Monday, 26 March 2012

meerkats and chikens!!

Herlo bloggy-wurld! Howz iz all ma freends an' fanzers todayz?!

Well I haz been buzii todayz, kus I haz been visiterin ma grinny n granda, bekaws mammie n daddie had to go buy new lighties and hangern baskits fur da bakk gardern and apparenterly it wiz too hawt fur me too comez in da car!  Pozie's senserble messerge fur da day:  if itz too hawt, donnay sit in da car doggos! Eeetz troo, it iz dangernus!!! 

Yeah, so I haz a kweshtyun:  if I posht on ma blogg n den whenn wun of yoo freend reepleyes, am Iz besht to reply on dere, at ma postt, will yooz knowz dat I haz dunnit?!  Or Iz I betteyr to commeynt on yooz lattist bloggin post on youz pagey?!  Howz dus it wurk?  Kus ma mammie n daddery dusint know eithirr!

Ok, so now Iz show to u a vidyo owf me, da firsht tyme I lerned to do ma meerkat az a trik!!  Ma mammiery tot me to do itz whin shi saiys SIMPLES!  So, dis iz me being liyke a meerkat to gett sum chikern, fur yoor enjoyermint! heehee! Eet'z troo:

Ma mammie gets embarraserd at dis vidyo, kus shi sownds soo exsiterd, but it waz da first tyme iz had been tot da trik n did it, so i fink it waz ok for her voicey to be of a pitch dat only mez kud hearr at da tyme! heehee! Der is no need to be embarrersed mummer!  If anyfing, i shud be embarreserd, kus I iz jumpin abowt lyke a meerkat fur a pees of chikyen! heehee!

anywayz guyz, i hope u appresheeate da trik, n wen i findz some pictyures of me bein a meerkat Iz can put dem up too! YEAH! meerkats rule!!! heehee!!

welll doggos and hoomans, I iz awai to chayse sum chikkens n duckys at my auntie rowie's hows, kus ma daddy haz to go n put dem to theirz respektiv chickeny n ducky beddies tonite, kus auntie rowie n her mummy n daddie are not dere!!! Butt I will make sure dey haz flapped abowt lots and chase them so dat they get a gooder nites sleepp! heeheeehee howz good iz i?

Here is me cuddlin ma auntie rowie, so u can see who shi iz:
Yeah, I lovvs ma auntie rowie, shi iz ma besterst freend, tho I fink I may liykez her morr dan shi lykers me, she alwayz sleepz wiv wun eyez opein when i iz neerbye!  Everywun sayz it iz kus i iz yooffull  yoooothfill  yoouthfurl  yung and Iz still to lern, kus I'z wanto play aaaaall dayz long n I fink auntie rowie lykes to chill sum o da tymes, but dats ok!!!

Oh an' herre is sum o da chikerns dat I will borderterriorize tonight, heehee:

chiiikeeens! YEAH!
Well dat iz not da best piktur of da chikkens, i will takke sum better wuns dis week, if they arr nut in my tummery by dat timez heehee i iz kiddin i kud not eet auntie row's chikerns....heehee!
right bloggers, Iz'll see yas laterz.  Take good carez of urselffs!

slobbery lickisses an ruffffs to u,



  1. Sounds like you had a great visit with granny and granda. Love the picture of Auntie Rowie and your fine self. Oh the chickens........Zack would be in heaven!!!

    1. Iz relly really did haz! Fank you! Ohz I love di chikerns, I iz syure dat zaack wud love ti triy n eet da chickers too heehee! P-dorg xox

  2. Oh my lovely, dear, sweet Posie... how very, very clever you are - our natural Border Terrier Talents shining through here! - Mummy2Legs has a 'Meerkat' in her kitchen, called "Sergei" (she used to watch it on its way on 'tinternet' before she thankfully found the joy of these DopggyBloggies) ..and I have my eye on it - yerrrss I do.... (I also think my Mummy2Legs' accent sounds like yours - she 'migrated' to Yorkshire from elsewhere you see!!!)....and I am also very, very much looking forward to more pictures of them chunky chickens, Barnie X

    1. Heeheehee! Yeah datz must bee it! heheehee! Iz yoo gorna steel sergei frum herz?! heehee!

      Did shi mygreat frum furder North dan Yorkshyre yesh?

      I iz gonna post up chikerny-pictyures laterr onn! YEAH!

      love p-dorgi xoxo

  3. Good evening my dearest Posie - and Affirmative to your questions on both counts.

    ...Mummy2Legs is not making much sense here but she said something about growing up 20 miles from the General, falling off the rotating dance floor on a boat that sailed nowhere, and asked 'whether the Fenix still do their Christmas window display' - personally, I apologise as she has obviously lost the plot here....I think it's her hormones and she will be feeling better soon! Mummy2Legs said it's "TGIF" in a few minutes, so maybe that will bring her round to her senses a bit ha ha! - here's to eagerly awaiting those chicken pictures and coming to see you again soon! Barnie x

  4. ok so barnie, ma mammy haz red da meeserge frun yoor mammy2legs a good few tymes now n finks dat shi iz styll totarlly confussed. Shi did appresheeate da kriptic-alness owf it, n thankers u fur it, but dosnt kno whats youz mean! Sowwy!!! mammdy doz think dat shi may be furthir north than u iz thinkin maybeee. ok so Chickern pictyoors will be upp tomorrroo! YEAH! takke carre barniieee, xox

  5. Sometimes nobody knows what Mummy2Legs is on about! Chickens, aw Chickens (and more Chickens!) - I have been exited all week!


Dis iz wherez u can leeve me a warrm snuggie n I appressheeate dem all! Love hariey babery dorgi - Posie xox