Saturday, 9 June 2012

Pozeeee's Sattirdaiy Sweeteries!

Herloo everybuddy,

Heeerrllo on dis cold n foggery drizzely Satttirday! I hopes dat yoo haz awll been doin dandie today!? I iz sorry dat
dis posht iz a bitt layte in da day, butt bettir layte thann nivvir as theiy say, eh?! heehee!

Anyzwaiyz, Gess whot guyz?! MA MUUUUUUUUUUUMMERS HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME! YEAH!!! eees troo!!!!! Oh ma gooderyness was I ignorin her fur a shplitt sekund n thenn went mentall to see hers, kus I missered her too mutch to be moody own her returrn heeheeheehee eetz troo! heeheehee! YEAH!!!!!

I has lotds n lotds owf shtories n newys n fings, n me n mummer carnt waiyt to check outw everywuns poshts n catch upp wiv yoos awll n reed awll yoor commints yoov been leevin me! We iz gownna do dat ovir da weekernd! Everywun has been so grayte wiv yoor niyce commints whiyle mummers been away thfo! Me n dadder redd dem awll! heehee!

Anywaaaaaaaaaaiys guys, beffur I'z do awl owf da abovve I iz gownna do a liyttle poshtie fur ma Satuurday Sweetiees! YERS, eetz dat tiyme owf da weeky agen! And toooday I haz a veri veri speshal gesst, fur he is a borderr terriorist jusht liyke me! YEAH! eez troo!!! He lives wiv Jock and Lucy da doggies, Lucca da cat and birdies n goats n evin a bloo-tung lizzard cawlled Norbert!! WOWSIES! How cool is dat?! Yers, everywun yooo know whoo eet eez, ees DUSTY DA BORDERR TERRIORIST!!! YEAH! Fur shurre he will be a grayte gesst!! His mummer entered him bekuss he is a borderr liyke me, I fink she knoo dat wood shtand himm in good stedd! heeheehee!

So, I'z will now show yoo da first owf Dusty's favrit treets:

Nummin upp da green shtuffs!

Yers everywunn, Dusty looooves lettis n cabbarge n fings! I'z dont undershtand eet perzonlly I'z wood rathir haz beefies n shteak n miince n hamm n chickern n SNORSAGIES! YUMMERS! butt, eech dogg to demselves, eh? And besiydes if Dusty eets awll da green fings dat leeeves awll da nummery meety fings furr us otheir borderr terriorists riyte!? heeheehee!

Letz see whot his mummery has to say abowt awll dis greenery eeting malarkiy:

"He enjoys some pretty strange snacks! He is just a crazy dog who does some crazy things, what else is there to say? Why does he enjoy his snack of lettuce? Well, that's hard to explain because well, it's Dusty! He loves lettuce because he loves cabbage. Why does he love cabbage? Because our goats love cabbage, and anything that anyone else has & loves that he doesn't have & love, he MUST have & love it too, no matter what the cost is! So one day (very recently actually) he was watching the goats eat their cabbage and decided he wanted it too! So we gave him some and now he's become a cabbage/lettuce loving crazy dog! He finds it the tastiest thing in the world, just because the goats did first!"

I fink dat that is insayne butt at da sayme tiyme very shmart, eet stops da goatties gettin awll da niyce figns n showz dat Dusty is not fraid to try owt nyoo fings! YEAH! heeheehee!

Butt, everywun, dat ees nutt awll dat Dusty liykes to nummer-up, nosireee, indeeederydo it ain't, fur he dus somthin else dat kwiyte frankliie I fink iz utterly nutterly disgusterin butt at da sayme tiyme very furry amuuzin n hilarious!!!! Jusht look fur yoorselfs:


YERS doggies n fanzies n hoomans n pals, Dusty liykes to lickk marmiyte owf his noomans toooes!!!! WHOT!?!!!! I say WHOT?!?!  look at dat piktyoor agen, yoo wuz nutt mishtaykin, he HAS got marmiyte AWLLL ovir HIS SNOOPER! heeheehee!!! Oh Dusty I'z dontt evin knowz whot to say to yoo furrend, yoo arr jusht a class akt heeheehee!! His mummy says: "Dusty also LOVES to eat Marmite! On toes! I'm sure he'd love it on toast too, but we made up a new one, marmite on toes! He just loves it!"

Ok, Dusty, I say whot evir floawts yer boatt, n whattivir waggers yoor tailiey!! N maybe evin: dontt knockk it till yooo try it! Butt I fink I may try eet in ma bowwwel beffore I likk it off dadders feeties! heehee!

SOoo guyz I am syoor yoo agree dat Dusty shoor has somme speshal Satturdaiy Sweeties Skills n delickacies!!! Indeeder! So, go checkk owt hiss bloggy, he iz a hoot, n so is Jock n Lucy, evin tho they is nutt borderr terriosrists, butt they cannut help this! heehee! Chekk owt theirrz bloggy Herre! Liyke eetz a musht, okays?! heehee!

Also, he is runnin a spehal compertishun kus eetz his burfdaiy soon, HIS FURST birfday, bless hiz littel almusht-wun-yieer-owld hearrt! heehee!

N yoo can reed awll abowt eet n entir by followin dis linky HERRE! I fink yoo shood doo eet, kus da priyze ees a wun-off grayte priyze dat anyy doggery wuud lovve, oooh Iz knows dat I'z wuntt eet! heehee!

So, to Dusty, I awardd yoo da shparkles fur yoor siydebarr! YEAH!:

Furr Dushty
da P-dorgy

I'z lookin furrward too seein dat sparkless own yoor pagey! eetz troo!

Annd mosht impawtintly furr yooz awll, therr will onli be WUN WEEKY LEFT owf ma Satturday Sweeties, next week, yipppp, yurs-siree, eetz troo! Unlessh enywun elshe wunts to enttir....!?  Emaiyls furr entrries to

Ok guys, I besht be off kus I has a longg niyghte aheed owf me, yoo haz no eeye-deea seriooosly heehee! I will tell yooz awll abowt eet lateirs!  Butt furr noww, suffiyce to say, I'z gladd I gett ma reel bed wiv me toniyght, unliyke mummer n dadderlie! heehee!

Eeet was grayte to havve Dushty heerr todaiy, I'm shurre yoo awll aggree!!  Butt furr now, I'z will say nighty nightters,

Be goodd doggers n fanszies,

Mutch lovveliyeness, n likkers,




  1. That was great meeting Dusty, the cabbage patch kid, glad moms home, to bad about the weather, come on over its been a nice 8o degree week and now we are gonna go into the 90's. Love checking out the Saturday Sweeties.
    We are going to be hosting the Blogville Olympic zoomie running events with 5 0r 6 differnt distances, right up your alley after your highland games race.

    Love That Scotland stuff
    Wee bonny lassie, Susie

    1. I'z woood lovve eet to be hotter liyke dat, butt I'z miyte akchully be hott eef it was in da NINETYS! Wowsies!! Da zoomies is gownna be grayte, I carnnut waiiyt! heehee! love n likkers, pdorg xox

  2. Pozzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Wozzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeee THERE you are... I was gettin WORRIED about you my furend.. eeeeeeees Trooooo.
    I love sayin that... I hope you don't mind butt it sorta tickles my fancy... Eeeeeeeeeee Troooooooooooooo
    Now about this Cabbage eating that Dusty does.. I gotta admit THIS tooo... I actually LOVE Cabbage... esp the core pawt... "BUTT" my mom hates it when I get into cabbage beclaws it makes my BUTT BARK somethingy.. refreshing.. or as mom would say AWFUL...
    I am so glad that your mum is home and that your dad read everythingy while she was gone. I am... eeeeeees Trooooooo
    hehehehehe it just tickles me when YOU say it.. it isn't as fun when I try it though. YOU are the Pawfessional at it.. eeeees trooo.

    1. Herre I iz indeederydo!! I iz sooo gladd dat yoo liyke sayin eees troo, Iz sumtiymes gett masellf cauwght upp in a loop owf sayiern it ovir n ovir agenn, I'z lovve eet, ees troo!! heehee!!refreherin butt bark?!?! heehee, dat is hilarioooos! heehee!! eetz troo, love n likkers, pdorg xxox

  3. That doesn'took like a lick, tat looks like a full-on munch!!! Glad your Momma is home, makes everything that much better!

    1. eet dus look liyke he iz awaiy to go HUMPH n grabb a toe, heehee, love n likkers, pdorg xxox

  4. Congrats to Dusty on his award!
    That is a bit of a strange treat but everydog to his own. We like a bit of fruit and the occasional carrot for healthy living :)
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

    1. Ma uncel Weserley is obsessered wiv karrotts, he goss mentall whenn ma grannyA choppes themmz upp! heehee! Love n likkers, pdorg xxox

  5. Congratulations for Dusty and the award and a doglet that likes green things, weird. Posie have a Happy Sunday!
    Best wishes Molly

    1. I'z agree Molly, green fings shood nutt be tashtie, heehee butt Dusty rules, so he musht knoww whotts good heehe love n likkers, pdorg xoxo

  6. Thank you! Thank you so much! I love sparkly stuff!
    But really (and you have to admit to this), it is not me who is the funny one, it is you! Ever considered being a comedian?

    1. heehee, i iz gladd dat yoo liyke da sparkkles owf eeet! heehee! Fanks fur sayin I iz funny, i tryy my besht, butt eets nutt always eesy beein hillarioos! heehee, love n likkers, pdorg xox

  7. A well deserved recipient of your sexy sparkling star, even if I say so myself! - cabbage, marmite and toes permitting, hang on though, will forgive the toes, oh they can be so good! salty socks, tangy toes, hmmmmm x

  8. I haz a confesshun...i likes the marmite too. If i am ill and wont drink nuffing then it goes in some warm water and i laps it up. Nom nom. Is also good to encourage eatin of dry noms.

  9. Oh...I likes eatin chicory too.....and all vegetables...brokkly best of all...and carruts, i love carruts...


Dis iz wherez u can leeve me a warrm snuggie n I appressheeate dem all! Love hariey babery dorgi - Posie xox