Sunday, 18 March 2012


Good mornin' Blogland and welcom to allz ma fanzeez!

Iz mamaz day todayz and I iz all excited cos my prezziez iz all wrapped for my mam! She'z still in her beddie tho and daddeee sez I'z not to wake her coz she iz very hard working at the mo. So I'z decided to write a Fillum review insted.

Today'z fillum iz called Babe. 

It iz a dramatic retelling ov a famoose story about a brave lovelee hero dog that loozes itz hearing and a stoupid pig desidez to take over the farmer and hiz wife. 

The pig iz called Babe. He's a very tasty looking Pigee and would be much better at being snorsagez but oh no! He wants to be a sheep pigee. This confuzed me az there iz no such thing az a sheep pigee. This iz what daddeee told me iz a plot point. I don't know, I woz just wanting to see piggee in snorsages. It'z very exciting coz a few timez the farmer almost makez him into snorsages but sadly he changes hiz mind. I reeely like the farmerz wife coz she wantz to eat the piggeee and the duckee all the timez. 

Oh and I forgot. The piggeee haz a best frend called a duckee. This iz almost unbelee   unbellyy...It''z reely stupid coz everyone knowz that duckees iz for eatin' too!!!! Eet'z troo! heh heh

So in this rediculos scenorioh our poor hero dog bitez the farmer coz he'z az fed up as I woz. 

There iz also a cat (grrrr) in the fillum but it'z not worth mentshuning coz it'z stupoid.

This iz me bein angree at thee duckee and piggee while cheerin on the hero doggeeZ!!

Well after a loooonngg time watching thee fillum (I think it was a long fillum - daddeee sez I haz no percepshyun of thyme) The hero doggee managed to trick the piggee into cat(grrr)shiing all the sheepies for him and the other doggeez to eat without being cot. This woz a wonderful ending apart from no making the piggee into snorsages. But the doggeee wun so it'z a good fillum. 

To sum up. This woz a generallee good fillum. It's had funnee bitz and sad bitz and tasty bitz too. IT did reeely well and they made anuther wun which I ain't seeen. But I iz hoppin' they make the piggee into snorsages in that wun. 

This fillum getz a P-dorg rating of 7 snorsages out of 10

Which meens 3 snorsages left for me!! Yeeah!!

I hope the next fillum is reely bad!

Anywayz guyz. Dad sez mam iz about to get up. So I iz gonna go and get her prezziez! 

Have a wunnerful mamma'z day and take carez!

Luuv n lix,



  1. Hey Posie! You are very cute too :)
    Looks like this is going to be a great blog! I love seeing other blogs with border terriers (to make sure mine is normal! :P). Looking forward to more new posts!

  2. I'z lovin' your bloggie too! In factz I'z gettin' daddee to check owt yorz too!!


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