Saturday, 2 June 2012

Posie's Satturday Sweeeteries!

Gooo'Mornin Bloggerin Doggies n Pals n Fanzies n Awll,

Is yooz awll well n happy n fun-filled n well-fedd tooday?! 

Toodaiy is anusser wun owf ma Satturday Sweeties Days, kuss eet iz Satturday agen, whitch I iz graytefull fur, kus Satturdays meens fun days wiv mummer n dadder n a potenshall visit to Aunti Rowie's or Grunny's or wallkkies n stuff! Annd todaiy is barbeykuuue day at Auntie Rowie's Howse, I can basirkly shmell ma snorsages alreeedy NUMMERS!!!

So, ontoo ma guesst today!! Well boy oh boy, I shood nutt be biarsd, butt I fink I akchully migyht jusht be, kus toodays guesst iz handsumm..... n sexiiy, ... n smarttt .... n ann agiyle hunttir... n a fantarshtikk garrd-dogger, ...n eez yoothfurll,,,, n witty,... n bordirr terrioristy,,, n frum Yorkyshiyre,.... n ma BOYFURREND!

YEAH eetz troo efurrywun!!!



Barnie goez by da aylias owf BordoggyTerrier! He is soooo wunderfull n' verri witty n hee is always owt fur walkkies n also wun owf his favrit fings is apuruntly likkin owt da pots owf his hoomans yoggurrts!!! YEAH, eez troo! Look at himm enjoyerin a Satturday Sweety, look at his toungge go:

Likkin awll da yowggurrt owf hizz nosey!! 

He is soooooo adoriybell wiv his yoggy-eetin! Sutch a deservant gesst own ma Satturdaiy Sweeteries Seriees! Look at dis nekst wun, he'z gott da yoggy sparkit upp awll ovir his facey-furzz! heehee!:

Nummy nummers yoggirt! 

Fiynarliee, Barnieee enjoyers his yoggurt so mutch he cleerly grabbers da pot owt of his 2-legger's handds n taykes eet uppon hizself to likky eet wivin in an inch owff eetz liyfe! heeheehee!:

Ooooh tashtie yoggy carton evin! heehee! 

Herre iz whot Barniee has gott to day fur hisself:

"GruffHello there to you all! BordoggyTerrier Barnie here. I am a friendly fun-loving Border Terrier, nearly 2, a brilliant 'would-be' hunter, who loves long walks and spending time with my family! 

This is me most enjoying a very rare treat it has to be said in the form of a used yoghurt pot - well I have to be grateful for what I can get!, handsome aren't I, Ladies, don't you just want to kiss me? (here's to ever hoping|!) x"

Iznt Barnie jusht da shizzaroooo!??!!?! If yoo hasnt evirr herrd owf himm or beed his furrend yett, thenn go checkk him owt immedeyatly righyt HERRE!!! Okayz?!

Herre Barnie, yoo deserrve a big shparkler owf a gifft!!!

To ma lovver boy:

Your Posie

Nows Barnie, go n savve eet own yoor siydebarr wiv a linky to ma Satturday Sweeties Pagey okays!?!? (Luff ya!...heehee! Eetz troo!)

Ok everywun, I'z hoppe yoo liyked Barnie's piktyoors n I hoppe yoo is awaiy to checkk owt his fiyne selff riyght noww!! N I hopes dat yoo get lotds of sweeties tooday! heehee!

Downtt furgett, yoo can shtill entirr to pawtissypayte as a guesst own ma Satturday Sweetieriys Serieees, yoo gett a redd shparkly awurddd!!! EEs worth eet! heehee! Jusht emaiyl piks owf yoo eetin a tashtie treet - siimplez! YEAH! heehee!

Eeeeeeeeeeees Barbiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeekuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeee tiiiiiiiiiyme YEAH!!!!!! Burp!

Love n nuggies n wuggies n likkers,


PeeS - be shoor to go awway n chekk owt ma little lashte posht dat I'z did befurr bedtymes!! (da wun befur dis wun!) I was soo hackkerd I hadd to do a kwikk posht abowt eet befur bedd! Infakkt, I iz still reeelin, eetz troo! Baffs indeeder! Ppff!

PeePeeS - I is soooo exsiytered kus I is da PIKTYURE OWF DA DAY on Pets Blogs United! How cool iz datt!?!? heehee!


  1. GruffHellooo!!! well my lovely long licking tongue can't think of what to say! I told Mummy2Legs to get my home redecorated in case anyone wanted to drop by - oh it is badly in need! Gosh, I better get my 'award' (oh that word has a nice ring to it!) hung up, I mean we were all on hanging up the picture of us my Posie Princess, Daddy2Legs was agog with his spirit level again, which always causes ructions when Mummy2Legs says she doesn't care if it is straight with the wall, if the wall be wonky so do the picture! - still, it hasn't fallen off yet so hopefully that's a good sign we did it right! Paaaw, Mummy2Legs is welling up you know, better whisk her away, it's way past her bedtime, that's how we got here first - by pure fluke, we both nearly fell off the chair to see my fine likeness here! All my love, Barnie x

  2. Well, hello to Barnie :-)

  3. Oooh Barnie, we love yoghurt pots to lick. Because we are small, we can get our whole heads in it, ha! Enjoy your treat our friend.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  4. Hi Posie
    BBQ and pot lick , yummy , have a great day with a few moist chunks off the barbie!
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Barnie is a good choice Posie, he is soooooo handsome and has a wonderful mum and dad who love him and take him for wonderful walks. Have a great BBQ but you will have to report all the fun and shenanigans you have when you get there..... love your posts

  6. Hehee DipDip Bridget n Elliot, the thot owf yoouu guyz shtuffin yoor whole heeds intoo yoggurt potdds jusht tikkles me soooo mutch! hehehe!

    Barniee yoo is sutch a wurvvy winner, n I iizz so gladd dat everywun was pleesed to see yoo herre n dat yoo werre chuffled too! hehee! love n likkers, pdorg xoxx


Dis iz wherez u can leeve me a warrm snuggie n I appressheeate dem all! Love hariey babery dorgi - Posie xox