Monday, 23 July 2012

I haz been camppin agenn! Ees troo!

Herlloo furrends,

How is awl ma bloggin folkies tooday!?

Well hassnt this last whiley passd by so veriiy furry qwikkerliy?! I has hadd soooooooooooooooo many many manny manny entrees fur ma parayde (as I'z shuure yoo awll know, kus awll owf yoos reedin dis musht havv enterrd!!!)

Jusht wanna say dat, only TONIGHT, has I manarged to get repliyed to da lasht owf everywun, sayin I has reseeved Paraydey pics!! So dats awll da entries in and I am in da middle owf gettin this PARAYDEY ON DA ROAD! yeah!!! Eets gonna be grayte!!

I hass had to has a fyew days owf frum eet awll!! Indeeder! Ees troo! I'z sed to mummer n dadder, come on we shood tayke da tentt n gett away frum wurk commitmernts fur a cuppel days! n they agrreed, apperently hoomans gett buziie too!! Whoo'd'a'thinkd it!? heeheehee!

So we went awaiy to a nyew placey we had nutt beed befurr, n gotted AWLL da tenty up, n then owr neyburrs werr a NIGHTHORSE!!!!! Theyy wass showtin n swayrin n blayrin myoosic that hurtid ma sensertiv doggy heering ears, n therr doggers werr owf da leadies n almostt in owr tent!! n they playd badmintonn VERRIY closse to dadders carr! ppfff! So we sed "SOD IT! Gives yer muny backk campinsiyte peopple, n we go somewherr elshe!!" So we putted away awll da tentty n drovve to wherr we yoosyully go - ie da placey wherr we wentt da last twoo tiymes -  n starttid awll ovir agen!!! We was knakkerrd by sleepytime, eees TROOO!!! YEAH!

Soooo, herre is an accountt owf ma tripp, wunce we gott to dabetter playcey, wherr we yoosyully go! YEAH!:

We gotted a fiyne littel nookie cosy bit awll to ourselvvs, see:

Awll cosie n ower little patch!

So we took a trippy to a loverlie placey cawlled Delgattie Castle!!  Ees byooterful:

Soo oldd butt pretty!
Andd onn da floor ouwtsiyde awll da stones arr in da shapey owf a harrt, how cool is dat?!!

A LOVEly placey! heehee!
N thenn wunce mummer n dadder had luntch therr, we wentt backk to our houwsey!! or Tent, heeheehee!  Eet was so niyce, kus we cood park da car upp in frunt, n we hadd owr own pikernik taybel!! YEAH!, see:

I lovve gowin camppin! heeheehee!
Andd arr yoo awll sayin, "whatt is datt I spy outsiyde yoor tentty Posiedorg?!" 

Yeah guys!! Eet ees a PADDLIN POOL!! I has nevvir herd owf wun befurr eiyther, butt mummer says she has nevvir herd me pant soo mutch kus eet was roastin toastin, so I needed to be coolerd down!!! So this waz HERS eyedea! YUPPERS!

Shee putted me in it, n I stood stokit still for liyke 10mins! heehehee!

Dum dii dum..!!!
Cood I look less amyoosed and morre wett supposerin I trieyd?!?! heeheee! ...


I gotted owt n as farr awaiy as posserble! eets troo! I is mutch happiyer! heeheehee!

Own da Sunnerday, ma mummer said to dadder comme'on n we will putt Pozer in da doggery show dat was gowin own neerby! Soo this is me, SUPPOZSED too be standin own awll fours!! pppffft, yeah, riyght!:

YEAH!!! I'z a Posie dog nutt a
perfurmin dog! heehee!

N whoo didd I'z bumpp intoo?!?!  MA SISTTER!!! YEAH guys, thiss othir border terriorist has da sayme bio-mum n bio-dad as me, butt she is a year yunger, frum anotherrr litter, so shee is lyke nutt ma twin, butt still ma SISTER!!! YEAH!!! Do yoo see da liykness!!??!

Ma sisterr Bailey and mee!!

Heer is anuther pictyoor, to see if yoo cann tell uss aparrt ( I'z givv yoo a cloo: I is da prettiesht wun! heeheehehee! sshhh, downt tell her thatt!!! ) heeheheee!

We both wearr redd! N look aliyke, butt she is
morre gingger, n I has a shortirr taiyley! yeah!
Da show wazz a fixx, kus I was putted in da sayme catergory as a GREAT DANE, a St BERNARND, 2 rottwhiylers n MA SISTER!!!!! Da big rottweilyers n grayte dane kayme first, sekund n thirrd!! I cayme fowrth, thenn tha st bernard n then ma sister!!  So I betted ma SISTER!!! YEAH!!!!

I wun da compertishun, heeheeheehee ees troo!!! heeheeheee!!!!! mmmmeh!! Mummer says I need to tells da trooth, if you wantt da trooth, reed ma scorrd out bitt, I is nutt upp to repeetin da trooth! Sniff!!!  Butt I did beet ma sister! heeheheeheee! no rivalrie at all! heehee!

Aaaaaaanywaaaaiys, moovin own,...

Layter last nigyht we went fur a walkie, n da sun waz shiynin lotds!!! So eet was a grayte niyght fur a wander:

Me walkin in da sunhiyne!

Dis is ma mummers favrit pic owf owr trip:

A posin Posie!

Thenn this mornin, ma mummer went owt da tent, n then dadder did too, n whenn mummer cayme backk she PANNICKED n showted, "WHERE DID POSIE GO?!!??!" She thott I had gotted owt!!! N she showted: "POSIEEEEE!!!!"  reellly loud n scarriey!!

N I goes: "Mummer, why yoo wakinn me upp fur?!?!!!"

I was hiydin underr da duvett, on da beddie!
N when she showted ma heed  went BOOF
out frum underneeth! heehee! Ees troo!

Sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh! I iz sleepin!

Okaaays I'zll gett upp, just aftter a kwick streetch n a...


Soooo efurrywun!! I hope dat yoo enjoyerd seein a small snappshot owf whot I gott upp to att da weekernd!! I hopes yoo has awll had a grayte weekernd too!
Tayke care palss, n speek soon, n I will be seein yoos awll soon AT DA PARAYDE OWF DA MILLENIOOOM!! YEAH!

Love n likkers,




  1. Oh Posey I loved loved loved all of your camping pictures. I went camping once. It was fun except it was snowy cold AND there were bear-like sounds that scared me a lot. But the air was so sweet and the lake a lot of fun.
    Love Noodles

  2. Posie I am really Sorry that your furst camping place was not a good one, butt the second was super... and you have your own Cool Pool. THAT is grrrreat. REALLLLLYYYYY it is... Eeeeets Troooooo!! Just give it a couple more chances.

    You and your sister are TOTAL TWINS fur SURE.
    I say you are BOTH WINNERS... no matter what those dummies in the show said!!!! THAT REALLY is TROOOOOOO.
    Every Time I think about the Opening Ceremony and PARADE I get all SHIVERY. Can't Wait.

  3. Camping with your own pool? That is very cool. It really is. And your sissy is very cute just like you.

  4. Posie, you have way to much fun for one Border Terroist, the camping and pool thingy are cool.

    Susie & Bites

  5. Posie,

    Your furst campin' neighbors sound like our house neighbors but we is lucky cuz dere is lots of room between our houses so we don't hear all of dere HBO words like others do!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

    PeeS How nice is wuz fur you to see your sister too.

  6. 5 star accommodation in the end eh?! Deccy x

  7. Posie not only camping but pool as well. You are having too much fun. Looking forward to your parade. Happy Tuesday to you all.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Ah my Posie Princess, my tail nearly fell off there when I saw 2 of you!!!! mind you were still looking soooo cool amidst all that heat ey! (unlike me, it says 27 degrees here today. I am lying indoors by the front door where the house thermometer only says 25 - panting in a less than dignified fashion....could so do with a friendly frolick in your pool yes I could!) x

  9. Wot a fab oliday you had my pal. Is always fun seein rellytives too. I am lucky and still get to see my Pa and my sisfurs too.

  10. Posie, my mum lied to me...I is NOT cmpin'! I is in a jail cell at da kennel!!!!!! I has no cutsie tent like yours, I has bars.
    I definately thinks dat compition was rigged cuz we all knows you was da purtiest.
    See you soon!


  11. Thank you for sharing your holiday photos Posie. I would have hated the paddling pool too - I like to keep my paws dry :-) What fun to meet your sister - my little sister lives with us so not so much fun - hehe. Looking forward to that openeing parade - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  12. Well, that looks like a very nice holiday! There are not many dogs who have a tent and swimming pool - or indeed any dogs who get taken on holiday at all - RIGHT MUM?
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  13. Wow that was some adventure! We are jealous of your pool!

  14. I hope you had fun camping!
    Hello! I've noted Life froo posie dorg's eyez for the sunshine award!

  15. O hai, ur trip was awesome! My hoomin wants to do that. :)

  16. Looks like you had a most wonderful camping trip after youse got away from the fist plwace! You looked a wittle bit uncomfortable in you pool butt give it another chance cuz it would sure cook you off on a hot day!
    Looking forward to the Pawrade!
    You furiend,

  17. Oooo I really like that photo of you in the sunshine too Posie! :D Great camping trip! You always have so much fun! :)

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: You recover yet from the Grand Parade? ;)


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