Friday, 11 May 2012

Fillurm Revyoooue 2

Spoyleirs Allert!
CAUSHUN! - da followerin ravyuoooue kontayns
spoiylirs abowt da mooviey!

Herlooo to ma fanzzees!

Well toodaey I'z gonna revyoooue anuther fillum coz I like fillums and thiz wun iz reallee qwite speshul. 

It'z Beverly Hills Chiwawawawawahh

It'z a mad capped afare abowt a verree posh dorgie called Binky. Binky iz a verree posh girlee dorgie that iz very cleen and stylish...juzt like mee....heehee. Sorree...wot'z that dadderlee? 


Butt....Ok dadderlee....sighzzz...

Daddeeree sez it'z not called Binky...that'z the name of tha dorgie mammy wants as ma littil brotherr. Ok...thatt woz embarrarsing. The dorgie iz called Chloe...She iz a posh dorgie from Bervelly Hillz in Merika.

There iz anuvver dorgie called Papi. He iz also a chiwawawawawaahh...and I'z don't mind sayin that hee iz verree sexxee..ARGH....Darderlee saw wot I wrote... Look att ma blusherin!!! -

Summtimez ah wish ah woz not livin at home...

Butt oh ma gooderyness, look at Papi:

Yers Plees, dontt mind if Iz do,
supposern Iz do say soo maself!
Nummers! heehee! Eetz troo!

Anyhoo...professhunally speekin I shud moov on az I'z posted half a blog and not revyooed the fillum yet. 

Well...the dorgie getz put in tha care off a verree unprofesuhnal wooman.. see..

look howz cyoot chloe's bootiez arr?!
Dis womarn, who is sumhow reelayted to chlooe's mummer in da movie, letz  Chloee out and shee goze onto hazin a grayte udventyooor inn Mexico. Whoo wuld hav gezzed that?? I didint see that coming att all!?  Shee meats a luvverly dorgie called Delgado...

Delgardoo n Chloee!

Hee'z nice and evereefing butt hee'z not a patshh onn Papi...hee'z so dreemy...

There'z this big boollee called Diablow. He'z a muppet and not a good wun like KErmit or mizz piggee... He wantz to eet Chloe butt Delgado savves Chloe and Diablow haz to chaze them all over the wurld to find them....or Mexico...whaattevver is biggerrr

So, this is Diyaberlow:


Chloe dozenot like dirty pawz...this woz a big flaw for mee...I luvv mud. Daderlie iz nott so kean...He likyes a cleeyun flore. 

Aneewayze...Delgarrdo leefz Chloe at a reztaurant thinkn that shee will bee well butt the znobbee hotell thinksz she iz a mutt like ma Auntie rowie. And iff herr mam Jamie lee curtiz kneow thiz thenn she wud be angree so the thick girrull liez and preetendz to be Chloe on the phone by makin sillee stereotypikall nozies like barkin and gurrin...

Chloe n Jamery Lee Kurtis!

Meenwhilez, herr posh palz are playin own a bouncee castle...and ma favourit dorgie iz bouncin on itt...a border terriorizt like maself...It's beeyotiful.

Sorreee I muzt apollogize...I gett carreeed awaay.

Wuff and indeeederly wuff

Darderlee keepz clappin hiz hannunds az I keepz barkin'z.

There'z a wee mousse and a lizzerd. They arre stoopid like catz. Furget them. They steel Binkee'z neckalce...They remoovebly forse Chloee's chayne frum her neck...They arre pantz. Boo.

Derryergaldo biytes Chloe and poots herr on the trayun...And she sez goobyee tearfullee....

Are you followin this cuz I'z completelee lost the plot on thisz fillum...It'z just so excityrern...

Anyway...Papi lozes contrrol off hiz sensez and forgettz abowt me and folls in luv with Chloe...Silly dorgie. he luvres mee reelly. 

The reszt of the fillum iz really gooud and baddd....Chloe getzs savved and Delgeraddddoooo meatz hiz suns...and thatz gud..Not wanntin too spoylez the end but Papi findz luv wiz chloe...Boo...that'z badd...Papee iz mynzez!

I'z reelly enjoyed thiz fillum...It woz excitern an funnee.. and scarree... an sillee and yette funnee..

11 snorsages out owf 10

Thisz braykez ma hartee az it'z soo gud it gettz 11 owt of 10 snorsages...witch meenz I gett minuz wun snorzage...Hooww duz thaat evenn wurrk? 

I luuvvs this fillumm and I'z wantin a pet chiwawawawawah to lovve n takke carre owf n say awww att kus owf their big cyoot eyez andd laff at kus they arr smallir than meez ...
I luvz chiwawawaawwaahhaz...

Soo, if yoo iz unlucky enouff to nutt haz red ma previooos fil revieew yoo can gett to its frum herre! It wazz Babe - I lovess dat moviee! heehee!

Pdorg iz signin owt az I needz a pee! heehee! Eetz troo!

Luv and lickerleez to ma fanzzeeez...oh and to Papi...iff youu reed thiz... I'z free when you iz! Wuff!

xoxoxoxoxox (furr Papi) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox 

Mah gooderyness...youuuee iz a Dog-Godd.. Coll mee! 

Lovve n likkers,



  1. We saw the film quite a while ago and being chihuahuas we lurved it!!
    It would be nice if we got a home with a rich lady who has a swimming pool and ate steak everyday, pfft.
    Did you know they found Papi at a shelter and rescued him and now he is a big star.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

    1. oooh ma gooderynes, shtaaaake everyday wudd just bee da beshtest! YEAH! EETS TROO! Dat iz sutch a sweet story owf sadness butt risingg to fayme! I loves it!

      Love pdorg xox

  2. Bwhahahaha...OMD, dis was da bestest review I has ever readed in my life! I seened da movie but it was still a good review. Dat little Chloe was purties and alls but hers was a little too divaish. I can't believes a dog don't likes mud and rollin' all around in stinky stuffs...and huntin' fur food. Dat just weird to me.

    Nows I'm gonna tells you sumptin and you'll NEVERS see Papi da same again. My Girl's furiends thinks I looks like Papi...bwhahahahaha...I IS A GIRL...WTF?


    1. heeheee, fanks puddles, I fink da mooovie iz jusht grayteness!! I lovve finding mud n playirn n gettin messy heehee!

      EEEEeew PUDDles! YEah yoo iz a girrl, wooooaah youu iz spoylin ma dreeeems!!!! heheehee i iz kiddin, yoo dus look a littel liyke him in a non-maskerliyne way! love pdorg xox

  3. Hahahahhaha! Oh that was a most excellent review :D I have not seen the movie butt will now! :D

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: Jamie Lee is lookin GOOD :D

    1. yooo carnut liyke a hooman Roos! heehee! dat is plaiyn wrongg! heehee! butt she iz veru pretty in dat fotorgraff! Fanks fur liykin ma revyooww! heehee love pdorg xox


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