Tuesday, 24 April 2012


HeyHeyz Bloggerin' doggers!

I'z doo hoppe dat yooz iz awll fiyne n enjoyern dis Tchyoozyday, butt I'z justt wantid to do a kwiik poshtie to say OHH MAA GOOODERYNESS, I had a seriyoos bonne to pikk wiv ma mammie wheenn I loggid ownto ma bloggy tooday!! Shi shtoolle ma blogg frum mee! Arrrgh I thot she wud embarish me infrownt owf awll ma nyoo freends n fanzies and I was sooo miffered, butt den I red da commints and apperintly everywun was reelly pleesed to see herz n she waz ok own ma blogg! heehee!

Butt, noww I haz to makkey shoor dat shi dus nutt makke thiz a regyoolir okkorunce!  So toniiiiyte Iz haz too sleep wiv wun eyez oppin, liyke diz:

"Yoo own ma bloggie mam?!?"
Butt, knowwin mee, az yoozall whin I'v too keep ma beedies own sumthin, I'z get comfii n a bitty tiyred, n dis happins:

Iz starrt nodderin owff, but reddy too pownce 
iff I see mammer at da comp!
Unttiyll befur yoo knowz it, I iz outt fur da cownt!:

Ok mamers, I iz a rubbeesh keepin-an-eyez-own-er doggy, so I surpose yoo cann havv a shottie own ma bloggie, butt only if Iz sleepin and nutt needin to doo itt maself! heehee!

Ok doggerys, P-dorg iz siygnin owtt! heehee!

Likkies, n lovve n paaaws,


PeeeS  Bee shooor too entir ma compertishun fur dis weekernd's Satterdaiy Sweettieys, see dis previoouss poshty!!! heehee!


  1. Posie I gotta admit that fur a PEEP... she did do a pretty good job.

    I have put up a thingy on MY post fur Tomorrow.. about your SWEET Saturday Contest thingy... I tried to make a link thingy so our furends can come meet you and get entered and stuffs. Hope that is OK with you.

    Ernie and I will TRY to get OUR pics Emailed to you Today or Tonight.
    THIS will be soooooo fun.

    1. Heehee iz will tell ma mummer! heehee! thaat iz sooo sweeet owf yooz, thankinyoo veriii mutch! YEAH eetz troo! likkys n loviness, pdorgle, xox

  2. Howdy Posie
    Pleased to meet you and add you to my basket of FURiends. You look like ONE CRAZY pooch which I totally loves loves loves.
    Love Noodles

    1. Wowzies, yoo has a baskit owf freends!? Iz want wun, wheerr canz I obtaiyn sutch a baskit to putt themm awll in!?! hehee! love, pdorgi oxx

  3. It is hard work blogging Posie, you have a nice rest, ready for your Saturday competition!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

    1. Heehee, iz will restt up, tho iz donntt thinkk i need aniy byooty sleepp atleest heeehe! love pdorg xxo

  4. HAHAH i love this post <3
    good luck with the competition :)
    i just started my blog, yours is so much better :P


Dis iz wherez u can leeve me a warrm snuggie n I appressheeate dem all! Love hariey babery dorgi - Posie xox