Sunday, 15 July 2012


Herlo effurywunn,

Howw ees all ma furrends tooday?  I haz been a furry furry furry buzieee doggy this week!! Ooh ma goodernyess, wun menshun owf a parayde n ma inbox goed BOOOOM! Innundayted dus nutt evin begin to covvir eet, I has entries frum AWLL kiynds owf aniymals frum awll ovirr da plannit, ees MENTAL!!!  But grayte, awll da sayme! 

Now, I has nutt evin hadd tiyme to repliy to yoo awll yet n I has nutt had tiyme to gett ma own entries owt, butt feer nutt, I iz on it!! heehee!

Also, Lookies what da loveerly mummer laydiey frum Zoolatry mayde furr me:

How wundderfull ees DAT?!?!  I loves eet! Ees troo!

N shee has mayde me a loverly littlee badgie dat yoo can awll yuose fur yoor siydebarrr so yoo can say yoo arr pawtissypatting in da parayde, see:

So jusht yoo helpp yoorself n havv eet fur yoor pageys!

Thiss Parayde is gownna be immenss, so give me a chancey to gett on topp off eet awll n I'z'll see yas awll soon!

Keep trainin guyz,

Love n likkers, 




  1. Posie girrrrrl, you know how we of Blogville do LOVE a gooooooood time.. and a PARADE is fur SURE a goooood time.

    I totally LOVE your Badge. Miss Ann does beautiful work... and YOU look AMAZING.

  2. We are gonna post our badge that day! Soooooo cool!!!

  3. We can't wait Posie. Have a great Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Thanks for the update and the really neat Posie Badge. It's pawsome. We sent our Parade picture to you yesterday -- we know you are super busy!!! Can't wait for the Olympics!!!

  5. That is a wonderful picture, just right for the Olympics!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x


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