Friday, 15 June 2012


Herlloo awll ma byootifull bloggin palz,

Eeeeeeeeeeeez Friyday! YERS!  N dat meens eets funntiyme weekernd! WAAAAAAAAHOOOOIES!!!

I iz sorrie dat I haz been negerlygint owf ma bloggy layterly, ma mummer haz been hassin a carrie own wiv herself n herr nyoo jobb startied own mondaiy n she has beed in cashultie wiv her legg awll swolled upp after tryin owt da agility trakk lasht week - silly mummer! heeheehee!  Anywayis...

Sooo, lasht weekerend I waz knakkered, kuss ma mummer n dadder gotted da briyght eye-deea in deyr heeads dat we shooo buy a tentt, n I'z said "okays, whattevers!" kuss to be faiyr, I'z did nutt knows whot a tennty was! Butt I's doo now!!! Yers, eetz troo!  Dey wentt n botted eet n did, what dadder cawlled "a triyall runn in da bakk garddin!" Sooo.. dees ees whott happerend lasht Satturday..

Fursht we pikked upp da tentt n took eet homme in da bakk owf da carr:

me, shtandind da wrongg way rownd 
in ma sloppitt cagey, keepin ma 
beedies own ma nyoo tentie!

We gotted eet homme n den I had to helpp ma dadder n mummer get eet erekted... ppfpfftt heeeheeheee errekted... anywaiys...

dis ees eet hallff way derr!

I'z had too look at eet furr a bitt to mayke shoor everythin waz in ordirr:

Yup... eet haz da Pdorg seel owf approvall

I thenn hadd to go arrown da sircumferince owf da tennt n checkk da perimitir, forr awll da peggs:

Yup, thatt pegg is reddy besiyde
da appropreeayte guy liyne

Nekst upp ees a piktyoor owf mee pullin da guyliynes tiyght furr daddery to get da pegs in:

Get da mallet reddy dadderlie!

Loook, we didd eet:

Yay fur ma tenttie!!

Noww whot do we dooo wiv eet!? heeheehee!... WHOT?!?! WE AWLL SHLEEP INSIYDE EET AWLL NIYGHT!?!?!? PPPFFFTTT nooo we dontt yoo is pulin ma taiyl!!!  Well, I is bringin ma turkish sofar! indeeder!  Eetz troo!

Me teetin rownd da edgie in an unshooor fashun!

EVENTCHULLY I'z wenntt in...

butt I'z keppt ma witts abowt me!! heehee!

I'z dunno eef I'z liyke eet yett or nutt! heehee:

Wun ees nutt amyoosed! heehee!

Looks liyke eets tiyme.... gulp... burpp! heehee:

Niyghtienight.. eek!

Soooo.. I survyved eet, yooz'll awll be gladd to heer eet, I iz shoor heeheheee!  Akshully in da mornin dadder kood nutt get me owt owf da tentt, eets troo! I lovid eet! heehee! Butt Whenn I'z cayme in inn da mornin I wentt shtraiyt upp to ma mummer n dadderlie's beddie to snooze eet off! heehee! Look:

catchin upp own ma ZZzzzzzz's

Som everywun I'z hoppe dat yoo liyked havin an insiyght ento lasht week's weekernd! N now, we is gowin camperin dis weekernd! YUP, so eef yoo downt heer frum me over da weekernd, yoo will knoww dat I haz gowed own an advintchuur in ma tenterooo! yeah!!! N eef eet is okayz wiff yoo awll, I iz gownna poshtpownn ma Satturday Sweeteries till Sundaiy evernin, is thatt allriyght!?  N guys, eetz ma lasht wun... unlessh anywun hazz any furthir addishuns?! heeheehee!

Havv da graytist owf weekernds pals,

Love n likkersn nuggies,



  1. WooHoo...Posie! Dat was some adventureous stuffs dere. Luvs your tent but me would hate to be in it durin a big thunder boomer storm! {insert shiver}

    Haves a nice weekend!

  2. Oh Posie , that is some adventure and some tent , lucky you. Have a great weekend!
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Thats a big tent Posie, but you should insist on 5* accommodation all the way..hehe! Deccy x

  4. Wow, what an awesome tent!! Did they bring you breakfast in bed the next morning?

  5. Posie gal, are you taking a refrige and tv, PLEASE don't forget all you favorite foodies, have fun, sees you Sunday.

    Susie & Sidebites

  6. Oooh, we love your tent Posie - where are the humans going to sleep, he he!
    We must say, you are an expert camper, if we tried to put a tent up we would either strangle someone with the rope or get trapped inside till starved!
    Have lots of fun.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  7. This really made us smile, as we all tried 'tenting' last year for the first time as a family - eee well, Daddy2Legs had to buy a trailer, increase it's size (twice) to accommodate Mummy2Legs' 'toilet', 'carpet' and 'table/kitchenware' accessories! We went down South to Woodlands Grove, said 5 star and had a theme park for the kids - plus it had a dog run and safe kennels on site - it was 'canny' Mummy2Legs said, everyone keeps asking Mummy2Legs when we are booking again for this year, but she said she is 'not up to it yet' cos it was fun, but hard work feeding and clothing everybody in a confined area in the rain! - if nothing else you will have an awesome adventure and that's what life is all about! Love Barnie x

  8. Yes what an adventure! But it sounds more exciting when I read it in your language. By the way what do you speak? Posieneese? BOL!


  9. You have some PAWESOME adventures, can we come along some time?!

    have a great weekend.


    P.s We are SO sorry we are behind on all your posts, we have been kept really busy lately :(

  10. Have fun camping! I hope you have a great time. Can't wait to see what you get up to. ;)


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