Friday, 1 June 2012

Ma Nyoo Toyz!!

Herlo Pals,

Weell eets Fryday again, hooozah! YEAH! Eet has been a longg weeky n I is still poopered after ma long day wiv grinny n grandar, look at ma:

sheeeeeeeeeeeppy dorg!

Butt I iz dreeemin abowt lookin furwarrd to ma weekernd!! YEAH! Barbeekueee at Auntie Rowiiiieees Howse! Eets troo!!

Ok, so ma mummer n me wants to sendd owt a sinseeer apologiee to everywun fur we AKKSIDINTLY toldd a lie, kus we did nutt reaalise (eet was mummers fauwlt reely fur she was beein stooopid heehee) yesterdaiy waz nutt ma 50th posht, eet was only ma 49th! PPppfff n she sayz I'z cannut cownt!? (okays so I carnt cownt pasht 17, but evin I know dat da 40s come befur da 50s pppffft!) Aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, she misreadd da whole fing, n so it appers dat DIS is ma 50th Posht! YAY! Its like twooo miylestones in as manniy days! heehee!

Ok guys, I fthot I wood do a little poshty tooday to say....I has gotted TWO NYOOOOO TOYS DIS WEEKY!!!! Anddd that ees shooorly caws fur a cellybrashun, no?!?! I fink so too!! 

Da furst wun is a briyte red rugby ball wiv Lighternin McQuween own eet, yeah, look at eet:

Me keepin ma beedy eyez own it,
so dat no-wun pinches eet frum ma!

I reelly liykes eet, eet iz mutch eesier to runn abowt wiv dan a rownd ball! I has lots of fun wiv eet:

bitey bitte ma nyoo toy! heehee!

So dats ma redd wun!! Now, we hass ma sekund wun!! Eet is a grayte bigg rubbery skwakkying dukky! YEAH!!! Ma dadder bott eet for me whiyle he wazz waiytin fur mummer to comme owt of her tinterivyooo toooday! Eets troo! heehee!

Herre iz a piktyoor owf me showin yoo ma nyoo dukkie:

I'z wood mayke a good
"glamoruss assistint" eh!?

So, herre is a short vidyooh owf me annd ma dukkie, fur yoor enjoyermint!! So, ENJOY okays?!:

Ooooh I lovess ma nyoo dukker, kuss he is sooo NOISY!!! YEAH, eetz sooo verii furry trooo indeeder! N mummer laffs, kus I loves him so mutch dat I liyke to roll abowt on top owf him wigglin on ma bakk! heeheehee!  Now dis is GRAYTE kus I'z nevvir evir lie own ma bakk, nope nosireee, ma dadder n mummer dunnoo whyz, butt I will nutt sit at peeece if they roll me onto ma bakk! Nope! But whenn I liyke a nyoo toy I have to roll on eet! YEAH, i'z weeird maself out sum o da tymes too!  Aaaaaaaanyway, ma mummer manarged to grab sum screen shots owf ma vidyoh, so now we haz sumthin I haz nuthin owf befur... PICTURES OF ME LYIN ON MA BAKKIE!!! YEAH!!! Ma mummery is deliytered, to say da leest.  Herre day arr:

Dey arr pretty pooor kwalitteee, dadder kud havv didd themm bettir than mummer heehee! Butt she lovess themm anyways kus she says I look liyke a happy little flippery fish when I danse abowt on ma bakkie! heehee!

Anywaaaaaiiiy guys, I'z loves ma  nyoo toys, so I be off to playz wiv dem summ morre! HEeeeheee, eez troo!

Joiyn me tomorrrodaiy fur ma Satturday Sweeties!!! Carnt waiyt to see youz awll derre!

Havve a grayte friday niyght guyz!!!!

Love n likkers,




  1. Oh Posie! Toys are MY LIFE!!! You are so lucky!
    Love Noodles

  2. Hey Posie the video made me laugh! Happy 50th post ..... again.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Guess what, Posie - I barked when I heard your toy in the video!
    BOL :)

  4. Have fun with those new toys! Looks like you already are!

  5. Happy 50th post...again :-)
    Loving your new toys they are grrrreat!
    We'll be back tomorrow :-)
    Luv Eileen and Annie

  6. Haha, you showed that duck Posie. Great video.
    We love your red rugby ball, is that how you learned to tackle the duck?
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  7. OMD POSIE GIRRRRRRRL TWO new toyz and it isn't EVEN your birfday or nothin? WOW... you really SCORED with that red ball fur sure.. butt your Dukee is Supreme!! I loved your video.. except fur the pawt where your mum was TRYIN to take it from You!! THAT was horrible... butt you managed to SAVE Dukee from HER. He is a supreme Toy fur SURE and Super Duper Loud too.
    Now about that 50th. post thingy... all your mum's fault fur sure and troo. Peeps get EVERYTHING wrong. That's OK though beclaws NOW we can all say: CONGRATULATIONS POSIE ON YOUR 50th POST! What a Major Milestone it IS... now that it REALLY is fur Troo!!!

  8. Oh Posie, you take the most adorable pictures!!! Great new toys!!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. I just emailed you about the dog swap, Posie. I'm so, so, so sorry we missed you. You're still in the dog swap though!

    You sure got some nice toys! I don't usually let my boys out with their toys because they aren't good about bringing them in.

  10. I just enjoyed seeing you all cute on your back there! Knocked me off my sturdy strong masculine legs that did! Toy, what toy, all I could see was yoooooooo! x

  11. Noodles, toys arr pretty mutch ma liyfe too! heehee!

    Molly and Stewey and DipDip, Bridge and Elliot, I iz gladd yoo enjoyerd ma vidyoh!

    Sorry I cott u off garrd Barnie heehee!

    Dontt worry abowt eet Sprinkles!! I hav a sett owf insiyde toys n otheir wuns furr outssiyde, dat arr watterproof! heehee!

    Fanks furr yoor lovly commints Finn, Pip and Eileen and Annie!

    F n E, ma mummer ALWAYS duss that too mee and eet is sooooo rudde, eeznt eet!? Pfft!

    Thankss awll fur congradulatirn me ... agaiyn! heehee!

    Love n likkers,
    pdorg xox

  12. You is certunly avin fun wiv your new toys Posie. Lola like to roll on her Mr Cow toy sumtimes. I pick em up and chase about wiv em trying to stop Lola gettin em.


Dis iz wherez u can leeve me a warrm snuggie n I appressheeate dem all! Love hariey babery dorgi - Posie xox