Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Completely Wordless Wednesday! (From Posie...that is)

Hello Blogsville and to Posie's friends and fans. It's Posie's Daddy here. I'm really sorry to inform you that Posie won't be posting today. The wee sweetheart has worn herself out replying to all your Emails. She's trying her best to catch up with all the Olympic commitments, but I fear they've caught up with her first and she is completely shattered!

...zzzz...musht chek shpam folder...zzz...n save ma drafteess...zzz...snort snore...

Posie's mum is away today too, so I was left to fill in the void. Don't expect to be entertained as I'm not nearly as much fun as Posie. 

Looking for inspiration, I went to the Willows animal sanctuary and thought about what I should write. I found solace in the Guinea Pig enclosure and made friends with a small furry chap called Marshmallow. I told him of my plight and explained fully my daunting task. 

Yup, yup, yup...mmm hmmm...yes...I any cucumber by the way? I love cucumber...(Ding) Oh I'm sorry our time is up...Please leave some cucumber on the way out...that's cucumber...Capital C, u, c, u, c, u, m, b, e, r...Dash it I never could spell. I get stuck on the a's and n's of Bananas for hours. See? B, a, n, a, n, a, n, a, n, a, n, a, n, a, n, a, n, a, n, a, n, a, n, a, n, a, n, a, n, a, n, ..........

I left Marshmallow struggling with his Bananananana at this point.

Well, I don't have anything to add except that I hope you have a lovely Wednesday and Posie should be back very soon. 

Kind regards and humblest of apologies.
Posie's very sorry daddy
XX and indeed OX

Oh boy am I going to get grief about this tomorrow...It's true!


  1. No, you did a great job Dad!! Tell Posie there's no rest for the weary and to get back to her inbox!!

  2. Thanks for updating us. I think Posie and all of you need to rest up with all the work you have been doing. Love the Guinea Pig - I used to have 10. I think Zack thinks I should get another one .....yum

  3. well poooooie... i don't know where my furst comment went i was so careful to not use those loud capital letters and punch you a shun marks so i wouldn't wake posie

    mr posie dad i franke furter think that you did a super duper funtastic job it made me laff and laff and laff eeeeetz troooo
    i loved the thingys that posie was mumbling in her sleep butt i hope you did the save draft thingy so you don't get in trouble
    tell posie that ernie and i said hi when she wakes up shhhhhhhh

  4. Hey Posie's Daddy!
    Wow, I can tell that Posie's totally dog-tired! Poor girl. I think your post here was just fine...I mean without Posie, there was just no chance of it being really the same...but you did just fine. Really, this was fine. Okay, I miss Posie lots, but you're a fine blogger, really. It's too bad that little Marshmallow wasn't more help. I think if he had already had his dinner, he might have been a better resource. Teeheehee (very very entertaining post!)
    Grr and a Chuckling Woof,
    Sarge, Athlete

  5. You did a SUPER job!

  6. Hello Posie's Daddy
    At least we can read your writing, LOL. Hope Posie is feeling much better soon. Computers can be a cruel mistress, ha.
    Awww, we love guinea pigs - or at least Mum does and he is very feisty and cute, awwww.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  7. Bwhahahahaha...oh shoot, I hope I didn't laugh too loud and wake Posie up. I try to be quiet okays. Poor Posie I believes is havin' nightmares or sumptin'.
    Okays Mr. Dad, I personally thinks you did a most entertaining post especially your conversation withs da Jenny Pig, it's cute but I is a hunter...nuff said.


  8. Hello Dad!Try rattling the gravy bones; she'll soon be up and at it! Deccy x

  9. GruffHello there kind and most handsome and profound Sir Mr Posie's Dad type of thing....... (well I must put on my posh accent and best behaviour for Posie's Dad - argh the stress of it all, and I have not even put my best suit on - this was not the way I was supposed to meet the parents......scchhh maybe if I dash off now he may not see me, don't know if I make a worthy suitor all caked in mud and indescribable unmentionables and all...) not love Barnie but good day to you kind sir hope you have a very nice day sortta thing - creeeeeeeeppping away now quietly! (I will paw plod again later when your Dad's out Posie, you will find me singing a song under your window sill, same time/place) Sccchhh x

  10. We hope you had fun with your event and that you have a good last day of the BO2012. Have a lovely Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. Us dogs never seen a guinea pig before - so we were barking like crazy when you showed us the picture. We always imagined a guinea pig would be fatter and pink. Oh well. Marshmallow sounds like a cool guinea pig even if he can't spell. And we think your dad person did great with this post!

  12. Posie you are so lucky to have a Daddy to fill in for you. I dont't have one.
    Sweet William The Scot

  13. .,you did a great job possie you're so lucky to have dad like your dad..

    Dog Fence
    Dog Containment

  14. Mr. Posie's Daddy,

    Both China Cat and I think that you did a great job with the post. We are whispering so we won't wake up Posie and we found Marshmallow from the Willows Animal Sanctuary to be very entertaining!

    Purrrrrrrrrs, Willow

  15. Woof! Posie's Mom is away? leaving the man to do all the hard work? Woof! Outrage! Woof! tell Posie that she does need a break though!Woof! Good post! Woof! I am actually a boy, though my names a girl's.Woof! Echo.

    HI! this is Echo's assitant, Kate. Sometimes the pets and other family members leave us all the hard work, don't they? sigh. Hope Posie's Mom comes back soon! Kate.

  16. Know what you mean: a cat is a hard act to follow! Sweet Posie curl and what a nice Pig!

  17. Woof Posie!
    Poor thing.
    I don't think I was able to beat the deadline.
    I think I bit my tails dead!

    Hang in there.


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