Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hello to ma fanzeez!

I hav had the biziest of dayz. I iz knackerrd. But I knowz all ma palz want to kno about ma walkeez. So I iz throwin coshin to the wind and forgetz about sleepeez and blog about ma day. 

Me and dadddeeee went fur a walk abowt ma town. I wiz chillin' wiz ma palz and checkin' owt tha seen. 

Me walkin' owt. Check out ma leed. Itz dope!

It woz a reely warrum day and tha swet was hailin' off ma nozie. but I'z had lotz of lookin' abowt to do and I woz determined to do a good sniffeeee.

Me sniffin'. I'z lookin' good yeah!! Eet'z troo!

So I'z makin' ma wayziez down to thee coastie and I'z seez the skary rock. 

It'z the skary rock see? I'z likes to swim out every dayz...but not todayz az I'z looking sleek and I'z don't like to show off! Ma heedie is lookin' fine!!

So ma tooshie is in good spiritz and I'z carryin' on, on owr wayz... We are gettin's closer to my favourit spottie for a walkeez. 

 Iz ma favourit dayz to go with ma mam and daddeee to the litehausey. It'z lite and hausy! Yeah! Eeet'z troo!

I hadz a good sniffie here too!! It'z the best of dayz. I love ma walkeez!

Iz we goin' round there'z daddeee? I'z kant wait!!

I woz so excited by nowzies!! I don't think hellvettikar does it justiz. Ahhh...that';s betterz! I likez Times New RomanZ!

Can you seez how beeeyotifull it was. For March in ma townziez it was veree nice! Yeah. Eet'z troo! 

So we had walkeez and walkeez some more...but now P-dorg haz an important publik notiz!

I'z not shyee but it'z important to do awayz wid your bizness!

Enjoyy yor walkeez doggeeez! But pleez be sweet and wipe da street!! Have a dump and thenz you dumpz eet! 

LolZ to ma fanzzeezzz..I shal updayte you wiv ma progress on ma tourz round the wurld next timeZ!!

You'ze takez care now!! 

Luuv n lix,


(I'z now have to go hav a wurd with daddee az he mizzed out the r in ma namziez on ma consored sign. Az probably get a tastee bit to say sorreee! Heehee!) Yeah!!

He dozent' know.........I'z not even bothered!! heehee!!

Updated 20/03/2012 @ 22.30 PM


News Just inz! The P-Dorg is great lookin'z seepy!

Even tyred I'z a hottie!!

Eet's troo!


  1. I love your fluffy little face! It's oh so very cute :)

    1. Ohhh...sank you verry muchhz! I'z get a fluff update everree dayzies!

  2. GruffHellooooooo !!! to you Posie - Paaaawwww, I think I must be in lurrrrrvvvve here - for you are one of the most beautiful and funny fabulous 4Legs I have ever had the good fortune to set my big brown eyes on - we are the same colour even - I also lurve your little red home here, you must come and see me in my little blue one soon x - ooooh it has to be fate!!! You really made me smile today - I can't wait to come and see you again - it's a date! Barnie x

  3. Oh maz gooderyness Iz dunno wot ti saiy to ya! I'z donnt get compirlimints liyke dat everidai!! maibee everi secownd day, heehee I'z onli jokin!!! Paaawz too yoo an a meerkat hitty-paw ti ya too! yoo do hav very niyce pretti big broown eyez, heeheehee!! oh dearz I haz comm all ovir emoshinal!! I lykes yoor pagey too! Iz hopp u kann reed ma rytin okaz, I iz onli 2 an stil fynd it harrd to shpell! howw owld iz u Barnie? Lovv n lickkies, P-dorg xox


Dis iz wherez u can leeve me a warrm snuggie n I appressheeate dem all! Love hariey babery dorgi - Posie xox