Thursday, 28 June 2012

Awarrds, Olermpikks n Shelterss!!


Herlo herlo herlo girrls, boys, doggies, pussycats, hoomans, furrends, fanzies n AWWLL of yas (GAAAAAAAAASP, dat wuz a longg sentenss!!!) heeheehee!

I has soooooooo mutch, liyke craaaazzy loads too saiy tooday! Befurr I do, can I just say dat me n mummer has been heerin awll abowt da wildfiyres in Merika, from Team Beaglebratz and Zoolatry, and we fink eet ees very skarriy and sad and we is sendin love n hopefullness to awll who its affekting!!

Zoolatry's haartfelt badgey!
Nuggies n love to awll!

Now, I has lotds of fthings to covvir today...

1. An Awurd

2. Pedigree Fur Shelter Doggers

3. Da OLIRMPIKKS, obvioussly!

4. An Updayte Own Ma bookie!

Sooo brayce yoorselff furr a long poshty... okaaay!? Maybbe gett a cuppie tee or a bowll owf food, or pop ovvir to Barnie fur wun owf his Bordoggery biskutts, or whottever flots yer boat n waggies yer taiyl! N tayke a lookie at ma facey to rememmbirr how byootifull eet ees:

Arr yoo syked n reddy now!?!?


Sooooo, too buzniss...

1. Nummbir Wun own ma agendda, MA AWURRD!!!!! I gott eet frum wun owf da niycest doggers in Blogsville!! Molly The Wally! She iz just wunderful n deservid her awurd in da furst placey butt eet waz also soo KIYND owf her to givve me this awarrrd! Fanks Molly!! Now everywun yoo shudd go n reed her posts kus they arre very funn n shee haz a crakkin sense owf hyumoor! See herr pagey herre! She will welcomme yoo harrtily n be gladd dat yoo swung own by! YEAH!

The rooles iz dat I has to fank my awurd-givver n link bakk to theiyrr pagey, so I'z dun dat! Thenn I haz too tell yoo sevvin fings abowtt maself n denn da besht bitt ees dat I gett to gives eet to 15 owf ma furrends!!
Sooo dis iz ma nyoo awurrd:

I iz verrii takkin wivv eet, n now I has to tell yoo awll sevinn fings abowt maselff!

1.I'z always runn akross da room when dadder sneezies, n when he dus eet da sekund tiyme I runn all da way bakk, no wun knows whyy! heehee! butt ees troo!

2. I jump on dadder n mummers beddie whenn they showt HELLOO! I den jump owf said beddery when they say NIGHT NIGHT, BED TIME POSIE!!!

3. Ma Auntie Rowie can tayke cornirs and get rownd them wiv better agillity thann me, butt I is mutch fastir in a straight liyne!

4. When I'z was a pup, I yoosed to GO MENTAL when ma dadder played his grandd pieeano, everytiyme he pressered wun owf da foot pedalls I wood BARK n BARK n BARK! heehee!

5. Da vet man sed I was overwwaiyt erlier dis yeer, so dadder n mummer chaynged ma diyet n now I lookin sleeeeeek n fiiiiiiyn wiv a wee waiystie, eetz troo!

6. Ma favritt toy is a tiiiiny small orrange basketbawll!

7. Ma mummer n dadder waz dyoo to go to Nyoo York, butt then fown owt therr was a littel borderr terrior cawlled Rosie who did nutt havv her furever homme yet, andd they wantid wun cawlled Posie, so they came annd got ME at 4 munths old and went to Nyoo York the week after, liyke planned, n I stayed wiv Grandar and Grinny. Then the ash clowd cayme ovir frum Iceland and they hadd to stayy in Nyoo York fur 8 morre dayzz!!! I stayed wiv Auntie S and then wiv Auntie Rowie!!! eeees awll TROOOO!!! N they bott pressers for me n shtuff n I was sooooo pleeesed when they cames homme, I went n gotted them frum da airporrt wiv Granny A and Granda I and Auntie S!!!!! Butt I had growed way bigg kus they hadd beed away soo long n I did nutt fitt into anyfin they hadd botted me! heeheeheehee! Eeeees awll troo!

Now, as wivth awll da awarrds I'z getted n givv owt, agenn, I'z will nutt give dis awurrd to ma furrends who i can see has eet alreddy, or been givvd it byy Molly da Wally ! So, ma listy is:





Shelle and her Doxies:




Two Doodles and a Dane: 


Susie n Sidebite:

Shiloh n Shasta:



Stella and Rory:

Plees note, I has putted thoze in no partikularr orderr, okays!!?!? N eet eez also nutt eksawtstiv as too whoo awll ma furrends arr, ok!? 15 ees a small nummber, even tho eets close to 17, and dat ees da higheyest I can cownt, tho mummer says she is gowin to teech me awll about EIGHTEEEN nekxst week, i dus nutt know whot dis ees, butt I is lookin furward too eet! heeheehee!

Now, onto da sekund partt owf toodays agenddar:

2.Pedigree fur shelter doggies! Yoo awll know dat I iz a advokayte fur poor doggers n aniymals whoo are less furchunayte dan maselff so, when I saw dis I fthot eet was a grayte hopperchunity!!! Pedigree is dowin a fing wherre every blogger who dus a posht fur eet, they will givv a big bagg owf food to doggies in need okay!?! Now DAT IS GRAAAAAAYTE, jusht whot we need! eh? So this posty is suppawting da cauwse, how cool is dat!?!? Herre is da badgey yoo can yoos own yoor postie:

Find owt abowt eet awll herre:

3. Impawtint diskushun number thfree!!! Owr Olermpiks!

Now, this is gonna be GINORMIOUS! Butt I fink we awll knows abowt dat! heehee! Therre is lotdds owf stuff happernin and now we has joyned forses wiv da pussycats, its gonna be evin MORE HUGE!!!!!! Therre is a comprerhensiiivv listin owf all dat ees gowin down at: This was donne by Zoolatry!! Eet ees sooo well putt togethir, indeeder, ma mummer was impresserd!

Soooo, go therre n checkk owt whot tha scoop ees!! N keep yoorselvs atop off Frankie owr Mayors postings kus hee is da man in da knowz andd his lists n dates n EVFURRYFIN therr!! OKAY!?

Butt, as fur me I is hostin da PARAYDE owf da ATHLETES!!! Eet ees gownna be liyke da freeekin OSCARS guys!!! Just yoo waiyt n see!

N I need EVERYWUN, n i meen EFURRYWUN, awll pussykatts, doggers n otherr petliyke pawtissypants to get theiyr piktyoors emaiyled to me liyke as sooon as the floodgaytes open so that I can mayke dis tha best parayde yoo EVER did see! Okay!??!

Nows, whenn eet comees to yoor piktyoor owf yoorselff fur da parayde, feel free to add in a flag, either photorshoppd own or akshully in tha piktyoor! Whenn I say flagg I meen yoor countryy colours or a crazy flagg owf yoor choice or a banner wiv Olermpik HAPPY (NON-COMPETITVE, kus we is awll gold medarlishts remembir?!) messarges own eet, or yoo can has balloons or party poopers POPPERS, heehee, or just whattever, bee kreeeyative and hass fun wiv eet!! Yoo can be runnin, jumperin, carryin yoor favrit toy orr weyrin a tutuuu!! I'z donnt really mind butt, I duss haz a cuppel owf shtipulashuns:

Eet wood be best eef yoo is STANDING UP (still or leapin across or whatever, eet dusnt matter, just dont has yoor butt own da grownd okays?!) in da piktyoor so we can awll be paraydin along eef yoo catch ma drifft!

Hows abowt: BUMS and tails to da LEFT owf da piktyoor and EYES n noses to that RIYGHT!?!?

Andd only eef eets possible, kus eet woud be PREFERABLE, eef yoo was own grass, and den eet looks liyke we is awll parayding togithir liyke eet shood be, ok!? Butt I totarlly undershtand eef this is LIYKE IMPOSSIRBILE!!

Fur eggzampel, thiss wun wood work:

(tho eet wood look better wiv a
flaggy andd a ballon or summat)

Okay, so now to sendin yoor piktyoors:

Sendd yoor paraydey piktyoor to ma emaiyl: posiedorg (at) gmail (dot) com

Yoo can shtart senddin me piktyoors as owf tha 9th owf July!


Now, I is hoppin dat I haz mayde dat cleer, Iz'll reeiterayte WUN MORE TIYME!:

Yoo can start sendin em in on da 9th July and theyy musht be reseeved by me by da 18th July!!!  Any piktyoors reseeevd after da 18th owf July, I'z'll nutt has tiyme to add in!!  EEES TROO! OKAY!??!!?

Therre, dat's grumpy Posie past fur da niyte, I'z'll be bakk to ma yoosyal loverly self frum noww own! heehehee! Eeees T

Okay guys, beclaws I will be innurndayted wivv emaiyle between the 9th and tha 18th owf July, I askk yoo to do wriyte yoor emaiyl SUBJECT LINE to me in tha followern fashun: PARADE YOOR NAYME (exkstra bits owf nayme/ defiyning karakteristic), so fur eggsample, Frankie's subjekkt line too me wudd be


Orr Sarge's Wood be:


Fiynally, eef yoo is hosterin an evint yoo can say in yoor emaiyl too me whot tha eventt is and whenn eet ees takkin playce!  If yoo is an athleete butt nutt hostin, just say whot country yoo is frum and whott events yoo fink yoo will excell in okays?! Hosters can givv me dis infurmashun too!!


Duss this awl mayke sense den guys?!  Aaaaanywaiys, any kwestchuns, send em my way!!! Ok?!

Soo I fink dat ees efurryfink cuvverd... OOOHH PpppPPFffft exceppt da mosht obviooooos fing, da PARAYDE IS OWN DA 27th July! heeheehee! Dat ees da mosht impawtint bitt, eh?!?!

4.  Noww, da fiynal peees owf nyoos furr yoo awll is abowwt ma bookie!!  WHOT?!  Yoo did nutt knows dat I is dowin a bookie?!?!  YEAH! I did a poshtie lasht week awll abowt eet, check eet owt herre:

Sooo, I has been gettin da bawll rollin, n I love chassin rollin ballys in da gardin, so eet has been a lott owf fun! heheehee!  Andd eees awll fur a good cawse, da Willows Aniymmal Sanktchury! Chekk dem owt herre!

And me n mummer has desiydered to do da bookie abowt da OLERMPIKS, how cool will dat be?!  Annd ees awll kus owf Moly da Wallys ingeneeius eye-dea, eet was very brainy owf herr!! Eet can be a collaborativv effurt wivv any pawtissypants and hosts whoo wunt to gett involvved!!! N we fank yoo awll in advanse, eets troo! I is gownna be makkin upp an emaiyl n maybee a forrm fur pawtissypants to fill in to say yoo is happery for yoor pikoors to be yoosed in da bookie, andd if yoo is nutt happery, den I will mayke shure yoo duss nutt appeer in da bookie!  Ill tell yas morre abowt awll dis soon thfo okays!?

Butt furr nows I wanna say dat I has deviysed a good way to selll lotds n lotds owf coppies owf da bookie!  I'zll go liyke dis:

Fink owf da annimals!
Buyy da bookie!

Doo yoo fink ma puppie eyez will do da trikk!? N eef eet dus nutt work, I'z'll employy dees taktikk inshtedd:


Heeheehee between wun orr da othir, I figyuur da bookie will sell lotds owf coppieys! heeheehee! Whot dus ya fink?!?

PHEEEEEEEEEEW riyght guys!!!  I is absoluterly shatttird after dat MAAAAAASSIVV poshty, eet has tooked ma mummer da besht part owf her day owf, ... watchin me yoos da lapptopp! heeheheehee!

Guys, ees now ma bed tiyme!  I  iz sooo eksiytered abowt everyfin dat ees gowin on jusht now, ees fun tiymes!!!  I iz send lotts n lotts owf love n likkers n happery thfotts too awwl ma furrends n fanzies! Lovvin yas awll!

Loooooove n shlobbery Posiee styleeee likkers,



PeeS - herre is da blog hop to joiyn wiv yoor Pediggree Shelter Doggers posties! YEAH!


  1. OMD POSIE girrrrrrl this is the mostest INFORMATIVE and EXCITING POST!! I was at that edge of my seat fur the entire Reading.

    Excellent explanation fur your PARADE of ATHLETES... rules. nice that you actually SHOWED examples of the pictures and how to put the subject thingy words!! BRILLIANT. Like my mom always say... SEEING is Be DOING.
    I can NOT wait fur the BOOK about this EVENT OF THE CENTURY!!

  2. Congratulations on your award and thank you for passing it to me!! I am glad I read your post beclaws now I know how to send in my picture. This will be so fun!

  3. Congratulations!!! And thank you for all the info.

  4. Well done on your book Posie. We'll sort out an athletic photo for you! Deccy x

  5. We are thinking of everyone in Colorado, it is such a terrible thing to happen.
    Well done on your award Posie and we hope Pedigree raise lots of noms for the shelter dog.
    We are very excited about your book - hooray!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  6. Oh my goodness Posie! Your tongue must be all worn out after all that gabbin ;) BOL! That will be such a fun book to read! And your Parade of Athletes is gonna be CRAZY GREAT!!! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  7. Posie you dorg of many talents , congratulations on your award and thank you for saying the bookie Olympics was our idea. You came up with the bookie , we just want to help. I bet the whole of BO2012 will be behind you and the cats are included too , so how good it that. Thank you pal.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. We would enter a comment, but we need a snack after reading all that!... Brb......

    > (burp)

    oh, mate!! Thank you so much for the honor you've bestowed... we just learneded that word... we thought it was about stowing something on a pirate ship, but mom said it was giving stuff... personally we would bestow you on a pirate ship with us and go sail around the world because we are so happy about the award... but mom has a strict go to bed at 11 pm policy, and I don't think we can see the world in 14 hours.

    how did you have time to send us and award and type all that stuff up? seriously, you are a very talented friend!! :)

    Many hugs, woofs, licks and nibbles from our house to yours!!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  9. Wow! That's a lot of typing you did in that blog post!!! We absolutely love the picture example you gave and love how we can add flags and balloons and stuff. I can't wait until the Olympics! It's going to be pawsome!!!

  10. Do you think one book will be enough to show all us 'athletes' at our best - ha ha! We all like something to look forward to and this will definitely not disappoint! Gruff Respect to you Posie/Mummers! x

  11. Congrats on the book, me will definitely buy a copy ;)
    Oooh and the Olypmpics looks like so much fun!

  12. Posie Dorg's thanks for the award, we passed it on the best we could, got the olympic info, we are in for the bookie thingy.

    Sus & The Bites

  13. Thanks for the award Posie, Zack feels very special. We will be posting about it in the next little while. Whoo hoo, Zack will have to participate from Canada in the Olympics!!! Can't wait.

  14. Thats an amazinly long post my pal. It put our meeger efforts to shame. I haz to write more i fink...i will be werkin on my Limpics pics for you at the weekends...

  15. Heehee! Congrats on your award!

  16. Oh my dawling Posie,
    I justy now saw this twemendoos post full of the most bestewest things..Thank yoo fow the awawd..I have been getting no helps whatsoevews fwom Mommi , who is sitting awound sweating into hew eyes fwom the widocooloos heats hewe..anywayI just looooved weading bouts yoo and also all the Lympic stuffs and yoow bookie!!!which I think is soopew fantabooloos..I can't get one cause Mommi says even though we moved half the wowld away so we coold affowd to live, we'we still bwokes, sheeesh, but I keep hoping to have some gween papews one of these days and when I do , I AM buying yoow books, so thewe
    I love you and think you awe soopew wondewful
    smoochie kisses


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