Sunday, 1 April 2012

Chillin' own a Sunnday!!

Well goo'aftirnoonsies fellow bloggers!  Iz hopez dat diz post fiynds youz awll well n happie an enjoyern youz sunneryday, evin tho herre it is not a sunnery sunnday at awll, it iz dull n graay n a bit rainly n mizerribel!! Not cool doggos at awll!  I'z donnt wanna go fur wakkies in dat, so insteed I haz spent da day inside playin wiv ma toys, n givin ma mammio n daddery cuddles n havin a snooze n eetin ma foodles n makkin sure ma beddies are awll stiyll kumfurtabel!!! and dey arr!  I evin shpent a breef whiyle on da eye-padd chekkin out how da rest o yoo bloggin doggies arre!!! See:

Jusst engrossd in Marley n Lola's lastist adventures!

Oh I'z liyke yoor latesht picture's Dusty!!  
Ooh n Zack haz bin fur wakkies!

Yeah so I haz been reedin doggiebloggies n den I fot I wud play wiv ma littil pink blankey-bearr toy dat ma mammie gav ti me when Iz woz a puppiieey!:

So guuyz, aftir iz playid wiv ma toy on da sofar, I towld mummioh dat shi coood tak a photto o ma pretti facer:

ma nosey lookks all big, but dat is kus itz a
closse up owf mee smiylin! heehee!

After posin fur a fotto I desiydered too sit in a completerly non-misbehayverin kiynda way neyxt to da fridgry! heehee!:

I didintt mess abowt wiv da lettirs own da fridger,
no no nut me! heeheehee!

Yeah so after I rote grate fings abowt maself own da fridgery, I challerngd ma dadderioh to a gaymey owf skrabbel, Pozie-shtiiylee!:

OOOh I'z get a 7 letter-wurd skore next turynie! heehee!

Neeedlyiss to say derr iz a generyal theeme to ma gaymeyz: nummers!!!! hehee Duz any othur doggers liykey to play skrabbil!?!  Iz alwayiz win, a am a raining champeeon, undefeeterd! Yeah eetz troo! 

So dogglies n yoor hoomins, Iz hoppe dat yooz haz had az chilled owt a sunnday as I haz had!!!

Lookin furward to be reedin abowt all yooz advintoors dis neyxt week!

Likkies n lovv,



  1. You are a clever girl Posie and oh so cute to boot!!!

    1. fanks to yoo zack! dat iz veri kiynd owf yoo! xox

  2. You have a very nice smile, Posie...

    1. Oh ma gooderyness whaat complimernts!! xox

  3. GruffHello!.......loved your Sleepy Sunday!(and the "Snosage" bit) - you are looking pretty good with your new hair-do......I alas am looking slightly more dishevelled of late! We all are at the moment, Little2Legs have been to their grandparents thus Parent2Legs took time off work and we went off in the Peak District and Lake District - Mummy2Legs is now passed herself and says that is enough of her legs "interfering with mountains" for one week! I loved it, but my Little2Legs are back later today - seen sun, snow and storm! Hope you have had a good week, Barnie x

    1. Da Snosage bit iz ma favorit bit too! heehee! Snorsargis iz alwayz ma favorit bits! heehee! I hopez dat u gives yoor little2legs lots owf lickies n snuggles when yooz awll got bakk?! Yes I lovez walkies n nosin abowt n climbiin butt it iz verii niyce to gett homme too, Iz agreee wiv yoor mamm! xox


Dis iz wherez u can leeve me a warrm snuggie n I appressheeate dem all! Love hariey babery dorgi - Posie xox