Sunday, 30 September 2012

Backk in da Gayme!


Wowsie-wowsie-wow-wow-wowsers! Eeets been a long long tiyme since I has catched upp wifvth ya awll! How ya's awll doin?! Has ya misserd me!?! Heehee I'z kiddin! Butt I has missed yoo awll! Nutt a day hass goed by whenn I hassnt sayd: I musht sitt down at tha lappertop n do a posty today! 

Butt tiyme jusht slipps by n I has just been trermendussly busyy owf layte! Yesirree!!! N so has ma mummer n dadder! 

  • Mummer finishedd her job n thenn starttd her new wun, whitch iz gowin graytte! 
  • And I has starttd to see a doggie trainer, kus furr summ reeson that baffles ma mummer n dadder, I has started gowin mental barky barks when anotherr doggie walkks past me! Yeah, ees troo! Mummer n dadder says thatt thiss is a little bitt embarrasin kus I is sutch a friendly sweet doggy! So we has gott this niyce lady who comes n trains me upp! Eets troo! 
  • Aaaaaaaand ma mummer has movvd in wivth dadder and me! Yeah ees troo!!! She sleeps in da beddie with dadder now - ON MY SIYDE!!!!!!!! MY SIYDE OWF DA BEDDIE!!!! nutt thatt I is harborin anyy greef abowt this or anyfing! heehee! Nooo, really ees grayte havvin mummer herre awll da tiymes! Kus eet meens morre belly tickles n ear rubbies n playinn in da gardin! yeeeah!!! 
  • Oh andd we has been redecoraytin!! So the howse hass pretty mutch been lookin liyke this fur tha last fyoo weekies:

steppladderss, maskern taype n
carpetts rippd up...!

Soo, I'm shurre yoo can understannd why I hasn't beed own ma bloggie fur days n days n ageys!  

Butt, I iz bakk now... to let yoo know... I kan reallly shayke emm down! heeheehee!

Only now has I hadd the tiyme to startt catchin up own ma peemaiyls, see:

Heeheehee, I iz only kiddern, this is me own a reesent walkkie att a woody playce besiyde a lake neer wherre I stayy!  I had grayte fun, sniffin n walkkin abowt, see:

So, anyways, thfings arr still a bitty hectic herre, so I'z'll nutt be own agenn as many tiymes a week andd as mutch as beforre, butt Iz'll definitly mayke a consioush effort to keep yoos updayted as mutch as posserble n see whot yoos arr awll upp too agen! heehee! Ees troo!

Furr noww I is gownna say it's good to be bakk, n I'z'll see ya'll soon!  I'z'll leeve ya wifth a wee smiyle frum me to yoo awll:

Love n likkerys,

Yoor furrend Posie-dorg da hairry baby!



  1. Posie we have missed you big time. No worries that you haven't been around but nice to see you. We see you when we see you. Take care. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Well glad you are back. And I am smilin' right back at ya.

  3. OHhhhhhhhhh, P-Dorg, we really, Really, REALLY missed you, and yes you have MISSED a lot. We had Back to School Classes, Puddles wrecked Shasha Pizza Truck, The Blogville guys are all to date ME, and Me & Bites are in Love!!! Eessssssss Troooooooooo!!!

    OH, and Oct the 4th is Blogvilles National Taco Day being Held By Jazzi, so go visit and get you post ready!!!! NOW

    Your Good Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  4. Good to see ya!!! Glad you are having fun redecorating and that Momma's job is going good!

  5. POSIE.... Are you really back?? Tell me eeeets Trooooooo.
    Now about this dawgie training... You don't need that. No wonder you have been talkin to all the stranger dawgs... you have been MISSING YOUR BLOGVILLE FURENDS and have been trying to Communicate with the strangers like you can and do with US.
    Grayt nooz about your mum and dad... getting to share the covers with YOU. They must love that. I guess this means that YOU get the MIDDLE.. which is the BESTEST place of All.

  6. P-Dawg!! We've missed you!!!! :)
    I agree with Frankie and Ernie... you've been talking to the stranger dogs trying to get the news on Blogville. Makes perfect sense.

    We are so glad you are back... and your pack is back together again!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  7. Oh I's doin my Hap-Pee Dance cause you is back again!


  8. Hurray, you is back. Ello my pal. Is good to catch up. The news all sound good for you, which make us do appy dancing....

  9. Hey there Posie-dorg - so good tue c u bak here in Blogvill;e. This here iz the DIVA Shasta an'u iz bak just in time fur my barkday month. Yepperz, my barkday iz October 8th an'mom givez me the whole month tue selebrate. I don't alwayz git a new toy or nuthin'alth may-b an x-tra treat. I also git tue due most of the bloggin'durin'October. An'I will tell u tue that sutime, probably after my barkday month, Team Beaglebratz will b hittin'that big 500 post so there will b sumthin'speshal fur that tue. Anyway, gotta go fur now - mite wanna watch our blog fur updates.
    Welcome bak.
    The DIVA Shasta

  10. Hi Posie! Loved the picture of you smiling. Looks like you had fun on the walk.

  11. Hey Posie!
    Wow, I'm so very very glad to see you, my good furiend! My Mr Dell has been all sickie so I'm late catching up and I'm really glad you're back with us. Sounds like a busy time in your pack. Love that last smiley pix and it made me wag like crazy!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  12. Grufffffelloooowow.... well I would consider it a honour to have you passionately all over me, barking all over a come with uncontrollable excitement, mind of course, you'd likely be telling me off for turning up in another soggy, smelly state as I tend to do (how some of this unsavoury stuff sticks to me I don't know!!!), but, I'd be grateful, wag my tail and give you a big soggy kiss back (well, I'd try to, I am nothing if not very trying sometimes, ha ha!) x

  13. Hello furry furby Posie! We are glad to see you again! Aaaand we have a super sweet surprise for you on our blog, so pop over when ever!
    Love you lots,
    the Cheshire Danes

  14. Hewo dawling Posie dowgie
    It shoowe is lovely to see yoow smile and heaw all that's been going on at yoow house. That. New sneeping awwangement sounds gweat to me. Just in time fow coldew weathew , when snuggling in a family pile feels bettew than evew
    Love you lots
    Smoochie kisses

  15. Hey Posie!
    Wow, I just wanted to stop by and say I'm missing you, my good furiend. Hope all is well, and I love that last pix of your smile.... EES TROOO!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend

  16. Hi Posie-
    Nice to meet you :D
    You have the best dog full of terrier!


  17. O hai, plz to make a post toot sweet. Kthx! {{{Posie}}}

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