Sunday 14 April 2013


Hey therr chummyfreeends!!!

How goes it awll furr yoo awll todays!?!?  

Ok, so I iz gownna diskuss an isshue wivfth yoo guys - MA HARNNISS!!!  Sheesh!  Eets liyke kryptoniyte furr ma eyez!!! 

So, I'zll lovve gowin furr wallkie, yippiesirrriee! OH YEAH! EEES TROO - deffinatlly, yup!  I'z wud say dat walkkies iz wun owf ma favrit fthings in da wurrld, well ees in ma topp fiyve, alonng wifth:

  • visitern relatives
  • gettin nuggies
  • sleepin
  • eetin
YEAH, dat looks riyght, but maybe in a diffrint orderr:

  1. walkkies
  2. eetin
  3. sleepin
  4. visitin relatives
  5. gettin nuggies
Mmmmh, noo  I really really liyke gettin nuggied n clapped n tickled, morre thann anyfink, it maykes my tail go wiggie!!!  So, maybee:

  1. getting nuggies
  2. sleepin
  3. eetin
  4. visitn relativvs
  5. wallkies
No, thatt  dusnnt worrk, kus I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES gowin to see ma Auntiie Rowie!... I gott eet:

  1. visitin relertives
  2. gettin nuggies
  3. wallkies
  4. sleepin
  5. eetin

WHAT DA HECK, I cant putt eetin last??!  PPPFFF!!! NO WAYS!

Thiz is reeeelly relly hard guuys, I dunno if yooz has evir triyed to do this befurr, but eet messes wifth yer hedd! Eees troo!  Guys, I dontt fink I can putt ma favrits in a list, ees stressing me ouwt! heehehee!

Soo, letss jusht say, "amongzt uther thingss", I relly love gowin walkkies, OOOOOOOOOOOH YEAH!  Butt, partt n parcell wifth gowin furr a wanddir is MA HARNISS!!!!! GULP!  Yeah, so ma hoomans say thatt I can only go furr walkies if I iz sayfe in ma harniss!!!!  Butt eet freeks da poop outta me!!! Ees troo!  Wonce eets own, eets grayte I can run arownd sniffin fings n ma butt goes wiggie n ma taily flickks abowt, n I is da happeriest dogger in da landd, butt ees da gettin itt own in da furst placey!! Doez nobuddy else HATE IT!?!?!?!?

Lett me demowntrayte wifth a shorrt peece of vidyeographik footayge:

See hoow I'm liyke YEAH YEAH RUNNIN, WALKKIES WHOOOOO, n then UH-OH nutt tha harness, I boww to yoo dadder, dontt mayke me wayre eet!!!

I fink I hate ma harniss as mutch as I hatte when we runn out owf shteak and chikken, or when I has to be gowin to tha vet.  Ooh hanng own a minutey...

  2. Whenn we runn out owf meets
  3. Whenn I haz to go to da vets
  4. Gettin ma teethies brushed.....
OH no, butt I hates gowin to da vets more than nutt having chickkern, maybe gettin teethies brushed ees wurse kus if yoo.......

Say noo to gettin yoor harniss putt on doggies! YEAH! heeheehee

Love n likkers,

(Me, gowin backk furr a snooze -
eet ees wun owf ma favritt things to doo aftir awll!

Pdorg xxoxxx

(PeeS ma mummer n dadder sezz dat yoosing a harniss is veryy senserble kus it's niycer own a doggies neckk, so I shtill has to yooose eet! PPPFFFFFTTT!!! WHAT DA HECKS!?)


  1. OH POSIE..... you gotta learn to be
    ONE WITH THE HARNESS... Eeeeets Trooo The Harness is your furend...that Eeeez troo too.
    You can do it... become ONE with the HARNESS..

    Now about that putting the favorites thingys into a List... That is like tryin to put our favorite Furends in a list... the only way to do it is by Alphabetical Order. THAT way... you don't feel like you are cheatin anyBUDDY or anyTHINGY. Being OLDER like I (Frankie Furter)am... I learned this one about 87 years ago or somethingy.

    Think... ONE with the Harness and Alphabetical Order.. Eeeeets All TROOOOOOO my dear furend.

  2. Well said Frankie , alphabetical order is a pawsome idea. We don't like the harness and certainly not the dreaded halt-i so peeps gave up on those and now settles to having her arms ripped out of their sockets. Well, you know a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Ohhhhh, Posie Dorgs, we won't go for walkies with just a collar and leash, it has to be a harness that fits around our front legs and chest, we don't pull on it and it's so much more freedom.
    Now about that order of stuff, make yourself a spinning wheel, then each day spin, and whats under the pointer is your favorite for the Day Barharhar!

    The Mad Scots

  4. Oh we knows all bout it my pal....Lola gots one and her dussnt like it one bit....altho it do make her a better walker say da typist....

  5. Hey Posie!
    Wow, I can totally feel your upset from watching this video! Darn, that's a really big price to pay for a walkie. Maybe if you had a really special, pretty, fancy, pawsonalized harness it would feel better to you. I don't know...I'm reaching, but that's all I got.
    BTW: My whole pack was giggling at your jokes for the crabby girls on Saturday! BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  6. I don't like my harness but I think it is better than a collar!


  7. Iz sakli da same Posie! I wers wun in da car! Wen dey gets it owt I wuns off, but az soon az it iz on, I furgets bowt it nd iz appi az larri! Go figa!

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