Saturday, 14 April 2012

Owffensive Advertizmint

Happly Sattirday Fanzies!  

Iz yoo awll fiyne n happery n weell n havin a niyce weekernd so far!?  I'z doo hoppe soo!

I wood liyke to yoos ma blooggy az a littel soapyboxs fur my rant tooday iff dat is owkay wiv yoo awll!? 

As I haz menshunned to yas befur, iz liyke to watchy da telyvizyun wiv ma mammy n ma dadder, Iz enjoy watchern programmers wiv doggos in them but I iz kwite happery to watch a moveeey evin if it dus nut has any doggos in them, sum o da tiymes a good plot n shtori-liyne is enuff fur mee! heehee! 

Anywaiy, az Im shuure yoo appreshieeate, I watchy de advertizymints sum o da tymes too!  And I awllways eshpeshurly liyke to see it when Borderr Terriorr makkes an appeeerunce own an advirt.  So yoo kann eemagine howw ovirr da moon Iz woz whin a saw a nyooo coffiiiee advirt an a bordirrr terriooor appeerd on da skreeen!!!! 

"Waaaahooooo" Iz sed, "loookie at da borderr terriorrrist on da cofffiieee advirt".  Now Iz donnt drink coffieee, I iz kwiyte happy drinkin just watter, butt I thot Oh ma GOODERYNESSS a coffeee for borderrs, yeeeeaaaah!  So I intenterly lissend wiv anticerpashun! Now yoo may nut havv seen da advirt, so I havv handily - n rathir thotfully own ma partt, spossin Iz doo say soo maself - providerd a linky to yoochoob so dat yoo may watchy it too.  Observv, fanziees:

WHAAAT?!?!  Iz heearr yoo say!?!?!  Indeeed, WHAT?!  Now, iff yoo iz anythin liyke me yoo will be verii hurted n offendid by dis markitting straategy.  

I wood liykey to say dat I haz nuffin bad to say aboowt afghan hounds, if indeed da replacermint doggy in da advirt iz an afghan hound, ma mammiery n I iz nut shurre.  Butt yeeah I haz nuffin badd to say abowtt deeese kiynds owff dogs, dey arr greaat infakt, butt I wood liyke tooo say dat I fink eet is ridikulusss n dissgrassefull n propposhterus n disgusterin to promotte dat borderr terriorrs arr soooo scruffy dat dey shood be replacced byy morr pretty flowin sexii haiir doggos just bekuss da poor border terriors doggy's mummy's girls arr commin ovvir in a miunte!!  

N ma mammy says shi woood rather havv Tony makke her and her freends a cuppiee of cofffieee dan the other shiny guy! ppfft! yeah!!! So, we don't want yoor coffeee, eetz trooo! heeeheee! pffft I was insulted n will nott be drinkin dis coffeee any tiyme sooon! YEAH, eeetz troo!  Border terrrior power, fanzies!!!!! YEAH!!!

Posie, da wise wun, has spokin!!!  

Eetz soo veri veri troo!

Enjoy da rest owf yoor Saturrrdey doggies n fanzies n hoomans n awll!!





  1. Good Morning Posie. It is so very much nice to meet you!! Welcome to Blogville.

    Coffee is a big thingy in my house. Butt I don't drink it. I'm just sayin.

    1. Hey theerre, Fanks, it iz soo very niyce to meeet yooou too! I fink it iz very funni whenn yooz say 'im just sayin' at the end! heehee! love p-dorg xox

  2. Hewo Posie!!!!!
    It's sooo vewy nice to meet a bootiful bowdewy tewwiewist giwl like yooo.
    I was anticipating a whole commewcial wif nothing but lovely bowdewist tewwiewist kid, and was howwified at the tuwn of events
    I say we all boycot that stoopid coffee and we didnt like the sleezy shiny man looks like the pawty wif the giwls will be a total flop.

    I am so happy to be yoow fwiend!
    smoochie kisses

    1. Thaaanks soo mutch Asta fur sayin I iz byootifurl, you is rather fetchin yoozelf heehee! i iz glad yoo was horrifried by da turn owf events, it saddernd me too!! Yeah, lets awll boycott it heehee! A total flop?! Heeheeheeheehee soo funny! i fink i iz gunna liyke yoo lots n lods,

      love p-dorg xox

  3. Well I am mortified, disappointed and frankly amazed at what other Millionaire Media Moguls must find attractive - can't see the rest of the world falling for it - Daddy2Legs says it is too much oestrogen in the water making ladies prefer smooth, creamy males, (Daddy2Legs does come out with these gems - but perhaps it is not out of the realms of possibility?)....would have thought that after a lovely long walk with a bouncy bounding border, that a coffee would be just the thing for afters - don't get it myself! ...Mummy2Legs said its not a big selling brand anyway - back to Nescafe for us (but I will be watching them too now!) - Barnie x

    1. heeheeheee Barnie, uu iz simperly just greatt, i fink i haz fawllin heed aver 4heels fur yoo heehee! glad yoo iz keepin yoor beedys own nescafer too! yeah! posie xox


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