Saturday, 24 March 2012

Shleepy Dorg

GooMornin' Bloggosville!  Howz iz yaz toodai?  Posie here:
Me, shmylin to ma doggo palz!
Heehee!  I'z just wanna lett yaz knowz dat Iz iz nawt gonna be poshting on ma bloggy everi sinngel dayz, I iz just eksyted to bee herre n wannt to putt upp lods o fings so dat everiwan can gett too knowz mee n wot i iz lyke!!!

Soo, nowz i'z gonna shoow u me getting awll shleepy, sumtymes ma mammioh singz to me lullybyebyes to makke me snooz n itz alwaiz alwaiz works, itz niver everr fayls to put me ryte intoo a fyne snuggely sleeep.  Diz iz a viddyo ov mee lyyin on ma mammys neez fallin to sleepy land az shi siings a wee songgie to me:

Hehee, so yeah dat iz me!  I alwaiz openz up ma neyez wen shi stopps just to chek shi iz still dere, n den si haz to shtart agen! heehehee! eetz troo!!!!

soo guyz, iz iz gonna be kwyet now n gow bakz to sleepy till daddie comez hoomm, n den Iz will havv a play in da gardin wiv him! Yeah! Kus mammiiyz gawt shtuddyin to do.. agen! heehee

likky lovv n snuggles,




  1. Paaaaaaw Posie - for you look simply adorable here - I love the picture pose of you and could just feel myself drifting into the land of nod with you there!!! Have a nice weekend, I am off to help Daddy2Legs in the garden as Mummy2Legs says it needs "attention" - I think she wants me to help him dig so she will be pretty pleased I feel when she sees what I have done under the trampoline!

  2. Paaaw and Licks! Yoor commint mayd mee giwgle!! I fink dat a hooley under da tramporleen shounds llyk a veri veri good eye-dea bekus eet meens dat da 2-legs kan jumpies higher n bouncie up n down morr kus da grrownd wud b lowwir! Yeah eetz troo! enjoooi youz gardernin Barnie! P-dorg xox

  3. Hey we never gets lullabies, you is very spoilt. We are gonna have to speak to management here and get some night time entertainment!!!

    1. hheeheehee dat madde me laff so mutch, itz alzo madde ma mammy n dadderio laff tooz! eetz troo! heehee Iz hopp di managermint lissen to u, or elsez u needd to yooz sum borderterrior-tactiks, eetz troo! lickys, Poze xoxo


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