Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Beelaytid Sattirday Sweeters

Herloo Evveryywun,

Iz awll ma doggery n hooman n catty pals n everywun elshe fiyne n well tooday?!

Wowsies, I bett yoos awll fthott I'z hadd beed abdukterd by ayleeans orr jusht teeterred too closhe to da edgge owf dis herre sqkuarre flatt worrld n fell owf da faycey owf da Erfth!  Butt I hazz nutt, eetz troo!  I iz herre! YEAH!  I hasz hadd an advenshurouss weekerend n den ma mummer workss layte own a Munnday niyght, so she kannut help me loggon to ma blogger, pffft sheeeesh! da indignittiee owff eet! heeheehee!  Butt I iz herre now, n catchin upp wiv ma correspondernsis! yeah!  

N a BIG showt outt to ma home-girrl Puddles, kus shee has beed ill, bless herr!!!! I iz sendin lots owf warm nuggies ovirr da pondd to her!!!! Love ya Puddles! ees troo!


Butt I iz verry verry layte wiv wun owf ma civik dyooties! yeah! eetz troo! I didd nutt holdd ma Satturday Sweeters day own Satturday, no no, kus I wazz in a wi-fi free zonne! heeheehee!  So, I be holdinn eet noww, yeah!! heehee!

N thiss ees ma lasht evirr Sattirdaiy Sweeteries!  How saddd ees dat!?!??!   We has seed summ worthie pawtissypantts tho, hassnt we!? yup!!!  I iz gonna do a speshall show layter in da week owf awll ma guessts, so we can look at dem awll agenn! yeah!! 

Butt furr now we turnn owr attenshun to tha laytisht resipiyint of ma shiney n shparkely awurd, yup! He is Irishh in decentt n he yoosed to be a racirr, mmhhmhh n he is very handsum n strapping, yup, way waaaay tallir than me! heehee! He lives wivv his mummers n his feliyne fureeend KC! N he is an awll rowund hillariooos grayte guy!!! Yers, we awll knoww who heee is, eeeeeeeeeeets DECLAN, orr Deccy to his furrends! heeheehee! Yoo liyke totarly need to chekk owt his myoosings herre, iff yoo has nutt metted himm yett!!! Go n doo eet! heehee!  NOW! heeheehee!

He joiyns me tooday furr hee iz a Satturday Sweetery SWEETIE-STEELER!!! yup!!! eet is beyondd troo!  Beuss he is sooo tall hee is ideely sityooatid to pinch sweeties furm hii hardd to reech placeys! heehehee! His mummers keepz his hommemayde karrot n parshley cheeewey bittes in a Roses Sweetery Tin, See:

Deccy helppin himselff to summ treeets!

I cleered eet wiv Deccy dat therr was no choccys in da tin, whitch wazz wun owf ma rooles owf da compertishun: no chocerlayte treeties furr doggeries! heeheehee! Butt yup therrs noo chocerlayte neer eet, everythinn ees okayz, ees KARROTS, so dats fiyne fur doggies, pphheeeww! heeheehee!  So, Deccy yoo is a grayte furrend n an absolutte hilaarious doggie, andd I presentt yoo yoo dis shparkley awurd fur yoor siydebarr, dat is almust butt nutt kwite as Sparkliee as yoo purpel toiylett seet heeheheehee!:

Fur Deccy,
Love n likkers,

Yay furr Deccy n his Karrott sweeties!  Butt, own dat notte, that bringgs an endd to ma Series! sniff, sniffers, eets sad! Butt I dontt fink we shood wurry, kus I'm gonna do a rownd up owf da entrantts lattier in da week n I is brewwin upp somme ideeas fur ma nekst seriees! YUP eetz troo!  Andd owf courshe, therrll be the OLERMPIKKS comin upp soon!  Morre on that in a fyoo days tfho! heehee! YEAH eetz troo!


So, guys, I iz noww gownna tell yooo awll whot arriyved in da posht fur me!!! Oooooh ees so exsiyterin, yuppers! Ma good furrends Dip, Bridge n Elliot sent me a byooterful littel doggy dat therr mummer mayde, kus I was da winner owf therr compertishun, ees troo!  Theese ees theirr bloggy herre!!! Eet ees a wunderful bloggy n I lovess eet, n ma mummer is obsesserd wiv theirr mummer's crochetting at da momint ees troo! So chekk dem owt! 

Herre was ma parcell, heehee:

Me, givvin eet a sniff*
*Address has beed doctorrd inkayse therre ees eny skwirrels owt therr shtawkkin me! Pffft!

Eet hadd a paw-writted notte eensiyde eet, see:

I'z'll treeshur eet furevir! YUPPERS!

N lookk heer ees ma keeyring!!! YUS!! Izntt eet byooterful:

I'z triyed to eet so mummer hadd 
to tayke eet off me! heehee!
She finks eet maybe smellt liyke 
my chiwahwah furrends, kuss I'z 
wud nut leev eet be! heeheehee! 
Ees troo!

Fanks verii mutch fur ma gifft, i loves eet, mummer says shee is gownna keep eeet sayfe frum me! Whitch a fink iz a tad unfaiyr az eet was me dat wun, nutt hers! Pfff! heehee! Nevirr mind!


Sooo I hazz been awaiy on ma furst evirr tenttin exstravarganza, n yoo know whot!? EET WAS AMAZINN!!! I cann noww offishully tell yas awll datt I IZ A CAMPIN DOGGIE!!! YEAH!!!! Eeetz soo very furry troo!! I'z'll noww shayre wiv yaz a selekshun owf piktyoors dat summeriyzes ma tripp:

Me, mayde to shtay in ma cagey 
till everyfin was tooked in frum da carr!

Noww me n mummer says we wood nutt slumm eet own ower hollerdays, noohuh! no waay! So, nekst we has a piktyoor owf me "slummin it" own ma mummers belly, as she liess own tha queen siyze blowwupp bedder, wiv her leggz upp!

EEts a harrd liyfe beein a tenttin doggie!

Mummer says shee knew shee waz slummin eet, when she cool only bringg her pockitt siyze maskarar wiv herr:

Sadd tiymes! heehee!

Nekst ees a piktyoor owf me tryin too look briyte eyed n bushy taiyled aftter ma fursht niyte in da tent:
I sleppt liyke hairry baby...ish!

Look, I'z wiyde awayke!

Nekst upp we has a piktyoor owf da raiyndroppps own ma tenntie!:
No campin tripp in Scottland
wood be compleet wifthout them!!

I gotted a shottie own wun owf da camperin chaiyrs, n cood nott stay awayke:

musht stayy awaa.....

Snoozysnooze in ma camperin chaiyr! heehee!

When we woz awayy I, fur summ reson, refyoosed too eet owf ma collapsable doggie bowlss:

Noooo way!! Wherrs ma
proppir wuns!?!

N I misserd ma dadder every tiyme hee leftt ma nyoo houwsey! Eez troo!  N I wus nutt allowd to putt ma pawss own da windowws or meshh incayse I rippered them so I hadd to shtandd n DO THA MEERKAT so I cood watch owt fur his retturn!:

Do da Meerkat wiv me pals!!

Mummer says I has to lerrn howw to walk whenn I iz attarched wiv ma leedy to ma outdoor spiyke, kus I gott in a butt owf a snorrel:

Dontt tayke a piktyoor WOMAANN!!!
Help ma!!

I iz gownna tripp, I'z gonna
goooo! heehee!

Heeheeheehee, now I iz gownna be in paiyn tryinn to retell diss lasht part owf da weekerned, pppfff, heeeheeheeheehee! Sooooo funnery.... gaaaaaaaaaaasp... ok,.... I'zll try....

At da endd of da weekeernd n we woz knakkerd eet waz tiyme to go homme, we spentt abowtt 2 hoors gettin everyfin pakked upp, n all putt awaay neetly n we was prowd owf ourselvves, untill therr was noo tentt left, see:

byeebyee tenttie!

N thenn we satted in Granny L n Granda R n Auntiee Rowies caravann furr an howrr or soo n chilled owt befurr we werr to driyve homme!:

Comme own inn!!

N thenn we was starvinn, so eet wass tiyme to hitt tha roadd n we hadd anuthirr howr to driyve homme! So dadder says to mummer, "givv us da carr keys thenn", n mummer sayz "I duzz nutt haz themm, yoo duss!" N he says "Nope, yoo duss!", thiss wnett own fur sum tiyme, befurr they bothh wentt uh-ohh!!! ... heeheeheeheee... Mummer hadd putted themm own a handie happernin hook INSIYDE DA TENTT!!! heeheeheeeheehee!  So, they hadd to unpakk shtuff owt da car, unfoldd da growndsheet, n layy it owt agen, n then unpakker da tentt n .. yoo can see howw dis iz gowin...! heeheeheeheee! Ridiculuss, thiss was themm eventchully...

heehee Dadder was nutt besht
pleesed wiv mummer!
Butt laffed n den they kissed
n mayde up! Pheew! heehee!

Sooo, everywunn, yoo will be pleeesed to knoww that we arr gowin camperin agen dis weekernd! YUS!! N we will mayke shoor dat we tayke da keeys owt owf da tentt befurr eet ees un-errektered thiss tiyme! heeheee!

Basikerly, those arr all ma shtories, frum the lasht fyoo days n I iz shoor I will has lotds morre frum da nekst fyoo days! So keep chooned!

Alsoo keep chooned furr awll da info on ma PARAYDE FUR DA OLYMPIKS!! YEAH! eeez troo!

Tayke cayre doggies n pals n boys n girrls n fans,

Love n likkerys n nuggers,




  1. Oh Posie, you are just one funny gal, and we think FULL OF IT, what fun that was, dad was just a laughing the whole time he was a reading it.

    Susie & Bites

  2. Pees buddy, hopes you don't mine but some of us on this side of the pond have started using "Poisy Dorz's says,Eeeetz, Troooo", we love that saying.
    Sorry about the end of the Saturady Sweeties.

    Susie 7 Bites

  3. HEY Miss MeerKat Posie.. WOW you had a LOT of fun stuffs fur us in this post.. eeeetz trooooo.
    FURST... I KNOW Deccy.. fUR SURE.. and I think he was eatin all those herbs and stuffs to Flavor up his FINELY TUNED FARTS fur his EVENT. I hear that he is starting a Full Out FART Training camp... so do you think your campsite this weekend will be UP or DOWN Wind of it???
    What is WITH your mum? Does she not know that OUR POSIE will ONLY dine from FINE BONE CHINA with solid GOLD Banding? Eeeeetz TROOOO Sheeesh.
    I Laffed and Laffed about the Key thingy. Peeps are SOOOOOO entertaining, aren't they?

  4. You went camping!!! You gotta watch your footing out there, it can be dangerous!! And you got mail! How cool!!

  5. .,wow you went outing I mean camping? I'm sure you had lot of fun there...

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    Pet Solutions.com

  6. Thank you very much Posie; I'm honoured! Glad you enjoyed your trip. Deccy x

  7. We thought Deccy had eaten that whole tin of choccies for a minute - he is so funny!
    Glad you liked your keyring Posie, you are a very sweet little princess!
    That looks like a fabulous camping trip even though it rained a bit and your mum didn't have a big bottle of mascara and you got tied up, LOL.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  8. I see the Great Outdoors, food / drink (rain!) / cuddles with Mummers, space for a paw plod about and a lovely caravan to retreat to afterwards - and it obviously suits you for you awoke even prettier than usual, in short, wish I was there yerrrsss I do!

  9. I LOOOOOOOOVES my Deccy, he so funny and fart da mostest outs of anybuddy I knows...hehehehe.
    And I love da little chi's and there mom is so frakin' talented.

    I has nevers been campin but you makes it look likes so much fun except furs your peeps loosin' stuffs...hehehehe.

    PS: Yep, I has caughted myself sayin' "it's true" too...hehehehe. You needs to has dat patented.

  10. I haz visited wiv Declan on your recommandayshun my pal. He look like a fun fellow. Great to see the campin trip too. You is very luck doin that. I haz asked but I dussnt be allowed to do it yet. I oipe one day this summer we be doin it.


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