Friday, 23 March 2012

doritos and custard!

Herlo wurld!
Itz Pozzer here, yeah itz soo trooo!  Ok, So Iz puttin up a qwikk post to ask if anywun elss lykes doritos or iff it iz just me?!
Crispy anywun?!
No noz I iz just kiddin, an dis iz parrt of ma veri impawtint messerge in dis brawdcast: doggies should not eat crispies, dey arr far too full o da salti stuff, too mutch salt iz nawt good fur doggers, so ma dad saiz.  Butt Iz can still makk maself yoosful n hoold up da pakkit for anywun else!!! Yeah datz what broder terriors are for! heehee!!  

Shpeekin owf daddi kan I just say howw mutch I lovs him veri mutch!!! He buuys ma foood n he takks me too da vet wen I has to get dat nasty nazty sniffy stuff up ma nosie wunce a year incasse i getz a kennely coff! WHAT?! iz dont coff but nevir mind!  And ma daddi wakks me and he cuddwes me an he nuggies ma ears n it makes me smile!  Hee is a grate border dad!  He evin gives me chick-a-lickiny chikken some o da tymes!!!! I lovs chiykken, but no so mutch as snorsages!!! HEheehee, oh and steak!  Anywayz daddi u is cool!!

I willl tell u a secrit, ov somfin Iz reeelly reeeelly doo liykez too tho!!!! Oh nummy noms!!!! Wen ma mammie eatziz a wee pot of custird n I'z get to likk owt da cartonn at di endz!!! Oh ma gooderyness! It makks ma eyesies go all funni!!!!!
whoooah nummers!

I'z makk awl ma famerli laff wen Iz do dis! I want to seee every bit owf custird dat Iz gettin to likk! Nom nummy noms! YEEAAH! Does any uvver doggies do dis too? 

Anywais, I iz snugglerd up on da soffar wiv ma mammie just now kus she has lods n lods of shtudying to do! Eet'z troo, poor mam!  Butt eez ok kus she rappit me up in a blankit so dat I kann be cosi an keep her cosi whiyle she iz wurking, see:
moody n broodin dorg

Yeah Iz look sooo moody in dis shot, but I fink it is a generyal border terriorrr dishpozishun (i like dat word kus it has poze in it, yeah!!!) but iz yoosyully veri happi even tho I look soo sad! heeheee!!!

by da way reeders, Iz just let yoo knoz whyy Iz call maself a 'dorgy': ma great grunny hooman, yoosed to haz a corgi an shee knooz Iz a dog, so shee lykes to sai corgi an dog and say dorgi, heehee  butt yeah dats hoomans fur ya!! heehee! so I iz a posie dorgi an nawt a posie doggy! okayz?!?

kann i alsoo just sai, I iz amazzd, an ma mammie n dadder too, I haz only been bloogin for weeek noww n I has alreedy had ovir 160 payge vieewws, it iz awwwwsoooom shtuff guyz  - fanks soo mutch! it iz nyce to knowz dat ovvers arr intristid n whaat a littil borderr girrly haz to say!!

Ok, mammerie haz to go n do wurk now so I will lett herz uze ma laptopp heeheehee!  I'z'll maibeee hav a snoozie till ma dadderioh comes home!!!! YEAH!! night night doggos and hoomans, evin tho it iz only just turndd noon!! heehee! 

Hav fun dayz todayz doggos, n I'z'll catch up wiv bloggoland maibe wen daddi is homm!

peece n nuggleywugs,

pozie da hairy baby!


  1. So how long after you licked up the custard was the container in 50 pieces? :P

    1. heehee dat iz entyrly whot wudv happernd so mammie haz to howld it tite an den when I iz dun, shi takks it awway... sad tymez! heehee! x

  2. Well I do have to admit to cleanin the yoghurt out of the muesli bowl on weekends. someones gotta do the dishes hey.

  3. heehee, i'z luv yoggurt too, its nummy numers!! itz in ma topp ten aftir custird, snorsages, iysh-creem n steak! Oh i loves stake! I did the dishers last nite, after ma daddie finisherd his mince n gravvy! OOh it waz hard wurk but worf it! heehee xox


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