Sunday, 26 August 2012

Cross Doggerys!

Heeeeeeey therr everyywun!!!

Hows awll ma pals dowin?! Fanks fur awll da niyce commints to ma mummers postie the otherr day! Hers astherma is mutch bettir now, n shee haz stoppit wheezerin awll ovir me whitch is grayte!! heehee!I is cominn to yoo todaiy to shayre sum GRAYTE picktyoors thatt will realliy makes yoor funny bowne giggel! heeheehee! Eeeets soo troo! Yoo see, ma mummer seed a veriiy verriiy cyoot fing in da payper, n it was cawlld a jug, n I heer yoo WHOT ON ERFTH IS A JUG?!?!!


PPpppppfft no no sillies, yeah for shure dat IS a jug, but nutt da kiynd owf jug I iz meenin, nosireeeee...

Eets wun owf thees guyz...

 Jackk Russle x Pugg 

Yuppers, a JUG, iznt he adorriyble?! YEAH indeeder ees troo!

Soooo, I tooked eet upon maselff to look upp as maniy diffrent crosses wifvth borderr teriors on Google as I cood see, whitch brings me too tha geneyral theeme owf dis postie, yeah, "borderr terriorist crosses dat mayke me giggle!!"



Befurr I do a wee piktyoor show n tell fur yas, I will say dat thees pics werr awll jusht fownd in Google serches, so I has put da linkys fur awll da pics at da bottom... offishul refrences n awll dat...

Obvioosly da furst wun I lookit furr was to see if yoo gott puggy borders, yers a pugg crosserd wiv a borderr terriorr! OH MY DAWGS!! Eees fabb! Checkk him owt:

Heeheehee, isnt it jusht beyownd hilarioos n cyoot, i loves himm, n therrs more, look at dees two:

Noww, we has da Borderrr Terrior cross Bordor Colliey, YEAH! Jusht loook at dis guy, he is awll borderr collie, butt has an almosht terrierr facey n eers, n iz da siyze owf me!:

Neykst upp we hass a most fantarstical borderr terrierr cross basset, how cyoot n farntashtic is this guy!?!?

OOooh wowsies, howw mutch funn is this?! They awll look liyke borderrs, butt nutt at tha sayme tiyme! heehee! So, waiyt till yoo see a poodle.. heehee... yeah a poodley borderr terrier heeheehee...

Yuppers, dat dawg is awll borderr, excseppt furr awll da poodley curlss! heehee!

Nows effurywun this wun is appurantly knownn as da Scottishh Hyeena, I'z dud nutt knows this, but ees troo, it sayz own Goooogle heehee, soo eet musht be troo, eet ees a borderr terrior crossd wiv a staffy, wowsies...

Is thiz weerdin yoo guyz owt, or iz eet jusht me?! heehee! I fink its bizarre how bordery thees guys look whilstt lookin liyke theirr crosses too! heehee!

Noww this wunn is ma sekundd favritt, I jusht fink eets a crakkin lookin spessymin owf dog, eets a chihuahua cross borderr, heeheeheehee, how did dat evin HAPPERN?! heeheehee! We has sutch long leggies n cheewahwahs downt heehee! nevirr mind! I is only 2, I downt shood be fthinkin abowt this kiynd owf fthings! heehee!

Fiynally butt mosht impawtintly is ma absolooot favrit, ees is CLASSIKK, sooo funny n grayte n egzaktly what a cross owf thees twoo shood look: a BORDER TERRIORUST CROSSD WIV A SHIHTZOOO!!! heeheeheehee! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAASP... heeheeheee GAAAAAAAASP heeheehee! Too grayte...

Evin thoo hee looks a little bitt grumpy, eet is prettiy mutch da funneriest pic I has seen in EVIR! heeheehee!  I wannt wun! heehee! butt dadder sezz no!! heehee!

Soo guyz, I feel I has dun myselff prowd by fiyndin soo many weerd n wundderful, grayte lookin doggerieys! 

Nows, I'z wuntt to know if YOO know owf anyy, orr iff yoo can fiynd any funny piktyoors owff doggies thatt arr crossd wiv da sayme kiynd owf doggy as yoo!?  Eet wudd mayke me giggle untill I pee heehee! N thatt wood be a GRAYTE fing, ees troo!

Guys, ees grayte to bee sayin herlo aggen n lookin furrward to catcherin upp reel soon!

I is sendin lotds of warmm nuggies n love to yoo awll,

Love n likkers,



  1. we have a friend who has a chi-hooa-hooa that has been bred with a Chinese Crested... When they are borneded we will post you a picy, cause we are thinking it's gonna be U-G-L-Y and won't have an alibi.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie & Newby

  2. Glad that your Momma is feeling a bit better!

  3. We too are glad that mum is better. Have a great Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I have just stumbled across your blog and see these brilliant photo's that's it i'm hooked!!!

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