Thursday, 21 June 2012


Good Evernin Pals,

I iz commin to yoo wiv, perhapps, da mosht impawtint annownsmint I has evvir hadd fur yas! Sooo pleees lissen upp!

Beffur tho I wuntt to say dat I hass been reedin awll yoor commints to mee, n I lovve reeding theem awll n I iz sorry I haz nutt had thee tiyme to repliy to everywun laytely, eet has beed a buziiee week! Butt, I assure yoo, I'z will be own top formm agen ASAP! OKays?! N the olerpiks r comin up soon, n I iz yoor parayde hosht!!! YEAH! Me, littel owl nyeewbie, Pozzer! EEetz troo!!! Yeeeaah!

Ok, soooo impawint nyoooz n summ kweshchuns fur yas!!!! Ma mummer has beed finkin abowt helpin mee to wriyte ma own bookie!! YEAH, eetz troo, cann yoo believe eet!? We iz soo pleeesed at hoow welcommering everywun hass beed own blogville n eet has mayde ma conferdence as a wriytin doggy groow n groow (evinn tho ma shpellin ees still atrooshus, butt I cann worrk own ma litracy layter, heeheee)!

Eet waz neviir ower intenshuns to wriyte a bookie, butt we fink datt noww eet is tiyme, n we will tell yoo fur whyy:

Therrs an Aniymall Sanktuarry neer to ma homme, n theyy tayke cayre owf lotds n lotds of aniymalls, frum doggies n katz, to chinchillars n gooawts n pownies!!! Eeetz a trooooly reemarkible plaacey!! YEAH! EEes cawlled "The Willows Animal Sanctuary", CHEKK EET OWT HERRE!!!! Butt, they iz runnin owt owf funds, n thiz is veryy very sad stuffs, bekaws, this placey is "lasht chancey salooon" furr maniie pets n anirmals, ovir da whooole owf Scottland, whenn no-wun elshe wunts them or will tayke cayre owf them!! Therres poor horsies thatt werre fownd starvinn n pussie cats thatt hav been hurted, n oh gosh, guyz they need LOVE n happeryness! Furr example look at thees littel gal whoo theyy has savid n lovd n cayred fur:


Annd thees wun too:

Howw cyoot arr theiy?!

Butt, Anywaiys, I iz tellin yoos awll dis, bekuss, therre is onli moneey left too keep the placey gowin for a fyoo weeks! SOooooooo, I was liyke WHOOOOOOOT!??!? Thees cannut be!?!?! So... I has desiydered to do sumfin abowt eeet, seence efurry anirmal deservis to be happery n sayfe n lovid!!! YERSIREEE! EEeetz trooo! SO.....I iz gowna wriyte a bookie n sell itt to THA WHOOLE WURLD n trrry to raiyse as mutch awayrniss n moneey fur deese guys as posserble!! I fink I will do a book adapshun of Liyfe Froo Posiedorg's Eyez!!!

I wunt to knoww whot yoo guys fink?! Do yoo fink eets a good eye-dea?! Whot do yoo fink I shood wriyte ma bookie abowt?! Hass anywun dunn any bookie-wriytin?!?!

Datts awll I'z gotted to sayy toniyte furr nows, kus me n mummer has lotds of planinn n finkin to doo, butt we wudd love to knows whot awll yoo bloggin pals fink!!

I'z cannut waiyt to get bakk rownd n viseet yoo awll ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Butt furs now, I saiy, love too yas n likkers, n tayke good cayre,

Yooor furrend ...


Eeetz troo (TM) heeheeheeheeheeehee!



  1. Posie babes , I will help you write the bookie, we could do something with the whole of Blogville, a charity bookie. I am willing to help. Tell me what you want me to do and we hopefully will all muck in. We could do an ebook on kindle of the Best of the Blogville Olympics for example? Thoughts only but pop by and let me know what you need. Pukka idea!
    Best wishes Molly

  2. OMD OMD.... I have CRAZY MAD LOVE fur Molly the Wally's Idea of doing a book of the Blogville OLYMPICS.... THAT is more Brilliant than a 87,000 watt light bulb!!! There will be sooooooo many involved and MANY would probably want to have it all put together in ONE "BOOK". Somethingy to save fur PAWSterity. AND since it is YOUR Idea... YOU should get to pick where the proceeds go... and I think this place you just told us about is PERFECT. I am going to email YOU and Molly T.W.. right away!!! THIS is very VERY exciting.

  3. P-dorgy, the old saying is "you go Gal", the Olympic thingy is a good start

    Susie & Bites

  4. OMD that's a perfect idea you got.
    Everyone in Blogville will want a copy of that book.
    Supporting our fur friends is a great cause.
    Count on me too.


  5. Hi Possie, we're looking forward for that book.,

    Dog Fence

  6. That is a wonderful idea! I can't wait for the book.

  7. Oh we really hope they find the money they need, animals need all the help they can get at the moment!
    We think it is an excellent idea to write a book and we will help you any way we can!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  8. Put me down for a copy Posie. We loves readin your stuff and we will be proud to elp you try and save the sanctuary. You let I know if you needin elp wiv spellin...

  9. GruffHello! we came here earlier but have gone away to have a ponder - Mummy2Legs thinks it it is a great idea though it will involve a lot of time, probably more than you would initially think (Mummy likes contingency plans!), commitment and the onus at the end of the day will fall on your Mummers being able to commit to following the world through your enigmatic eyes, possibly longer term! Mummy2Legs also worries about all sorts of technicalities, though thinks your Mummers is very skilled with those badges and all (we are on all trying to make my Borodggy Biscuit!) but that aside, (as she worries about everything to be fair) what would you have to loose? Don't know anyone else doing it / topics are abundant and keep arising, you have everyone's support (although everywhere we go we find everyone always says everything is wonderful when it is not always the case - won't make me popular to say that....comment on mine or I will not comment on yours..... but we do feel there is a lot of it about). However, it is too short a life that we lead (or get lead in!) and it is all too easy to never try new things - heaven knows we are getting no younger (speak for yourself I said to Mummy!) - the number of things we have shyed away from in the past / you are half-way there already and most impawtently!!! you seem to really enjoy doing it - which counts for an awful alot. You have our support- Gruff Respect!!! (I am taking Mummy2Legs away now, she needs her bottle, loosen her up a bit - ha ha, well it is Friday - TGIF!) xxx

  10. Hi Posie!

    Hm, I can`t help with your book. Sorry, but I´ve donated. I hope that´s ok, too...


  11. Posie, you are very smart :) I love the bookie idea! I know I want a copy!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  12. This sounds like a great idea Posie! I know that I am going to want a copy once it's written, though I know it will be a while yet!
    Good luck to the sanctuary. I hope they somehow pull through!

  13. Hi Posie
    Dip Dip and The Bridge have nominated this blog for my 'Share it Sunday'! Please let us know if that is OK and maybe you can add a little extra at the end to tell all your pals what we can do to help?
    Pop over and tell us what we need to do to support you.
    Best wishes Molly

  14. Hi Posie me again , pop over and collect your award we are giving you!
    Best wishes Molly

  15. Great idea. I always support animal welfare organizations.

  16. Me n ma mummer and da whole famly herre arr deliyghted too reed awll yoor responsis, everythin is very well sed, we agree abowt awll da possibel problims and arr allredy tryin to fiynd solushuns kus we reeeelly wunt this to happin and as sooon as kan be too!! And we arr so happy thatt yoo arr all up fur eet and so kiynd abowt eet! And thanks furr donaytin too! Thatz amayzsin!! wowsies! love n maniie likkers, pdorg xoxox


Dis iz wherez u can leeve me a warrm snuggie n I appressheeate dem all! Love hariey babery dorgi - Posie xox