Monday, 4 June 2012

Silly Mummer n PEEmail!!

Herrlo Everywunn, 

Is yoooz awll fiyne tooday on dis herre Munndaiy!?  I'z doo hoppe soo, indeederydoo!! 

I hazz jusht reyaliysed datt I has nutt did I poshty siynce ma Satturdaiy Sweeteries Wun! I fott diz was a disgrayce!! So, I iz herre nows, donnt panic! Loook eets me agaiyn, fur shurre:

Sayme az evir,
jusht lil' olde P-dorg!

So guys, a few yoo matterz owf busniss:

1. Didd yoos awll enjoyy seeyin ma boyyfurrend Barrnie as ma Stturdaiy Sweetteries Gesst own Satturday!?

2. I beleieve a Happay Birffday iz in orderr fur a certtaiyn Corbin, we haz nevirr mett froo Blogland yet, butt I has seed everywun wisherin him a happie day, so fott I wood too!  Spreddin da doggerylovve wun posht at a tiyme! heeheehee!

3. I iz verry prowwd owf ma mummer.... doo yooz remimber shee had a tintervyoo own Friyday!?!  Well.... SHE GOTTED DAA JOBB!!  Awll dat reeding n shtudyin paiyd owf mummer, yoo can buyz me a nyoo beddie now, wiv ma nayme embroiydered own it! hehee! She haz did very furry well thfo n iz very clevvir!!!

4. Ma mummer ees an idyot! heehee! Eeetz troo! Let me tellz ya whot happerend tooday, (we hass no photorgraphik eviydense kus eet happend so kwik n enderred at da doktirrs! So barre wivv me n ma shtory!!)  So, abbowt an howr afterr shee waz offerrd herr jobbie, her n dadder tooked me fur a walkkie!! YEah, n we fouwnd a bitt owf da parkk we had nevir seed befur, eet is a dog agillyty areya! Yeah eet had seesarws and bigg fraymes to cliymb ovirr n doggie jumpss! N besht owf awll, EET WAS ENCLOSSED!!!!! So mummer took off ma leed n dadder says gow on thenn Posie iff yoo wunt to givve eet a go!!  So, mummer thfot, "Posie's nevirr dunn thiz beforre, I will haz to showw herr whott to doo!", n mummer preseedid to run at wun o owf da doggie jumps, eet looked abit liyke diss:

Shee desiyderd to jumpp ovvir eet - eet wasntt morre dan 6 inchers owf da grownd - butt kiynd owf furgott to jumpp whenn shee reeched eet, butt hadd buillt upp so mutch momentum she coulddnt shtop! So diss happerned:

Shee bassherd herr legg owf da bigg wooden bitt at da bottom, gotted herr foot shtukk between da pole and da wooded plankk! N boof, she landedd own her harm n hurted bothh her leggies! Silly mummer! N I didd nott gett to go own da agilyty fings kus we hadd to help mummer hobble bakk to carr n gett homme! ppffft! so noo wakkies fur me tooday, fanks mummer!  Serioosly tho, she did fink she hadd broked her leg, butt da dokktir says shee did nutt, so allz iz well! heeheehee!

Ok, so movvin own frum mummer's shtoopidirty..., I'z wood liyke to noww do ma entrriie fur da PeeMail Compertishun:

If yoo wunt to fiynd ouwt abouwtt dis compertishun, check owt Cowspotdogs' blog, herre!  I iz entirrin da 2nd Annyooal PeeMail Compertishun wivv summ splendidd little piktyoors owf me chekkern ma peemails, see:

So manny peemaiyls,
soo little leadd!

Yoo spyin ownn me
chekin ma peemails?!!?

Eurgh, datt wusntt a peemail,
eet waz salty seea spray!!

So guyzz, I iz finkin datt chekkin peemails iz alwayzz bettir whin yoo knowz therr izntt seeshpray own itt! pffft! heehee!

Well, ma palss, dats ma entrriee n  hope ots oowf yoo wunt to go entirr now too!! I fink Reilly n Denny frum Cowspotdogs wood liyke dat a lott! heehe!

Furr now, eetz beed tiyme, kuss therr is bigg Juberlee sellybrashuns tommorrow n I has to go likk ma mummer's leg to make shoor eet gets bettir soon!

Love n likkers,



  1. I love that first picture of you, sooooooo adorable!

    I found a dog swap partner with you! I just sent your an email with all the information.

  2. Posie, sounds like you needs to calm mom down a wee bit, that salty sea spray leave you a nasty message eey! Heeheehee

    Susie & Bites

  3. Aw, stung by the sea salt! It happens! Congrats on the job!!!! Very exciting news!

  4. OMD OMD POSIE GIRRRRL I am SOOOOO happy about your mum's new JOB!! THAT is fangtastical fur SURE...
    I think Barney will Swoon when he sees you in that furst picture with your BABUSHKA.. Vaaaaa VAAAAAA Vaaaaaa VOOOOOM... I can't wait to hear what he has to say about THAT...
    Now about this "INCIDENT" in the agilities Bark... WHAT WAS your Mum THINKIN??? SHE is supposed to run.. beside the jump and YOU are supposed to go OVER it... SHEEEEESH.. PEEPS can be sooooo silly sometimes. Now that she knows the RULES... I hope that you won't be tooooooo embarrassed to try takin her BACK fur another go at the place!!! Maybe if you wear a Different Babushka nobuddy will recognize you. I'm just sayin.
    I am glad that she did NOT break her leg though. WHEW.. that would have been awful. I'm just sayin.

  5. Many Congrats to your mum for getting her new job, there will be treats galore we are sure!
    Hope her legs are better now, best leave agaility to the dogs, eh Posie's mum?
    That looks like some very interesting pee mail, good luck.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  6. Hey Posie,

    I'm not sure that you should jump over those agility jumps if that is the way your mom demonstrates how to do it!! I'm also glad she goes a new job "YAY" so congrats are in order - and you totally deserve to get that new bed!! I hope you ma doesn't limp too long. Moms are sometimes silly (and embarrassing too!! BOL!)

    See you my friend, Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  7. Congrats to your Mum. Agility should be left well alone hehe! Deccy x

  8. Congratulations to your mom on her new job. Tell your mom to leave the agility jumping to the dogs next time! I don't think that's a human sport. We do hope she is feeling better, sounded very painful. We will tell our Mommy not to try jumping over the one she made for us!

  9. Hi Posie! Thank you for dropping by our blog. Your mom sounds like an avid individual in this agility thing. You should at least give her credit for trying.

    Congratulations on getting the job mom.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  10. Oh nooo for I have come here straight from the boggy field out back, I'm sure there's something dodgy dripping from my tail that don't belong to me! and I see that my Princess Posie is perfectly picture perfect and pretty in your new frock - and looking a little like you require an explanation for my current state! Erm, yes well, moving swiftly on - I'm sure that PeeMail said to dash off quick as you can before the sea spray gets you - he he, I know this from trial and error with Little2Legs skipping rope, went to check it out, got sprayed by surprise by the garden hose - ropes, they aint never good news!

    Well done to you Mam "Boing Boing Splat" situation aside - he he! - Ooooh Mummy2Legs looks angst in sympathy, hope she's not in pain now - bless! But very well done and best of luck for her new job!

    I will take my abomination of self away now - (a) as I smell of something even I confess is dodgy from the back field! and (b), cos I only publish once or twice a week - I am a disgrace....well I've been on to Mummy2Legs but she moans on about chores/kids/her job - honestly, some 2Legs just don't understand the impawwtance of our commitments here! Be taking greatest of care - no, I mean, really, think your poor Mam needs that extra bit of supervision when you take her out in public near low lying fences - just.... in case,,, she gets one of them urges to hurl herself at one at great speed again ey!

  11. Posie we love that pic of you with the headscarf!
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Hey Posie, Congrats to your mom for her new job., I'm sure there will be some treats for you...are you excited???lol

    Dog Fence
    Dog Containment

  13. Oh no, poor muumers. I ope she do be feelin better now my pal. Is the same ere, wiv all the humans crocked one way or anuvver....altho i fink this just be wear & tear for old peeps not accidents...


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