Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Grandar R's Burfday!

Mornin Bloggery-hommies,

Waat a wett wett wedernsdaiy! shheeesh! Butt eet iz a good daiy, fur eet iz ma grandar r's burffydaiy!!! YEAH eetz trooo!

So ma shorrt littel posht tooday goos owt to yooo grandar r wheen yoo reeed eet!!!! YEAH!

Happery Birfdaaaay toooo yoooo!
Happery Burrrfdaiy tooooo yooooooo!
Happieriy Birffydayz Auntie Rowie'z dadder!!!
Happpyz Burfdayyyy tooooooooo yoooooooooz!!!!! YEAAAAH!

Now, wherr'z da cakey?!?!   heheee!

Yoo see bloggin-pals, burfday boy iz a baykir owf very niyce tasty things that Pozery-girl liykes too havv tashties owf, butt hee cannut bakkey his own burfday cakey! So heeere is a virtyoool cakke fur ma grandar R!!!!:

Nuuuuummers!!! Burp!!  heehee!
 YYEEEEEAH sooo haz a grate day on yoor burfday grandar R!

'N yoo haz a gratte day bloggin doggie's whoooo arr reedin ma speeeshal dedercated poshty today!!!! Down't eeet awll da cakey okayz!??!

Peece n snuggles n taily wiggies,




  1. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!
    That is an awesome cake, nommy!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  2. Howdy P-dorg, Happy Birthday to your Grandad. We like your cake. Any left for us?? No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  3. HAPPY BIRFDAY TO YOUR GRANDAD!! I am SURE he is gonna LOVE that cake you PAWcured fur him!!! hehehe

  4. HAPPY BIRFDAY TO YOUR GRANDAD!! I am SURE he is gonna LOVE that cake you PAWcured fur him!!! hehehe

  5. Happy Birthday granddad, your granddaughter is a top chef!!!

  6. Ah HAPPY BIRFDAY TO da Grandpa!!!!!
    Posie, you sings most beautifully!

    Oh and can I has a corner piece of cake, I likes dat part da bestest.


  7. A Bow wow wow - Billions of Bones - both bite sized and big bones...brilliant beautiful bones, and if I play my cards right, maybe sing you one of my songs? maybe a bite of a bit of border bone left over for your buddie Barnie??? x (Bordoggy Best Birthday Barks for Grandad)

  8. Happy Birthday to your grandpa!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Happy birthday to him!

    Nice to meet you Posie, Frankie sent me over.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  10. Hi Posie,

    It's me and my sissy Mona. Frankie told us all about you and we just had to com ovr and say hi. HI!! Boy that cake sure looks yummylicious. We heard about you contest and would like to participate. Our Doofuss Mommy gotta get ready for work but we wil come back tonight and check your blog out.

    Oh I forgot. We are both rescued doxies. Sissy is a wire hair and I'm a smooth hair black & ta blind boy, but I see with my heart and Mona says you are a cutie.

    Sniff ya later.....Weenie

  11. Oh mmaa gooderyness guyess! Iz carn't beleev all tha reesponsez too mma grandar R's Birffday!Hee thot it woz soo nise of all youz wishin himm a Happeee Birfffday and woz laughing lotz. Sadly the cakiee iz all gone nowz and I'z haz a full tumm tumZ!

    Zpecial menshyun for mma noo frendz Ozkar and Mona Weeenie and Mommeee!! Iz' veree pleezed to be mteein'z youze!! Welcomm to ma bloggeeee!YEah eet'z trooo!


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