey-Wozey!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and voting today!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  11. Hey Posey!!! Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by!! I lovies P-diddely-dog-dog!!!! How cute!


  12. Hey there Posie - Shiloh'n Shasta here. WOWZERZ! You shure du haf a lot of nicknamez an'so many great onez tu. It wuz sooooooo furry much hard tu chooze just one BUTT we did. We vote fer

    By the way, thank-u fer stoppin'by our blog. Our mom really likez Border Terrierz almost az much az she likez Beaglez like us. We all wanted tu follow you on your blog - we all think you iza cutie-patootie.
    Shiloh'n Shasta

  13. I like P-diddler! It has a cute little ring to it!

    Your pal, Pip


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