Sunday, 8 April 2012

Po n Ro: Up Closhe n Persownall!

Happery Sunderday fanzies, 

Howz iz yoos awll bean diss weekernd?!?!  I iz hopern dat yooz is nowt as knakkird as me n ma auntie rowie is kuz oh boyz ooh boyz iz wee dun in, izernt dat riiyt auntiiee rowwwiiee?!!??:

Why yess, posie-dorg, this is so veriy complitlly true!  I donnt quiyte know how anyone couldd be more tirred than yoo and I!

Oh guyzz sorry, I furgutt to saay ti yiz dat I iz sharyiin ma bloggo wiv ma auntiee rowerie today, uz shi iz stayin wiv me n ma daddery n mummer diz weekernd kuz herr mam n dadd arr awaiy doon soouuth fur a nite! 

Yes, oh dear me, unfurtunatelly they hav lefft me with this littel cretin till theey come home, woe is me!!

Yeah auuntii rowrow, we'zll hav funn!! 

Im shure!

So, wee haz hid a veri buziiee week, fur ma dadder's hooman bruvvers' littel 2 leggs haz been up ti staaiy wiv auntie rowrow an her mummer n dadder fur a week n now auntir rowie is stayin wiv me whiylst ma dadders' mum n dadder takk littil 2 leg hooman bakk!  I iz confusin maself evin noow! heehee, so i fink it maybee tiyme fur me to inkloode a poser-dorg famerly tree on ma bloggy to ekshplain:

So, I'z donnt haz a picture on dis lapptopp of Auntie S's catt Bubble, n I haz nut put up fottos of da Chikkerns n da dukkers. Butt yoo can gett an eyedeea of whoo is hooo noww!

Posie, thats a dredful pikture of me, you cannot even see my beautiful elegannt face!!! Excuse me a sekond:

Princess Rowie!! Yes, that's me!

Ah, much better!  look at that face, so striking!

Yeah, okayz Auntie Rowz, I sed yoo cood join n heylp ma wiv ma bloggo dis weekernd, not takke ovver n yoos it as yoor modderlin portofliyo! jheez! Let us just remeymbor whitch wun owf us iz da peddigree n whitch wun is da mutt (Fanzie's I'z givv u a cloo.....

Enough enoufgh, ok, I'll stop it n just yoo carry on.. butt I am no ruffian!!

Oookayz, so now yoos haz ma famerly tree, n see dat auntie rowies mummy n daddy r my granda R, n granny L n dat is whoo ma dadderys neffew Mr L waz stayin wiv fur a week!  So me n auntie rowrow haz been babberysittin n we iz dun in, in't we?

Yes, Posie! 

Fanks Rowie, so we took Mr L to ma Auntie E's howse to see Poppy cat, n ohz ma godderyness, was it funni or was it funniy!??! it waz ekstremerly funny! Mr L terriorised Poppy cat so much, yoo woould hav thot he had sum border teriorrist in him! heehee, she was sooo miffed owff, dat she hid ouwt of reech for da remaiynder owf his visit, see:

Poor Poppy cat!
Heeheeheehee Mr L torminted her soo bad dat shi had to sit on top o da door, hheehee, silly catt! heehee!

I wish I could gett to the top of the door away frum yoo some times Posie!

Heehee, ohz auntie Rowrow, yoo n yoor sense o hummor!!  Yooz so funni, wiv yoor jokerys! heehee!

Sigh!... ... Get on with itt then Posie-dorg!

Okay Auntie Rowie, so Mr L kept us buziee awll week longg n now we iz havin a chillerd owt weekernd to recuverr.  Butt yoo did chill owt a bit tooo mutch fur ma liykin auntie Rowie!!!:

Yess fanzies auntiie rowena shtole ma sofar! MEH!
Yes, butt I waz unnamyoozed by diz, so I kept a closse beedy on wot waz goin dowwn:

Iz shtood gard di whoole tiyme!! Din't I?!!?
Sadly, yes.. sigh!!  And then yoo had to come in beside me didnt yoo?!

Heehee, yesh! heehee!:

Mutch coziyer!! YEAH!
Aaaw auntie Rowie, we'z dezervid a sit up own da sofar aftir owr hardd weeky, yeah!?!

Quite, it wasnt too bad to be honest, harhar! Therre was actully room for twoo! And I suppose yoo arre getting better with age, littel one!

Heehee, it was niyce!!!!  I loves yoo Auntir Rowena!
Well, let's nott get too hasty!  But ok!

YEEAH, I knewyz it!  

Anyway, fanzies n freends n hoomans, it is time to takke fur ma dadder to takk auntie rowie home kus her hoomans are homm!

Thank goodness for that, I'm utterly done inn!

Okaaays Auntie Rowie yoo cann join ma bloggy somme time agen sooon!  

Hoppe yoo is awll fine borders n doggos n hoomans n fanzies, I hopez yoo haz enjoyerd a snippet of liyfe whenn ma auntie Row comez to visit! heeehee! Take carre!  Happery Shtart o da week!

Bye Bloggers, I'll look furward to speaking to yoo all again soon!



Yeah, whatt shee said Guuuuyzz!
Po n Ro signin owt!!

Lovve n Lickkers, 




  1. Hehehehe...ya'll is tooooo funnies! I wished I hads an auntie or cuzzin I liked..but I has a brudder and a sissy, I guess they count huh?
    I likes your poster you made, it be nice...I does a little artwork myslef, I use crayons...hehehehe.

    I so glads ya'll camed to visit me, I can tells I is gonna gets along withs you Posie cuz you is a hoot!


    1. Heeheehee aww puddles, i iz soo pleesed dat yoo want ti be ma freend, it has gived me dat frydaay feelin indeed!! Fanks for sayin i iz a hoot, i getta da feelin dat yoo too iz a hoot heehee!

      I cannot waiyt to see some owf yoor artwurk! YEAH!!!

      love n likkos,



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