Monday, 30 April 2012

Scrappin' the Hairy Baby

Hi doggies,

It's Posie's mum here!  Thought I'd swing by and steal her limelight for a minute, seeing as she's sleeping! haha!

We all enjoyed the entries for her Saturday Sweeties Competition so so much, you all went to a lot of effort and your photos made us smile and giggle! We found it very hard to pick a winner for the first week, although your picture was pretty laugh-tastic Sarge!!! So, you can be sure if you entered last week, that blogsville hasn't seen the end of your pictures yet!

I'm so very busy at the moment, as I'm in the middle of my Masters and it's assignment-a-thon at the moment, with 3 due over the next 2 weeks!!! So, I'm sorry if I have to hog the laptop from Miss P-diddle too much over the next few days, but there's much to be done! haha!  She'll have to snatch her daddy's computer if she's needing to post!!

Posie's been so good with me going 'back to school' and always has cuddles in abundance when I'm tired of studying and in need of some 'love n likkies' as she always says!  She's such a little sweetheart and is a constant inspiration!  See, when I'm not knee-deep in course work and research, I love to scrapbook.  I love the freedom, the colour, the textures, the ideas and looking for inspiring sights and getting out to take photos!  In particular I love buttons and ribbons!!! 

Posie features heavily in my scrap-pages and I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you! I'm sure that she won't mind, because it's all promotion for you, eh Posie? hahaha!

This first one, includes pictures of Posie after she had an absolute mental turn at Granda R and Granny L's!  She was completely wrecked and just wanted to lie on her back, which she never does!:

Just Catchin' Some Sunbeams

This next one is probably the most simplistic in style, but everyone in the family's favourite!  Poor Posie wrapped in her little head-square! haha!:

There is NOWHERE as fun as ROWIE'S TOYBOX

Next we have Miss P with her auntie Rowie's Doggles on, never fails to make me laugh!:

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO!!!'s a Posie dorg!

You'll notice that her pages are very colourful!  I've been scrapbooking for about 7/8 years and I've done old-fashioned pages, vintage pages, 21st birthday books, 40th books for men etc, but there's something about encapsulating Posie that just needs utter vibrancy and colour.  She's so much fun and ridiculously energetic when she feels like it and she sort of emanates colour and radiates sunshine in whatever she's up to.  So when scrapbooking her, you can't have a bland assortment of hues, it needs to be bright and highlight her personality and sillyness too! 

This one perfectly encapsulates the relationship between P-dorg and her Auntie Rowie!  Posie looks like: YEAH auntie Rowie SMIILE!!!, whereas Rowie is like, Oh dear Dog make it stop! hahaha!:

Just take the photo would ya?!
Finally, Posie's best bits! hahaha!  She just has certain bits that make a Posie a Posie, especially that licky tongue that always gets you with a slurp on the side of your face when you least expect it! haha!:

What makes a Posie dog?

I hope you can see how happy Posie makes me and her dadder! She is simply a great pet/hairy baby!!!

Thanks for listening tonight! It's been a long day studying and another fun-packed write-a-thon tomorrow so I needed to do something else for a half hour and everyone who knows me knows that speaking about Posie could amuse me for hours upon hours on end!

Hope you doggies are taking good care and being good and your mums n dads n owners are all fine!

Don't forget to send in a picture for Posie's Saturday Sweeties competition if you haven't already, by the way!  (see her Saturday Sweeties post for details)

Night for now,

Posie's mam!


Saturday, 28 April 2012


Weeell herlooo therr Satuuurrdaiy-Doggos!!! Whattar fiyne eet iz to be saturrday, beecaaauuiize on satturday yoo can havv a sweeetieee! Howw graaate iz dat!??!  

Butt todaaay iz a speeeeshull saturrday, bekuss.... errmm I cannt kwiyte reeemimber... ermm...

Oh YEAAH!!, Itza compertishun daaaiy!!!! YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAH!! EETZ TROOO!

Weelkummmm to Week Wun Of Posie's Sattirrday Sweeeties!!! YEAH!!!

Oh ma goooderyness boy n girly dorgis, Iz hopppe yoo has awll snawffled tashtiiee treeties frum yoor mummers n dadders n owners n hooman-palls in preeeeparashun for dis aawwwsum evint!!!

I'z knooow thatt I haz:

OOoooh Niyce Creeeem! BURP!!!

Butt owff kowrse I cannut win ma own comperrtishun, Iz trieeeyd butt mammie sayz I wasz nutt allowd! heehee! Iz can tryy riiite?! heehee!

Weell . . . I'z resieeved soo mani morre entrees thann Iz thoot Iz wood an' waz ovirwhelmid by da respownse dat I gott from yoo guyz!  Itz graate!  Somme owf da piktyooors reeelly mayde mee verii happie n laff lots n lots so thankkk yoo very mutch an' heeps fur thaaat!  butt therr can onliy be wun winnerr eetch weeky soo Iz hadd too chooozey wun, eet waz veri harrd, butt thee wun i pikkd iz veri good i fink.. thatt iz whyy i pikkd eet, heeheehheee!!

So da winner owff ma first weeky is:  








Koonnngratyooolaashuuuuns Mistirr Sarggeeee!!!! YEAHH!!!

Heheheeeheeee!  Dis piktyooor madde me giggel till it hurttiid! heehee!  Oh ma gooderyness, eet iz soo beyoownd verii troo!  Sarge sayz dat his snooter waz too bigg too fit insiyde his sundaaaey dishy! heehee! poor Sarge!  

I'z pikkd dis wun kus, nott onlii didd it makke me laff, it madey ma mummer laff, daadder laff, grandar R laff, granni L laff, granny A laff, Auntie S laff annd Grinny annd Granda an' Auntie Mag laff ouwt lowd! heeehee! So thankks Sarge and thanks Sarge's snooper! heehee!

Sarge iz a reelly cool dogg, he haz a greeaat bloggy an' haz a veri thotfull dogggy eviints calandir too, so yoo shood chekk owt hiz stuff here n lett him knoo dat yoo thinkky he haz a funni snooper! heehee!

Ohz Iz do hoppe thatt yooz all agree dat thiiz wun waz a worrthiie winneyr owf da furst week!    Butt, plees pleees keep thi entreees commin fur neyxt weeks Saturrrday Sweeetieee day, thoo somm owf thiz lasht weeks entrees will be inkluudeed in ma selekshun to choosey frum fur neyxt week, as Sarge had maniii contendirs fur toodayz awarrd!!!!! Ohh eetz soooo funn! 

In da meen tiyme Sarge Cop boy congrachulaaaashuns on beein ma furst wiinnir, pleese akseppt yoor award bellow (or yoo can takke da biggir wun at da topp owff da pagey) an' displayy it own yoor bloggy wiv priyde!!! (perhapps wivv a clickk-ownn linky to ma pageyy?!)

To Sarge:

 Love Posie! x

Well guyz dat waz graaayte funn fur a furst weeek owf ma nyoo seriiiies, I cannt waiyt fur morr piktyoors, yoo guyz arrr hilarrioos n sooo verii cyutte!

Enjoooy yoor weeekernd n' yoor Satturdaay Sweeeties doggys n hoomans!

Likkies n buuuurrps n pawws,



Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Grandar R's Burfday!

Mornin Bloggery-hommies,

Waat a wett wett wedernsdaiy! shheeesh! Butt eet iz a good daiy, fur eet iz ma grandar r's burffydaiy!!! YEAH eetz trooo!

So ma shorrt littel posht tooday goos owt to yooo grandar r wheen yoo reeed eet!!!! YEAH!

Happery Birfdaaaay toooo yoooo!
Happery Burrrfdaiy tooooo yooooooo!
Happieriy Birffydayz Auntie Rowie'z dadder!!!
Happpyz Burfdayyyy tooooooooo yoooooooooz!!!!! YEAAAAH!

Now, wherr'z da cakey?!?!   heheee!

Yoo see bloggin-pals, burfday boy iz a baykir owf very niyce tasty things that Pozery-girl liykes too havv tashties owf, butt hee cannut bakkey his own burfday cakey! So heeere is a virtyoool cakke fur ma grandar R!!!!:

Nuuuuummers!!! Burp!!  heehee!
 YYEEEEEAH sooo haz a grate day on yoor burfday grandar R!

'N yoo haz a gratte day bloggin doggie's whoooo arr reedin ma speeeshal dedercated poshty today!!!! Down't eeet awll da cakey okayz!??!

Peece n snuggles n taily wiggies,



Tuesday, 24 April 2012


HeyHeyz Bloggerin' doggers!

I'z doo hoppe dat yooz iz awll fiyne n enjoyern dis Tchyoozyday, butt I'z justt wantid to do a kwiik poshtie to say OHH MAA GOOODERYNESS, I had a seriyoos bonne to pikk wiv ma mammie wheenn I loggid ownto ma bloggy tooday!! Shi shtoolle ma blogg frum mee! Arrrgh I thot she wud embarish me infrownt owf awll ma nyoo freends n fanzies and I was sooo miffered, butt den I red da commints and apperintly everywun was reelly pleesed to see herz n she waz ok own ma blogg! heehee!

Butt, noww I haz to makkey shoor dat shi dus nutt makke thiz a regyoolir okkorunce!  So toniiiiyte Iz haz too sleep wiv wun eyez oppin, liyke diz:

"Yoo own ma bloggie mam?!?"
Butt, knowwin mee, az yoozall whin I'v too keep ma beedies own sumthin, I'z get comfii n a bitty tiyred, n dis happins:

Iz starrt nodderin owff, but reddy too pownce 
iff I see mammer at da comp!
Unttiyll befur yoo knowz it, I iz outt fur da cownt!:

Ok mamers, I iz a rubbeesh keepin-an-eyez-own-er doggy, so I surpose yoo cann havv a shottie own ma bloggie, butt only if Iz sleepin and nutt needin to doo itt maself! heehee!

Ok doggerys, P-dorg iz siygnin owtt! heehee!

Likkies, n lovve n paaaws,


PeeeS  Bee shooor too entir ma compertishun fur dis weekernd's Satterdaiy Sweettieys, see dis previoouss poshty!!! heehee!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Posie's Mam

Hi Everyone,

It's Posie's mam here, I have sneaked on to the little hairy girl's blog for a minute before she notices! haha!  A Guest Post, if you like!  Not sure how happy she'll be though when she finds out! hahaha!

I have a quick question for you very clever doggies and your humans!  Posie is very excited about her Saturday Sweeties Competition (see her latest/previous post for details) and has been enjoying looking at the entries so far!  She looks at them all, I promise, and she takes in every detail - she's an intelligent wee lady!  She fancies creating an award to give out to her chosen winners, but we are a little unsure how this is done.  Is it ok for Posie to put the award up as a picture on a post after I help her create one of course?  Then do we email it out to the winners and they can save it on their blog? How do you doggies do it with your awards?

Well, it was nice to get a shot on here and add a 'hoomin tutch' as P-dorgi would say!  We are loving this blogging-thing and it's nice to have been so very welcomed in to this bloggy-doggy community!  But, I'll give the keyboard up to P-dorg for the next post I think! haha!

Take care and Best Wishes,

Posie's Mammer,


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Satturdaiy Sweettieys!

Heellloooo Blogger-pals n Fanzies!!! 

Weel I haz had a bloggy-freee week, and it waz pretti-mutch unnerventful, by ma yooshyul standurds! Yeah, i carnt beleve it, butt eetz troo! Ma dadder has been feelern a littel under da weavir weeethiur   weeathir dis week an needern eerly nites so we haz been gowin to bed eerli n mummer haz been stayin wiv her mummer mosht nites!  Butt shii camme bakk lasht nite n I was liyke sellortappe to her siyde, Iz wood nutt leeve her bee heeheehee I lvoes ma mummer! heehee!

Anywayz, Iz had da shortist evir day, bekus, mummer was shattird n daddie was tiyred so theiiy wint fur a snooze at 7 lasht nite ((I haz noo consept owf time, butt mummy has towld me da times so I cood blog abowt it! heeehee)), yeah an I went wiv them fur a doggo-snooze, n we woke up at midnite heeheeheee! I had nutt had supper n neethir had mummy n dadder, so we awll gott up,  I wuzz reeely confusssles, kus I thot it woz mornin, so I gott up n wint owt to piddell n then had 'breekfust' n den we wint bak to bed heeheee, shortist daaay EVVIIIR! heeheee! Itt ownly lastid 45minnurtes, ma mammie sayz! heehee!


Saturrday Sweeties!!!

So, tooday I thot Iz wood shpiyce fings upp a bitt on my bloggy, n howld a compertishun owf sorts!! Eksiytern!!! I haz been traverlin arrownd blogland fur a munth noww and I reeealise dat yoo doggors n yoor hoomans liyke a good compertishun! heeehee! weel just as a firrst time thing, I thot I wood do piktuure compertishun!! Baysirkly, yoo send me appropereeayte piktyurrs, iff I liykey them, then I will putt dem on ma poshts n say: look at dis piktyoor owf so-n-so isint itt graayte!?!?  heehee!

Iz hoppe yoo arr upp fur it, I'z cannut waiyte!!  So, da compertishun is cawlled Saturrday Sweettieys!!!  Kus I liyke sweeties n tashty fings, sutch fings can inclood chikern, steakk, doggy biskerts, ice-creeem, a likky owf custard orr yogghurt, etc!!  

Da fundermentall Rooles:

1. Doggos may entirr a piktyurr owf demselvs enjoyin a tasty treet! 
2. Trreets must be anyfin dat is appropreeate fur a doggo to get a littel tashty owf, so NOOO onyions, grappes, chokerlate and pottators! Theey arr diskwalifiyed!! okayz?! 
3. Doggos musht nutt shtuff their faceys fur tha purposis owf dis compertishun!
4. Yoo musht emaayle me yoor foto, a bitt abowt yoorselfff and whiy yoo liyke the treet soo mutch and also a linky to yoor blogg.  So, emaiyl me att:  
5. Theen, I'z pik da wuns dat I find da mosht hoomerous or cyute n I put dem upp on ma bloggy on a Saturrdaiy!!!
6. YEAH! Eeetz troo!

Fur exammpel, I'z liyke eye-cicels in da summerin-tyme, der iz nuthin bettir! Nummers:

Musht lickk itt!!

May da entries shtart commin...

Happy weekernd fanzies n take carre!

Love n likkiyohs,


Monday, 16 April 2012


I iz verri madd at mummer just now fur shee 'ackserdently' delyted de contint owf dis post!!  She shud nut havv been snooperin on ma bloggy fur starters! meh! iz will nutt speek to herr untill sheee offers to tickkle behind ma eers or shee has summ ice-creeem!

Iz cannut remmembir what woz on dis post exakterly noww.  Butt I wass baserically sayin I haz been bloggin fur a munth and I was veri pleesed to be akksepted into da bloggin commyunerty n I lovve awll ma fanzies n followirs! YEAH eets troo! and Iz had putt dis foto in too:

Yeah i was celerbrattin, butt now I iz gowin to sit wiv mummery n ignorre herr fur anutther tenn minties untiwll shee offurs upp a tikkel! heehee!

lovve n likkers,

p-dorg xoxo

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Owffensive Advertizmint

Happly Sattirday Fanzies!  

Iz yoo awll fiyne n happery n weell n havin a niyce weekernd so far!?  I'z doo hoppe soo!

I wood liyke to yoos ma blooggy az a littel soapyboxs fur my rant tooday iff dat is owkay wiv yoo awll!? 

As I haz menshunned to yas befur, iz liyke to watchy da telyvizyun wiv ma mammy n ma dadder, Iz enjoy watchern programmers wiv doggos in them but I iz kwite happery to watch a moveeey evin if it dus nut has any doggos in them, sum o da tiymes a good plot n shtori-liyne is enuff fur mee! heehee! 

Anywaiy, az Im shuure yoo appreshieeate, I watchy de advertizymints sum o da tymes too!  And I awllways eshpeshurly liyke to see it when Borderr Terriorr makkes an appeeerunce own an advirt.  So yoo kann eemagine howw ovirr da moon Iz woz whin a saw a nyooo coffiiiee advirt an a bordirrr terriooor appeerd on da skreeen!!!! 

"Waaaahooooo" Iz sed, "loookie at da borderr terriorrrist on da cofffiieee advirt".  Now Iz donnt drink coffieee, I iz kwiyte happy drinkin just watter, butt I thot Oh ma GOODERYNESSS a coffeee for borderrs, yeeeeaaaah!  So I intenterly lissend wiv anticerpashun! Now yoo may nut havv seen da advirt, so I havv handily - n rathir thotfully own ma partt, spossin Iz doo say soo maself - providerd a linky to yoochoob so dat yoo may watchy it too.  Observv, fanziees:

WHAAAT?!?!  Iz heearr yoo say!?!?!  Indeeed, WHAT?!  Now, iff yoo iz anythin liyke me yoo will be verii hurted n offendid by dis markitting straategy.  

I wood liykey to say dat I haz nuffin bad to say aboowt afghan hounds, if indeed da replacermint doggy in da advirt iz an afghan hound, ma mammiery n I iz nut shurre.  Butt yeeah I haz nuffin badd to say abowtt deeese kiynds owff dogs, dey arr greaat infakt, butt I wood liyke tooo say dat I fink eet is ridikulusss n dissgrassefull n propposhterus n disgusterin to promotte dat borderr terriorrs arr soooo scruffy dat dey shood be replacced byy morr pretty flowin sexii haiir doggos just bekuss da poor border terriors doggy's mummy's girls arr commin ovvir in a miunte!!  

N ma mammy says shi woood rather havv Tony makke her and her freends a cuppiee of cofffieee dan the other shiny guy! ppfft! yeah!!! So, we don't want yoor coffeee, eetz trooo! heeeheee! pffft I was insulted n will nott be drinkin dis coffeee any tiyme sooon! YEAH, eeetz troo!  Border terrrior power, fanzies!!!!! YEAH!!!

Posie, da wise wun, has spokin!!!  

Eetz soo veri veri troo!

Enjoy da rest owf yoor Saturrrdey doggies n fanzies n hoomans n awll!!




Friday, 13 April 2012

Mee az a Puppy-girl

Herlo Bloggy-pals!

I hope dat dis day owf Friday-ness finds yooz awll well n happi!!!

I haz not had a chancey to be own n bloggin dis week kus it haz been a totarly stresshfull week awll round liyke!!!

Ma poor mummyioh's mum n dad n my uncel Wesley da lhasa apso n ma uncel Bobby the budgie haz been madde homless!! Yeah eetz troo!  Theeirr nayboor has putt shmelly toxikal fyumes into therre howsie so everiwun hadd to evakuattt!  Everywun haz been so veri veri stresserd out n poor Weserly has been so very tiyred n confussed dat he aksidently ate cat food out owf Bubble's bowl, kus he did nott knoww it was nut dog food, he was mortifried n I haz nutt let himm livv it down! heeheehee!

So ma mammie has been too buziiee to comm on to lapptopp n helpp me logg in to ma bloggie!  But herre wi arr on dis  Fridaaiy day bakk to bloggland n sayin HERLO!!!


Neederless ti say, ma mammie n dadder haz had littel tiyme to takke piktyuress owf me da lasht cuppel owf days, butt I thot I wud takey this hoppurchunity to displaiy fotografs owf maself as a puppiee on ti ma blogg insted! I so hopez dat yoo enjooy thiz!!

Herr iz da first evirr fotograff dat ma daddoh took owf me when they gott me backk to the housey, I was fourr munths owld!!:
I was so small and sleepy n didnt know wherr I waz!

Next we haz a selekshun of piktyures owff me when ma mammer n dadder madde me dress up, kus I was soo smawll n theiy thot I wood soot somme pretti attiyre:

Wiv ma little Eastern Silk Robes own!

Ma pattirnd jumpir to keep me cozi!

Hehee dis iz mee wiv ma sheepskinn jackit onn!

Oh diz was sutch a rainnery day n I just wantid insiyde!!
Iz hopp u cann appresheeate howw littel n cyute a sweetyhaart I was when I was a teeny tiny hairybabbery! heehee!

Well guyz, I haz to go, kus ma mummery n dadderys well eernd Friday nitte takkeawaay haz just arrivved n therr mite be a noodil in it fur me! heehee!

Takke carre dogos n I haz summ more fotos liyned up fur tomorrro day!

Peece n likkys,


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Po n Ro: Up Closhe n Persownall!

Happery Sunderday fanzies, 

Howz iz yoos awll bean diss weekernd?!?!  I iz hopern dat yooz is nowt as knakkird as me n ma auntie rowie is kuz oh boyz ooh boyz iz wee dun in, izernt dat riiyt auntiiee rowwwiiee?!!??:

Why yess, posie-dorg, this is so veriy complitlly true!  I donnt quiyte know how anyone couldd be more tirred than yoo and I!

Oh guyzz sorry, I furgutt to saay ti yiz dat I iz sharyiin ma bloggo wiv ma auntiee rowerie today, uz shi iz stayin wiv me n ma daddery n mummer diz weekernd kuz herr mam n dadd arr awaiy doon soouuth fur a nite! 

Yes, oh dear me, unfurtunatelly they hav lefft me with this littel cretin till theey come home, woe is me!!

Yeah auuntii rowrow, we'zll hav funn!! 

Im shure!

So, wee haz hid a veri buziiee week, fur ma dadder's hooman bruvvers' littel 2 leggs haz been up ti staaiy wiv auntie rowrow an her mummer n dadder fur a week n now auntir rowie is stayin wiv me whiylst ma dadders' mum n dadder takk littil 2 leg hooman bakk!  I iz confusin maself evin noow! heehee, so i fink it maybee tiyme fur me to inkloode a poser-dorg famerly tree on ma bloggy to ekshplain:

So, I'z donnt haz a picture on dis lapptopp of Auntie S's catt Bubble, n I haz nut put up fottos of da Chikkerns n da dukkers. Butt yoo can gett an eyedeea of whoo is hooo noww!

Posie, thats a dredful pikture of me, you cannot even see my beautiful elegannt face!!! Excuse me a sekond:

Princess Rowie!! Yes, that's me!

Ah, much better!  look at that face, so striking!

Yeah, okayz Auntie Rowz, I sed yoo cood join n heylp ma wiv ma bloggo dis weekernd, not takke ovver n yoos it as yoor modderlin portofliyo! jheez! Let us just remeymbor whitch wun owf us iz da peddigree n whitch wun is da mutt (Fanzie's I'z givv u a cloo.....

Enough enoufgh, ok, I'll stop it n just yoo carry on.. butt I am no ruffian!!

Oookayz, so now yoos haz ma famerly tree, n see dat auntie rowies mummy n daddy r my granda R, n granny L n dat is whoo ma dadderys neffew Mr L waz stayin wiv fur a week!  So me n auntie rowrow haz been babberysittin n we iz dun in, in't we?

Yes, Posie! 

Fanks Rowie, so we took Mr L to ma Auntie E's howse to see Poppy cat, n ohz ma godderyness, was it funni or was it funniy!??! it waz ekstremerly funny! Mr L terriorised Poppy cat so much, yoo woould hav thot he had sum border teriorrist in him! heehee, she was sooo miffed owff, dat she hid ouwt of reech for da remaiynder owf his visit, see:

Poor Poppy cat!
Heeheeheehee Mr L torminted her soo bad dat shi had to sit on top o da door, hheehee, silly catt! heehee!

I wish I could gett to the top of the door away frum yoo some times Posie!

Heehee, ohz auntie Rowrow, yoo n yoor sense o hummor!!  Yooz so funni, wiv yoor jokerys! heehee!

Sigh!... ... Get on with itt then Posie-dorg!

Okay Auntie Rowie, so Mr L kept us buziee awll week longg n now we iz havin a chillerd owt weekernd to recuverr.  Butt yoo did chill owt a bit tooo mutch fur ma liykin auntie Rowie!!!:

Yess fanzies auntiie rowena shtole ma sofar! MEH!
Yes, butt I waz unnamyoozed by diz, so I kept a closse beedy on wot waz goin dowwn:

Iz shtood gard di whoole tiyme!! Din't I?!!?
Sadly, yes.. sigh!!  And then yoo had to come in beside me didnt yoo?!

Heehee, yesh! heehee!:

Mutch coziyer!! YEAH!
Aaaw auntie Rowie, we'z dezervid a sit up own da sofar aftir owr hardd weeky, yeah!?!

Quite, it wasnt too bad to be honest, harhar! Therre was actully room for twoo! And I suppose yoo arre getting better with age, littel one!

Heehee, it was niyce!!!!  I loves yoo Auntir Rowena!
Well, let's nott get too hasty!  But ok!

YEEAH, I knewyz it!  

Anyway, fanzies n freends n hoomans, it is time to takke fur ma dadder to takk auntie rowie home kus her hoomans are homm!

Thank goodness for that, I'm utterly done inn!

Okaaays Auntie Rowie yoo cann join ma bloggy somme time agen sooon!  

Hoppe yoo is awll fine borders n doggos n hoomans n fanzies, I hopez yoo haz enjoyerd a snippet of liyfe whenn ma auntie Row comez to visit! heeehee! Take carre!  Happery Shtart o da week!

Bye Bloggers, I'll look furward to speaking to yoo all again soon!



Yeah, whatt shee said Guuuuyzz!
Po n Ro signin owt!!

Lovve n Lickkers, 



Sunday, 1 April 2012

Chillin' own a Sunnday!!

Well goo'aftirnoonsies fellow bloggers!  Iz hopez dat diz post fiynds youz awll well n happie an enjoyern youz sunneryday, evin tho herre it is not a sunnery sunnday at awll, it iz dull n graay n a bit rainly n mizerribel!! Not cool doggos at awll!  I'z donnt wanna go fur wakkies in dat, so insteed I haz spent da day inside playin wiv ma toys, n givin ma mammio n daddery cuddles n havin a snooze n eetin ma foodles n makkin sure ma beddies are awll stiyll kumfurtabel!!! and dey arr!  I evin shpent a breef whiyle on da eye-padd chekkin out how da rest o yoo bloggin doggies arre!!! See:

Jusst engrossd in Marley n Lola's lastist adventures!

Oh I'z liyke yoor latesht picture's Dusty!!  
Ooh n Zack haz bin fur wakkies!

Yeah so I haz been reedin doggiebloggies n den I fot I wud play wiv ma littil pink blankey-bearr toy dat ma mammie gav ti me when Iz woz a puppiieey!:

So guuyz, aftir iz playid wiv ma toy on da sofar, I towld mummioh dat shi coood tak a photto o ma pretti facer:

ma nosey lookks all big, but dat is kus itz a
closse up owf mee smiylin! heehee!

After posin fur a fotto I desiydered too sit in a completerly non-misbehayverin kiynda way neyxt to da fridgry! heehee!:

I didintt mess abowt wiv da lettirs own da fridger,
no no nut me! heeheehee!

Yeah so after I rote grate fings abowt maself own da fridgery, I challerngd ma dadderioh to a gaymey owf skrabbel, Pozie-shtiiylee!:

OOOh I'z get a 7 letter-wurd skore next turynie! heehee!

Neeedlyiss to say derr iz a generyal theeme to ma gaymeyz: nummers!!!! hehee Duz any othur doggers liykey to play skrabbil!?!  Iz alwayiz win, a am a raining champeeon, undefeeterd! Yeah eetz troo! 

So dogglies n yoor hoomins, Iz hoppe dat yooz haz had az chilled owt a sunnday as I haz had!!!

Lookin furward to be reedin abowt all yooz advintoors dis neyxt week!

Likkies n lovv,